CXWORX Release 11 Review + A hilare story

Hey guys!

Happy Pioneer Day. <3 (In UT it’s a holiday today!)

I am at work all day, sadly, but Jared has school off. Lucky dude! I do however, have the evening off from teaching, so I am sure we’ll come up with something fun to do.

Being pregnant….a hilare story

Before I begin my review, I have to share with you how cray I am being pregnant and all. If you think I am nuts, it’s okay. My sister said (after laughing at me while I told my story), that some of you might relate. 😉

The other night I decided to make Jared a panini for his lunch the next day. I hadn’t cooked in a few days (surprise, surprise), so I didn’t have any leftovers to pack for him. I felt like I was being a great wife & all because I chose the largest pieces of bread, some really delicious cheeses & turkey, & condiments that he loved, to put in his panini. I loaded that sandwich up with all his favorites!

I placed the huge sandwich in the panini maker & closed it. I hate waiting for stuff (hello multi tasker), so I then decided I needed to use the bathroom.

After I was done there, I went to lie on the bed and started reading emails, checking IG, and then got wrapped up in an article.

15 or so minutes later I needed water so I went to the kitchen, and IMMEDIATELY started yelling. “AHHHHHH! The PANINI!!!” I had completely & totally forgotten about the cooking panini!!!

{Side note: Jared had been on the phone the entire time in a room that is attached to the kitchen (how he did not smell it burning, I will never know?!?)}

I yelped a few more times as I helplessly stared at the black, charred, burnt mess (alllll over the panini maker), BURST into tears, and ran dramatically from the kitchen & flopped myself onto our bed.

I bawled. Not cried, bawled, for 15 minutes straight.

And when Jared came in to check on me (he was on an important call), I cried to him about being a terrible wife, forgetting everything, can’t cook, can’t even make a panini, only wanted to be nice, he’ll starve, our kids will starve, I can’t do anything right anymore, I am so overwhelmed, yada yada yada.

Poor me, right??!

Or poor Jared. hah.

Guess what he took to school for lunch? A PB & J that he made.


or more accurately: #pregnancyproblems


And because I promise I can do some things right, like kick people’s butts in a fitness class (kaPOW!), here is the latest review for CXWORX.

{note: check out the previous CXWORX 10 review & understanding of what CXWORX is if you’re new!}

CXWORX Release 11 Review

cxworx release 11 review

Track 1- Warmup. Song: “Turn Up the Music” Like all good fitness classes, the warmup is first. I like that it’s a short warmup with simple moves. It is just a way to get the participants to recognize what ‘bracing your abs’ feels like, what it means to keep your lower back pressing towards the floor, and keeping a light touch of fingertips on the temples in any kind of crunches while doing a few moves. These elements are key to a good core training, so it’s important to set that up right away! We do a variety of moves- leg extensions, pulse crunches, oblique crunches, & bridges. It’s a fun, catchy tune & sets the mood perfectly.

Track 2- Core Strength 1. Song: “Leave The World Behind” Oh yesssss. I really like this song & the mood it creates, for some reason?! This track is also known as the ‘hover’ track–simply because we do a LOT of hovers. (a hover is a plank on your elbows)  We do a leg extension sequence that really nails the entire abdominal wall, and intermix that with a rotating walking hover. Yowzers! At first the rotating hover is a bit confusing for most to grasp, but once they see me do it (you turn yourself about a quarter of a turn while keeping the butt down & in hover position & walking the feet & elbows one at a time), they’ve got it. And oh how this one BURNS!  Option: extending legs lower

Track 3- Standing Strength 1. Song: “Boom” This is the first track of the release in which you stand–this track trains the cross links of the body (the twisting motions that we experience), and is quite the functional training track. In this one we use the resistance tube (they are graded by color-so you can choose how hard it is!) and/or a plate. The song has pretty catchy lyrics that I like to make my participants sing along with too, so it’s a pretty fun one. 😉  We start with wide squats with overhead push press (either with tube or plate) & then move to the knee to do isolated woodchops with the tube. I think this track is so great for training the entire center, and you can totally feel it! The idea is to take resistance options & use your core to control the range of motion that you’re experiencing, and taking those levers away from the center of the body, while maintaining control. Tough stuff, for sure. Option: plate or resistance tube

cxworx release 11 review

Track 4- Standing Strength 2. Song: “I Found You” I like this song too-super fun, catchy lyrics & beat. The first part of the track is my fave, and the ending I don’t love so much. We start with standing single leg squat with rear extension (with a tube under your feet & anchored at the hips), and then move to doing that with rows & then adding in a front raise. Both legs. Yowzers for the entire core & butt! These move challenge the core by testing our glute strength and help to improve muscle integration & movement patterns. The 2nd part of the track is resisted squats with a leg extension. Fine, but nothing too fun or fancy. Option: tube OR no tube/just body weight

Track 5- Core Strength 2. Song: “Music Matters” This track is on the floor/mat again–working the obliques especially. I don’t love the song necessarily (a good beat, but not really a song I’d listen to), but the moves are killer. We start with a side hover and then progress to side crunches IN the side hover (ouch!), and the move into isolated hip lifts. This track I face everyone & it is oddly uber fun to watch their faces grimace, their sweat drip, and their resolve deepen. A beautiful thing to watch people work for greater strength! We do both sides, and then we finish with oblique bicycle crunches. Option: none. just body weight

track 6- Core Strength 3. Song: “Galaxy” I really really like this song! Such a fun one. This track we start on our hands & knees with a tube around our feet & one hand in a horse stance. Basically the back is in table top, 1 leg is out behind you & the opposite arm is at a 45 degree extended, and the tube around the feet & hand increases the resistance.  We do movement patterns of taking the leg out to the side & adding in weighted rows. This is a major kicker for the core as you must keep it tight & strong to keep a long, straight back. This really works the posterior chain (a part of the core), and creates synergy between those muscles. Very athletic! We do both sides & then finish on our bellies (I just coach it, and don’t do it). They do triple back extensions 8 times. Option: tube OR no tube + plate

note: there are also 3 extra tracks to switch it up for class (along with the other releases I have).

{More info about CXWORX from Les Mills. }

cxworx release 11 review

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again-CXWORX changed the way my stomach looked & my core worked. It was really cool to see it happen over a period of a few weeks!

I did get pregnant while teaching it (obviously), but I truly believe the core training has really helped me in this pregnancy & to reduce any lower back pain I might’ve had earlier. I highly suggest taking this class if you haven’t tried it yet!


Well people, you have a GREAT day! I will go to work & try not to bawl about something super silly….. 😉

What core exercise(s) have YOU been loving lately??! How much core training would YOU say YOU do in a week??! Have any of YOU ever bawled over something silly–what was it about??! (pretty please make me feel like I’m not losing it all myself….. 😉 )

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  1. lol annette i love your ability to laugh at yourself (after the fact, after the tears) and your willingness to share these stories with us :) you know we love you anyway and you know you’ll be a TERRIFIC mom and wife always! xo

  2. Caroline says:

    I dropped the whole ice drawer on the floor and burst into tears. I remember what dinner leftovers landed on the floor- napa valley chicken. It was tragic.
    Your panini story is awesome. So so funny. And don’t feel bad about a pbj .. I love pbj!!

  3. haha! I forget things all the time too. On Monday I made pasta, and I was broiling garlic bread for the Husband. At one point during dinner I couldn’t figure out why the heck I was so flipping hot. Ummm it was because the oven had been on for the last 20 minutes and his garlic bread was burnt to a crisp. Whoops!

    • Hahaha. I’ve totally done that before too. Gotta love it! Our husbands must really love us b/c we’re so awesome, despite the crazy forgetfulness. It’s legit, yo! 😉

  4. Becky Przy says:

    Haha that story is too funny! I recently woke my husband up in the middle of the night and cried for 45 minutes because we don’t have a kitchen table (we do but we don’t have enough room for it in our tiny kitchen). …good thing he knows to be nice to the emotional pregnant wife;-)

  5. Oh goodness, the pregnancy hormones 😉 I think you’ll find that a lot of people understand!

  6. LOL I love you. Oh pregnancy… It sure does some crazy things to our emotions, that’s for sure! I had pleeeenty of those crying fests while pregnant, trust me!

  7. Geez, you horrible woman! Your poor child is definitely going to starve to death. Way to go.

    Seriously though, that story cracks me up. I do things like that and I’m not even pregnant. It’s baaaad.

  8. Hahaha, I love that you can admit to being a crazy pregnant lady 😉 You’re awesome.
    Pregnancy definitely does some crazy things to your emotions. I’ve never been pregnant but some of my friends have said that. Sometimes I even do those things…and um, I’m not pregnant. Maybe I should be embarrassed.

  9. danielle says:

    lollllll oh my goodness, i’m sure you were adorably cute even when you were bawling. at least you felt bad and didn’t blame him for it, or flip out on him for who-knows-what… but it happens. i can totally relate! when i’m experiencing certain times of escalated hormone levels, once or month lol, i will be hyper sensitive to anything, and be OCD on a whole other crazy level. i’ll turn a simple task of making the bed into a 30 minute workout just by being nit-picky on every dumb detail… then wind up exhausting myself to a point of tears and having a total tizzy about bed sheets…. um yeah. it’s never about the bedsheets is it??!!!! or the sandwich! lol
    love you girlie!!!! xoxoxox and extra hugs :)

  10. Nicole says:

    AAAHHHH! I wish they would teach CXWorx at any of the 24 Hour Fitness’ near me! I’d have to drive 20 miles to the nearest one that offers it. :(

  11. Haha! I love stories like that- too good! I do the same thing… forget I’m cooking something and it burns! I’m not even pregnant! 😉

  12. Never been pregnant but I’ll cry if something happens during my breakfast as if I don’t have peace & quiet in the early hours I’m a total mess. On a very good day I can drop my cup of tea and forget about my porridge in the microwave so that it explodes everywhere. That’s sure to announce a “my life is a disaster I’m so stupid” disaster!

  13. Hahah I haven’t had the pregnancy excuse, but we’ve ALL been in that mental state, where you try so hard and are so excited and… #fail. What were we thinking? Lol. At least you can laugh about it now, and that’s what matters :)

  14. I don’t have any recent bawling examples, but last week I completely forgot about the hermit crab I’d taken out of her take to roam around my desk. She was out over night! Poor thing. I’m definitely forgetful.

    I do some sort of core work almost daily, but I would love to incorporate more CX into my schedule. I’m liking CX11. I really get into Boom! and I love the song Galaxy, but I struggle with the horse move with the band. It feels awkward to me (the same move in Flow with no band? no problem). Just gotta keep doing it I guess :)

  15. Jennyb says:

    This is the first Track 6 i have actually really felt working & liked. But only if i use the full options with a 5kg weight to really challenge my core.

    Have you tried the bonus track for track 4? I loved that more than the other track 4!

  16. That story is fantastic!
    I actually just found out I am pregnant this morning!
    So I can’t wait for these types of hormone driven acts of burnt panini sobbing to start up.
    Great story.

  17. Awe, poor thing! And poor Jared, he probably thought something tragic happened. Can’t ever go wrong with a good PB&J! I can relate – on a non-preggo level – I’m SO much more emotional when I’m tired. In bed, after a long day I always end up crying to John over the silliest thing. Then in the morning I feel like an idiot for being so crazy! Haha!

    I LOVE core work. I’m always changing it up, looking for something good. Sounds like I’d love CXWORX. I wish somewhere near me offered it!

  18. That is so funny girl! I love that you can share that with us and laugh at yourself. You are an amazing wife, and you are going to be an awesome mom! Your children will be blessed to have you! xoxo

  19. Phoebe says:

    haha it’s funny! don’t worry, some of us un-pregnant women do crazy things / cry over small things too! lol (ask my close frds… i use to bawl every time before my period comes! #yes i’m blaming the hormones)


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