28 Weeks {Start of the Final Third!}

Hey friends!

How’s it going?

We had a nice evening last night with Jared’s parents.

We got dinner & checked out some local floats for the parade tomorrow. (In UT the 24th is a holiday-it’s called Pioneer Day, to celebrate the state’s history. I sadly don’t get work off because I work for a national company, but most UT businesses are closed that day. Cool, right?!)

p.s. did ya hear, the royal baby was born?!! So exciting for Kate & William! It was fun to hear the news of the royal baby boy, because I feel sort of connected—ya know, having babies in the same year and all. Plus, their wedding date is almost exactly 1 year after ours. (They were married the day before, 1 year later.) Yes, I am a dork. I don’t really care that much, but trivia is fun! And I am very happy for them & their new addition!


Speaking of babies…. it’s that time again, baby bump update time!

You guys-I am officially in the FINAL trimester!! Ahhhhhhh! It all of a sudden, with that ‘turning’ of 28 weeks, made it seem very, very real.

28 Weeks 

Baby Perks is just over 28 weeks today and is about the size of a Chinese cabbage or an eggplant.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs 2-1/4 pounds and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels.
  • She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes (aww!! And I wonder if those will be blonde, red, or brown lashes?!)
  • She may be able to see the light that filters in through the womb.
  • She’s also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

28 weeks -pregnancy update

Just for fun, here is a comparison of me at 18 weeks (10 weeks earlier)

28 weeks -pregnancy update

Yay baby bump! I have just over 11 weeks till my due date, so I guess judging by these time lapse pics, I’ll probably double in size again by then? We shall see!

How far along? 28 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? Chinese cabbage or eggplant

Total weight gain/loss: no idea.  I’ll find out this week & let ya know next time.

Stretch marks? still none (I’ve been rubbing belly butter more consistently on it lately)

Sleep: Pretty awesome. I really sleep well, you guys. I’d always heard pregnant ladies don’t sleep well, but I haven’t had that problem, and I thank my lucky stars. I think I’d be 100x more cranky if I had! My tricks are a great pillow (Technogel!), a fabulous mattress, no electronics after bed time, and my sleep mask.

Best moment this week: Probably this weekend’s events with Jared. I loved every moment with him. It was just a great couple of hours on Fri, Sat, and Sun with him. <3

Miss Anything? Same things as last week: Lying on my stomach. Not being so hot all.the.time. Getting fuller quicker (it’s sad b/c sometimes I am so hungry but get full wayy fast). Like for reals, I am so over getting full so quickly! But stuffing myself hasn’t proven super fun either. Sadly.

Movement: She is still jabbing, dancing, and moving quite a bit in there. She def has quiet time–mostly when I am teaching & moving around though. She is most active when I’m working at my desk or about to go to bed. (stinker! hah)

Food cravings: This week there was a huge theme in these: sparkling drinks, lemonade, fruit, and paninis. I had one or all every.single.day. So sparkling lemonade, new Izze flavors I tried, turkey & cheese paninis (like every day), and lots of fruit.

28 weeks -pregnancy update 28 weeks -pregnancy update 28 weeks -pregnancy update

Food aversions: Thankfully, zilcho.

Anything making you queasy or sick: YES. BOO. I threw up again the other night. Nooooooo! I’ve heard the 1st tri symptoms come back in the 3rd tri (hello being tired like whoa! again), so I was hoping the nausea/yarfing wouldn’t…..well. Sadly. It did. Only once, so I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again!


Labor Signs: No.


  • wanting to clean ALL the spaces in our apartment. Like WOAH.
  • getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long
  • eating constantly-but unable to eat a lot at once
  • feeling giddy & then crying within a 5 minute span
  • dragging my husband into the baby’s room to dejunk (neither of us were a fan. apparently organizing should not be forced upon others. hah)
  • throwing away junk like whoa! And donating stuff like cray.
  • buying things on the internet. le sigh.
  • lower back pain has started
  • wanting to lie down instead of sit up. I hate sitting.

Belly Button in or out? In. But it is slowly starting to flatten! (I have a deep one, so this is kind of amaze to me)

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Yep, but they haven’t come yet. (some jeans, and a few tops) So no pics yet!

Baby items purchased? We now have an Ergo, a pink trash can, an orange blanket, and a diaper bag (see below. I loooveeee it). We also have a car seat, and a Boppy pillow with a cover.

28 weeks- pregnancy update

Happy or moody most of the time: really happy! This was another busy week, but I also had some downtime where I could just think about life & baby girl. Not gonna lie, those moments are peaceful & wonderful but also like “ummmm I am going to have a child! Soon! Panic!!” hah.

Funny moments this week: This might not be funny to Jared, but I forced us to go in the room & start organizing/dejunking. He was not a fan (like I said earlier). It was funny to me because holy crap! Why do we have so much stuff & junk?!? We’ll be donating a bunch more stuff verrrry soon.

Looking forward to: Continuing to clean out Baby Perks’ room/the office.


Fitness Thoughts at 28 weeks:

28 weeks -fit pregnancy

28 weeks -fit pregnancy

{pics are from yesterday before/after teaching BP/CX}

  • Once again, fitness-wise I feel pretty good.
  • However, after I taught Zumba last week, I had a tightening in the lower abdomen. I got scared & worried, because it was slightly painful. Then later I had to go the bathroom (if ya know what I mean), and the pain went away right after. So I am not sure if the exercise made it worse or helped move things along? But it wasn’t fun. Maybe I need to make sure I use the facilities a little longer in the mornings before I teach? TMI. sorry.
  • I am a fan of teaching fitness while pregnant! It is so so fun. Honestly, I think I’d go crazy without the endorphins. She might come out wanting endorphins from dancing too. 😉
  • I can’t lie on my belly (obv) during CX stuff, and I sometimes sit up now during crunches. They don’t hurt, it’s just kind of silly to keep doing them, ya know? Also, I’ve lowered my weight on the squat bar for now in BP, simply because lower back pain is no fun–and I think it exacerbates it a bit by my teaching 3x/week.


Start of the Final Third!

I have begun (this past Saturday) the 3rd and final trimester of this pregnancy. Whoa!!

Some parts of this have gone so sloooowwwwllly (hello 1st tri!), but other parts have flown right on by. Like I said earlier, now that we’re in the final third, it seems super super real.

I’ve cried a bit & gotten emotional lately, simply because I WANT to be a mom (so bad!), but it’s also hard to see “just me and Jared” time come to an end. We’ll still make time for each other, no question, but I simply know that adding a baby (and more kids later on!), will make things different.

However, my sisters all say that it also really makes the marriage special with kids. And that it is worth it. Family is everything to me, as you know, so I am really stoked to have my own little fam here soon!

I also now realize that we have so many more things we need to decide on & buy (we have no furniture yet. whoopsies), now that we’re getting closer to that final stretch. So yah, my work is cut out for me! I’ll also be having baby showers soon (in 2 diff states!) too, which will make it even more more more real than it is already becoming to be. 😉

Basically, any words of advice to cheer me on would be mucho appreciated! hah. I’m super stoked & super thrilled & super nervous all at the same time. Nice.


Alright, I’m off to teach early morning BP and then work!

Have a FABULOUS day, my friends! <3

Any words of advice???! What yummy foods have YOU been craving lately??! Do YOU go on organizing/dejunking tangents?!? 

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  1. ah you look fabulous!!

  2. LOOOOOOOVE Petunia Picklebottom! I wanted one of those bags, but they were too small for twins. Instead I got a JuJu-Be bag which I LOVE!

    And my guess is you’ll more than double in size – because baby has to triple or quadruple in size!! :)

  3. AH! I love your updates- so darn cute. You know I’m always wahooo about pregnancy teaching ;). Its funny- as you get closer to the end…you can tell your classes get nervous that you’re going to go into labor.

    • HAHA. They already have a bit…they’re like “When are you going to stop teaching??” Hah. I fully expect for my water to break while teaching some class 😉

  4. You look awesome and I’m happy to hear that it’s going well! When it comes down to when the little lady arrives, you and Jared have got this 😉 You guys will be awesome!

  5. Happy 3rd trimester! That pink top is super cute! :) Is the bump almost too big for hovers yet? 😉

    I definitely go on cleaning sprees and I desperately want to dejunk/organize my room. It usually hits at least once a year.

    • not yet-I’ve still got awhile for hovers, but crunches are pointless for me now. 😉

      • I can see how that would be. The baby girl probably doesn’t care too much for crunches anyway. She’s encouraging functional training over isolation exercises. :)

  6. Girl, you totally got this. At the same time though, I completely understand where you’re coming from! A new baby is a total life changer, but I promise you, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me (besides marrying Cody of course). Yes, the first couple months can be a little rough, so be prepared for that, but it just gets better and better after that. And remember what I told you about all of the “baby stuff” – there are definitely essentials, but beyond that, everything else is just extras. Definitely check out KSL for baby furniture! You know I’m always here if you have questions or need more of a pep talk! Love ya!

    • you are so sweet!!! And yes, we def need to hang out soon. August seems to be a bit more clear plan wise, so let’s plan on it! I’d love to chat baby stuff again <3

      I haven't seen any great deals lately on ksl lately, sadly. We'll prob do a mix of that (if we can find any) and some Ikea stuff. I really like the Ikea stuff we have already for other rooms.

  7. danielle says:

    wow you have got to be the cutest, prettiest mama-to-be ever!!! the picture of health and happiness and love – that’s you! soooo happy for you!!!!
    reading your symptoms i had to giggle cuz i relate to some of them, especially the cleaning/organizing, and the eating tons all day but not a lot at one time. go figure, lol. sweetie now calls me the “squirrel”… lol, whatever.
    you were clearly born to do this, and it’s so exciting to share your journey with you :) your little munchkin or “perks-kins” is truly blessed to have such amazing parents. big hugs and big smiles!!!!
    luv luv luv xoxoxoxo

  8. I go on serious cleaning/organizing/purging streaks. Usually about once a month–it syncs with mother nature. So while I may be miserably uncomfortable for a few days at least I have a super clean house!

  9. Chinese cabbage with eye lashes! LOL!!!!! It’s so funny to compare a baby’s size to a vegetable!! However, this is all so exciting! :) I also think it’s pretty cool for you to document it on your blog because when your child is older, you can show her everything!!

  10. So cute!!! Amazing how big a difference 10 weeks makes! You still look great :) Can’t wait to read more!!

  11. You got this! Soak up the last few weeks with just you and your husband. Having kids doesn’t “ruin” things – just makes everything so much different! Different in exciting and awesome but also interesting ways. I wish I had seen more movies before having Em because now we go only a couple times a year haha.

    If it makes you feel better I have done absolutely zilch for this baby. OOPS. We are transitioning Em to a big girl room in October so I will be well into my 3rd tri before I even look at the nursery. We have everything we need but have to organize, wash, find everything again.

  12. How are you already in the 3rd trimester?! I swear you just announced you were pregnant!!! Time flies! :)

  13. Great that you’re still able to workout and teach! You’re moving along this pregnancy so quickly!

  14. You still look so great and adorable!
    Hope that I can keep up my running as easily as you have with your classes.
    Congrats on the 28 weeks!

    • thanks girl! I am sure you will–as long as it’s there before pregnancy, it can continue pretty much afterwards (barring any complications)

  15. Looking wonderful girl! Hooray for the 3rd trimester. Time is going to zoooooom by. I hope your showers are super fun!

  16. Yay for baby bumps! You’re super cute, especially in the workout gear–so hardcore!

  17. You are too cute! I love that you got an Ergo! So many parents get the less ergonomic carriers for baby. Don’t forget your infant insert for your ergo too! (Sorry – babywearing obsessed mama here! There really is nothing better than getting to wear my baby during the day. Plus learning to breastfeed in my carriers gave me so much freedom.) Love your bump! Good luck with these last 11 weeks.



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