Just What I Wanted Weekend

Hey, hey!

Happy Monday to you on this beautiful new week!

How are you all doing?

I had such a great weekend (I swear I say this every Monday….), but it was such a lovely one. I just have to share!

Just What I Wanted Weekend

We didn’t have many plans in stone (because our friends’ baby came early), so we sort of went with the flow. And that was a great idea-because it ended up being a great 3 days of just what I wanted. :)

On Friday morning I taught Zumba.

just what I wanted weekend IMG_6272 IMG_6273

So so fun!

So I usually get our fruits/veggies for the week at a nearby health-food store (Sprouts), so I take my sweaty self there (yes, I am that girl), and buy our stuff. I often buy me & baby bump a treat while there.

just what I wanted weekend just what I wanted weekend

Such a good choice this week! This was an amazing find. Like SO SO good.

I can’t stop thinking about it…..

After work on Friday I made some dinner (paninis/sandwiches) and napped until Jared got home. We ate and then headed to the temple together.

just what I wanted weekend

Then we got some deeeeelicious Hawaiian shaved ice. I’ve never had it before, actually, so it was a fun treat!

just what I wanted weekend

They were huge & deeelicious. I got lime, raspberry, and blue raspberry. And yes, I am a kid at heart.

We both crashed hard when we got home.

Saturday morning we woke up early & I drove Jared to a finance seminar he was attending & then drove myself to the gym in my BLUE & GREEN. I love being matchy matchy!

I subbed BodyPUMP & CXWORX. I love that combo, so so much! It was a fun group too. :)

just what I wanted weekend

Then I dropped off clothes/stuff we wanted to donate and then got some groceries at SAM’s.

just what I wanted weekend

After tackling laundry, cleanup, and the eventual baby’s room (holy smokes! Why do we have so much stuff?!?), I rewarded myself by going to the pool.

I read, drank, ate, and swam in the sunshine.

just what I wanted weekend

Ahhhhhh. <3

Apparently I love raspberry lemonade. I mean I knew that, obv, but I found this weekend I REALLY love it.

After a shower, I picked up Jared & we went to dinner!

just what I wanted weekend

I secretly love buffets —simply because I get to decide what I want, how much I want, and when I want it. But I only like them when I’m in the mood for it (and hungry) and there is a large salad bar offering. So luckily conditions were perfect and I ate my face off.

We were there for like 3 hours! We talked & ate & laughed. It was such a perfect date.

I had like 4 courses. And savored/enjoyed each one!

just what I wanted weekend just what I wanted weekend just what I wanted weekend just what I wanted weekend


Sunday we went to church, napped, and just chilled.

just what I wanted weekend

We also ate a lovely birthday dinner with his family for a nephew’s birthday.

It was a really nice weekend of relaxation mixed with getting things done–which I think is a great balance to have. Too much of either makes me get to Monday either exhausted or feeling overwhelmed. Hah!


And now it’s back to the gym to teach BP/CX & then work all day.

Cheers to a GREAT day & beginning to our weeks! <3

What kind of a weekend would YOU describe YOURS as??! Do YOU like buffet-style places to eat?? If YOU got to workout, what did YOU do for your workout this weekend?? Do YOU go to stores sweaty?!? 

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  1. sweet tomatoes is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    Looks like a great weekend! You always make the best salads. My workout Saturday was a run and it felt good!

  3. My boyfriend is obsessed with that lemonade. It’s so tangy and amazing. I’m obsessed with all of your Zumba outfits. They’re so stinking cute!

  4. Ahh love your workout outfits! I’m obsessed with cute and fun athletic wear :D. Do you mind me asking where you got your green tank top? SO FIERCE!

  5. and seriously.
    how much does it make me (((GRIN))) you say that every monday, too.

  6. On a lemonade kick, eh? haha This post made me miss Sweet Tomatoes. I used to live near one growing up, but I don’t think we have any in Charlotte. wompwomp

    • haha. YESSSS to the lemonade!!

      I’m sorry you don’t have it nearby–it’s so darn good. Come visit & then we’ll go?!?! :)

  7. I LOVE shaved ice! Had it in Hawaii and have been looking for anywhere in Toronto that can recreate it! Did a killer upper body workout this weekend and a 5 miler. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend yourself!

  8. As long as the food’s good quality, I adore buffets. Where else do you get to choose exactly what you want and exactly how much> Eric and I went to one for our anniversary dinner and it was like a 2-hour, four course thing. Awesome.
    I would describe my weekend as busy! Looking forward to relaxing for the next one.

  9. I love matching outfits! They make me feel so powerful. “I am matching woman, hear me roar!” 😉 I’ve never had shaved ice… it’s not really a thing in Seattle! :(

  10. Definitely an amazing weekend! I am jealous that you didn’t have a lot planned. My weekend was a little OVER planned. I’m exhausted today! I’m not usually a buffet fan. I go everywhere sweaty 😉

  11. Yay happy to hear it was an amazing weekend for you! And exactly what you needed. SO nice when that happens.
    Now I’m kind of craving some good ol’ lemonade. It’s seriously the perfect Summer drink!
    My workout over the weekend was an amazing spin class!

  12. danielle says:

    another fun weekend filled with tons of love and yummy pics!!!! you are looking glowingly gorgeous, so happy for the growing Perks family :)
    i’d describe my weekend as too short! and exhausting but fun. sweetie and i rode our first century ride together yesterday, and i had my first emotional meltdown in front of him. um yeah, not cute. but he stuck it out and was so sweet and supportive. note to self: fuel and prepare much better next time!!!! when it comes to buffets, i love salad buffets but can get overwhelmed if it’s too much – i’m easily overwhelmed! just depends, sometimes i’m in the mood to look at just whatever i order, other times i love to see all the options in front of me.. it’s so quirky but oh well, it is what it is!
    going to a store sweaty never stopped me, it’s all about multi-tasking. if i workout and need to buy groceries, i just try and move really fast and hope i don’t offend.
    Big Monday HuGS!!!!! xoxox

    • Awwww I’m sorry about the meltdown, girl. :( But it’s good for your relationship, I promise! hehe.

      I love that you said you try to move fast when you’re sweaty in a grocery store. hahaha.

      hugs to you pretty girl!! <3 xo

  13. That does sounds like a fantastic weekend!
    Every time I read your post I get Zumba envy. I live in a very small town and the CC only offers one Zumba class and it is at a time when I can’t go! It just seems like such a killer way to burn some calories because you get to dance your face off to do it! Color me jealous.
    Also loving the highlighter green.

  14. Holy delicious mama! I love your pants too, that says “Move Me” right? SO cute!

  15. I have those same blue and green Nikes! I love them; bright shoes make me happy when I work out :)

  16. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Just busy enough to avoid boredom, but relaxing enough to rest and enjoy. Your food from Sweet Tomatoes is making me drool…YUM! You’ve never had a Sno Cone?! So glad you’ve had one – now you can say you’ve truly lived. 😉

    Looking forward to the next bump update! :-)

  17. I am pretty sure I always go to the store after a workout. Sorry for everyone else, but I dont care! haha! I did a brick yesterday for my training. 10.5 mile bike and a quick 3 mile run. Felt great!! I just got my tank top that is the same as yours in green, but mine is purple. Love it!



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