Friday Rambles {vs 3}

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY! <3

I am excited about this weekend—we hardly have anything on the agenda (well, we did, but my friend decided to go into labor…hah), so yah. I know I’ll have a date tonight with Jared, am subbing a BP/CX class tomorrow, and will hit the pool, but otherwise, I’m ready to just chill.


Friday Rambles {vs.3}

I like to ramble. I like to talk. And I like to write. So here is version #3 of Friday Rambles. And yes, they’re usually rambled in list form. What can I say? I like order among the madness! 😉

vs.1, vs.2

1. I like homemade kale chips, but only with ketchup.

I am all about healthy foods, totes, but sometimes, it must have a bit of ketchup to spice it up.

friday rambles

Don’t worry, it was HFCS-free ketchup.

2. I am a HUGE fan of online shopping. 

I think whipping out my credit card for 5 minutes with the Internet near me & having my packages show up at my doorstep 5-7 days later is GENIUS. I am not a huge ‘physical store’ shopper, and am SO the type that orders stuff from the comfort of my home.

I always return stuff that I don’t want, so it works out great. Plus, amazon prime is amazing. Sales are my friend. And we bought our holiday plane tickets already because there was a sale. BOO YAH.

I also bought a few maternity items-so we’ll see how those pan out! I’ve only had to buy 4 tops so far, and 3 of those have been from a certain online store. I just found out they’re going out of business (noooooo!), so I had to stock up on some more. And I bought some Old Navy maternity jeans b/c I heard they rock–so we shall see!

3. I am on a spinach smoothie kick.

I really like spinach smoothies–they’re cold, delicious, and have veggies & fruit. Win!

I also like to add in ‘fun’ stuff to those smoothies to mix things up….

friday rambles sherbet

Rainbow sherbet for the win! It’s a really good add-in.

4. I love lululemon still.

I’m so glad I was talked into buying this top–the lulu salesperson said every pregnant lady loves it.

She’s right!

lululemon friday rambles

It’s flowy, comfortable, and has been able to stretch with my growing bump. I think it’s called the no limits tank.

I need it in like 10 more different colors…..

5. I started organizing/sorting/dejunking one area of Baby Perks’ room…..

And then I stopped.

Yah. I am so not motivated. But I NEED to park my butt down & just get ‘er done.

The room is Jared’s office/extra junk room…so yah. It needs WORK.

Le sigh. There goes my real relaxing weekend… 😉

6. I found an incredible ice cream flavor.

friday rambles

Caramel? Salt? Ice cream? Together?!?

It’s really good with homemade chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven… Just sayin’.

7. I am eating a similar breakfast every day.

I get into boring ruts–but if it works for me (filling/satisfying/healthy), I usually stick with it.

friday rambles

I eat a toasted whole wheat english muffin every morning. And the toppings change, and the sides change (hard boiled eggs, fruit, cheese, smoothie), but the w.w. english muffins are sticking with me!

8. I can’t get enough sleep lately.

Like dude. I need near 9 or 10 hours PER night lately. I think Baby Perks is going through another growth spurt again because her mama is tired.

My poor husband. He came home the other night & I had already crashed an hour or so earlier. And then poor me! He left in the morning before I even woke up. Saddest day ever!

9. Sometimes my snacks turn into meals…

What can I say?! I have been loving snack plates of cheese, crackers, veggies, etc. and after 1 plate, I’m not totally satisfied, so I have another & another. And then that was lunch #1.

The below plate was a ‘snack’–and then I ate another plate just like it plus an entire cucumber. And then I had another plate.

friday rambles

Baby likes cheese I think!

Oh and sparkling drinks. This Izze was uber delicious!

10. I have to end on an even ramble.

Yep. Gotta make it even.


Have a GREAT weekend my friends!! <3

What are some of YOUR rambles for today?!? Best ice cream flavor YOU’ve had lately??! Favorite Lululemon or grocery purchase lately?? 

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  1. Julie F says:

    Just have to say when I was pregnant I ate cheese all the time. Like continually. (I did crave pretzels & oranges a bit as well) I guess I ate too much of it because my son will not eat cheese. At all! He says he doesn’t like raw cheese. He will eat it in mac & cheese or on pizza, but that’s about it.

  2. Hilary says:

    I’m pretty sure I agree with everything you said in this post especially the cheese, smoothies, sleep, and online shopping (I am loving Old Navy maternity jeans)! Now I just need to try the rainbow sherbet in the smoothie :)

  3. You know my favorite ice cream lately has been Breyer’s Birthday Cake Blast ice cream! Ahhh so good. It sure is rich though so a little bit goes a long way.

    I’ve never even heard of that maternity store that’s going out of business. Looks like they’re having some good closing sales though!

  4. salted caramel?! my sister was just talking about this!! you know i’m a cake batter / birthday cake lover though!!

  5. Oh I love desserts like pretzels with chocolate…Salty & Sweet. YUM!!!

  6. I’m a big fan of online shopping as well! Nothing like browsing for cute clothes in your pajamas and on the couch :). I NEED to find that ice cream flavor! It looks phenomenal!

  7. I looooooooooove Izze! The blackberry flavor is so good. I totally do the same thing as you do with the snack plates. Cheese, crackers, fruit, and veggies x4 😉

  8. aaaaaaand i’m now taking a study break to shop that sale.

  9. Ha! I totally have to end my lists on even numbers too…glad I’m not the only oddball. 😉 I saw that flavor of ice cream the other day in the store, and I had to quickly walk away. I could probably eat that thing in a weekend.

    Speaking of weekends, low key, with no agenda = the best kind. ENJOY!

  10. Whoa… that ice cream! I must have it!! I love the combo of pretzel + ANYTHING sweet (Even raisins!).
    Are you a siracha fan? I like kale chips with spicy ketchup (ketchup with a few drops of siracha mixed in). Mmm.
    I bought 2 Lulu tops last week- but my favorite recent purchase was a yoga mat. It’s the best ever!

  11. I’m in love with the ignite tank I got a few weeks ago – I NEED it in more colors (or at least black 😉 ).

  12. I love to ramble to. That’s what makes us friends. 😉 I sometimes make things just so I can eat ketchup. I LOVE ketchup.

  13. Phoebe says:

    cute post!

    i’m yet to be hooked in online shopping – do you have good website recommendations (fitness-related / clothes / random)?



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