A Great Weekend of Eats

Hey friends!

How was your weekend?

I had a lovely one-full of fun, love, husband time, dancing (zumba!!), friends, sun time, and really great food.

I also realized that most of the pics I took this weekend were of food….sooooo hence the title of this post.

It was a great weekend of eats indeed!

A Great Weekend of Eats

Although most of these pics are of food, I promise I do more than eat. Okayyyyy, not much though. 😉

Friday morning I taught a super fun ‘n’ sweaty Zumba class! I really love teaching that class b/c it just gets my stress out, I get to dance for an hour, and I have a whole lot of fun with my gym peeps.

I burn serious calories though, so I make sure to fuel up before & refuel afterwards!

a great weekend of eats

Then I worked all day.

We ate dinner later that evening once we got to the mountain house:

a great weekend of eats

And I had a serious hankering for nutella right after I finished, so my dinner continued into this:

a great weekend of eats

Holy smokes this was good! All you need:

  • graham crackers
  • salted nuts
  • nutella
  • milk


Later we watched a movie & I had baked brownies (for the next day’s activities), so I ‘tried’ them out with some ice cream ‘n’ carmel.

Really good, but it was a bit too decadent & I couldn’t finish it. Wahwah.

a great weekend of eats

Saturday morning we slept in, and with the rain pounding the ceiling, we weren’t sure how the day was going to end up….

So I snuggled into bed & read until our friends showed up!

The sun came out about an hour later, so we hit the pool & had a blast.

We broke for lunch:

a great weekend of eats

Did you know that eating stickers on your fruit adds to the fiber content?

Good thing I’m here to help you out. :)

{p.s. I regularly forget to take the stickers off & end up eating them. no problemo}

After pool fun for a few hours & a visit to the horses next door, we were hankering for some dinner.

Everyone brought stuff to share, and boy was it a mighty good meal.

My plate started like this:

a great weekend of eats

And then I realized I had forgotten chips & watermelon!? Who does that?!

Had to add them. And then re-take the photo:

a great weekend of eats


I was happily satisfied at the end of that meal fo sho. Plus, the good times with friends were even more awesome when it comes to talking about that meal.

We realized at the end of the evening that we hadn’t even taken any photos, so we set up the timer on my phone & snapped a photo.

This took about 4 hours to get it right (phone kept falling over, kid scrambled away, etc), but we fffinnnaalllyy got it.

a great weekend of eats

I really had a blast with these people who I hadn’t ever met until then! Hah.

Jared goes to school with the 2 guys, so they and their wives (& kids/unborn children), came to play. I think I have some new bffs?!? Seriously, such a fun day.

Annnndddd b/c I can’t live without dessert, this happened:

a great weekend of eats

The best part was the secret caramel in the middle. Yumm.

It was a gorgeous drive home!

a great weekend of eats

After falling into bed, we slept like babies.

On Sunday we went to church, napped, read, baked cookies, and had fun just the two of us. Love my days like that!

a great weekend of eats

a great weekend of eats a great weekend of eats

See? It was a great weekend of eats!

I think Baby Perks was especially loving it all because dannnggg that girl was active this weekend! I seriously yelped on Sunday because she kicked me hard…. She was probably just having her own dance party with the caramel she got to eat in there. I’m cool with that.


Well, it’s Monday! So off to teach BP/CX and work I go.

Have a GREAT day, my friends! <3

What are some yummy eats YOU enjoyed over the weekend??! Did YOU bake at all this weekend?!? Where is YOUR favorite place to dance/let stress out?!?

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  1. mmm nutella! and that drumstick looks so good! itz funny because this weekend i made a drumstick cake! first layer brownie, then crushed waffle cone, ice cream, peanuts, caramel, and hot fudge. itz as ridiculous as it sounds :) :)

  2. Mhmm so much good food! I love the nutella to graham cracker ratio you have going there ;). YUM! Sweet treats are the best!

  3. Ugh, I always eat the stickers on fruit. I hate when I realize mid-apple that I forgot to remove the sticker, but then I can’t find it on the apple. I always convince myself that it just didn’t have a sticker in the first place.

  4. Yum – everything looks delicious! I absolutely love Nutella too. I think your graham cracker/Nutella/mixed nuts combo sounds just about perfect!

  5. Looks like some great eats!! I had some homemade ice cream and some froyo both this weekend so it was a good weekend for me as well :)

  6. So now I think I need to buy some nutella – that combination looks fabulous! I went out for sushi this weekend, so of course that was the weekend food favourite for me 😉

  7. That ice cream looks amazing. And I have eaten my fair share of stickers, too!!

  8. Okay seriously WTF! I wrote an AWESOME COMMENT but then my computer #FAILED!!! DUMB DUMB!!!!

    I sang a song about yummy food and food comas! I guess the song is officially LOST in cyber space!!!!

  9. You look drop dead gorgeous with that baby bump! Love the cute outfit your wearing and your food? YUM!!

  10. danielle says:

    you are just too adorable!!!! holy guacamole, your post makes me want some frozen yumminess right now! we ate at our recent “regular” cafe 2 times in 3 days… um yeah, creatures of habit??? i am addicted to their grilled salmon with creamy dressing, hummus and wedge salad.. yum times ten. did absolutely no baking but did plenty of eating in the baked good department: almond/choc cluster thingy jumped in my mouth about a dozen times. it was horrible.
    favorite place to let the stress out lately has been the bike trail, i really love nature. that probably sounds like duh, but living in the city i miss it, and with the green trails being so close it’s just such a nice change of scenery.. ahhhh refreshing!
    big hugs to the little growing munchkin and mamacita :-)

  11. You weren’t lying! That was a fabulous weekend of eats! All that fresh fruit is to die for! And um, I think I now need to go purchase some graham crackers for the sweet n salty action you had going on. Nutella + graham cracker + cashews, how could that NOT be good!? So glad you had a fun weekend with new friends and got to spend Sunday with your sweetie! Days like that are my favorite.

  12. Annie says:

    You burn 700 calories in zumba? I am impressed!

    • Haha! Yeah, I am kind of a spazz–I don’t love slower zumba classes, so mine are quite a bit fast paced :) Buuuuuut I can only teach it 1x/week b/c my own class wipes me out! haha.

  13. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I am drooling for those graham crackers with nutella!

    I had the most delicious mango matcha green tea smoothie this weekend from a tea shop in Toronto. I must make it at home! A weekend would not be complete if I didn’t make something. I whipped up some GF brownies for my lab BBQ today. They were also nut-free, vegan and refined-sugar free since apparently everyone I work with has a different allergy/food intolerance! Love a good baking challenge though :)

  14. WOW! Lots of good eats going on there! :)
    Graham crackers and nutella sounds amazing. Perfect snack for sure! I just baked some new vanilla walnut protein ballz! So good!

  15. Tons of yummy foods you’ve had this week. Just looking at them makes me hungry.



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