What I’ve Been Loving Lately: Food, Dates, & More

Hey you guys!

Happy Friday <3

I feel like I haven’t had a full week of work in awhile, so it feels like a bit of a long week to me. Wahhwahhwahh. 😉

So I’m cool with it being Friday. After teaching Zumba & work today, we’re headed up to the mountain house. I love our getaways (thanks mom & dad)! I think our friends might join us for some swimming tomorrow, so we shall see.



What I’ve Been Loving Lately: Food, Dates, & More

This blog post’s alternative title–  “iphone photo dump”

I realized I had a ton of photos that I haven’t shared with you all-and since my life is soooo interesting, I knew I needed to make a post about all those long-lost photos.

You’re welcome.

Ikea Date w/free food

The other night we took off after work to go to Ikea & look around. Jared wanted a new desk, and we needed to check out baby things.

We were there for fooorreeevvverr, but I didn’t mind (except when there was no bathroom nearby at one point. hah!) We ended up buying me a new desk (I hate mine). We’ll see if we like it enough to buy Jared one later. We bought some random things, like a pink (!!) wastebasket annndddd a shower curtain! I LOVE it. Like LOVE it.

food, dates, and more

It’s perfect for our guest bathroom, and it matches baby girl’s room theme of orange & pink. It was a majorly happy moment for me when it got put up that night.

What can I say? Small things make me vverrryyy happy. Jared even remarked that if I was so happy over a 5$ (?) shower curtain, he’d have bought me one long ago. haha.

I was starved, so we used a coupon & shared a free jamba juice (it was a pomegranate something or other–really tasty).

food, dates, and more


Did you know that our first date (on Oct 6, 09) was to a jamba juice & dancing?! We hadn’t had one together since then, so it was a special moment that needed to be recorded. obv.

While sipping our smoothie, we took ourselves to Ross to buy Jared some clothes….and I ended up with these:

food, dates, and more

I am a master at shopping for others (& he got some great stuff) while simultaneously getting myself something too.

It’s an art.

Then I really needed dinner (it was like 8 something by then), so we used another coupon we had to get dinner at Barbacoa Mexican Grill.

food, dates, and more

It was a lot of food (hello leftovers)! And I was actually surprised that it was quite tasty. Plus, my meal was free, which makes it automatically taste better.


Just wanted to update ya-I just finished reading “Bringing Up Bebe“. It’s a book about french parenting vs. american parenting. Very interesting stuff!

I definitely agree with a lot of what she said (& it seemed familiar, since my mom is Swiss & her parenting style is quite similar to the french’s I found out), but some points I didn’t like so much. I can’t wait to try some of the advice/parenting out on baby Perks!

A great read for new moms.

food, dates, and more


I like skittles. But only once in awhile. And then I get sick of them. Plus, I really only love the orange & purple ones…..

So when I saw these, I had to try ’em.

food, dates, and more

Check out the flavors! That is what sold me:

food, dates, and more

And guess what? They are reaaalllyyy good. Like go buy them. now.

Vega Sport

Vega (a plant-based sports nutrition company) sent me their new Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer to try, for review.


It comes in 2 flavors- acai berry & lemon-lime.

Although I’m not training for anything right now (wellllll birth counts right?!), these would be great for workouts of any kind. I liked both flavors, but the lemon-lime tasted better to me. And yes, I think it did help my workouts when I remembered to have some before.

just FYI-This energizer is recommended to help enhance mental focus, increase energy, and boost endurance. Hmmmm sounds like I need this before labor. 😉

Thanks Vega!

{all opinions are my own. product sent for review}

Date Night -Fun with Friends

I mentioned yesterday with some photos that we ate dinner with our friends. It was great company, but the food was only okay.

Jared & I got a small plate to share (we had a coupon–sense a trend??). This was pretty yummy -veggie quesadillas with cheese & a delicious spicy sauce.

food, dates, and more

Then I got the thin-crust chicken/artichoke/spinach pizza. It was just okay, but filling.

food, dates, and more

It wasn’t worth what we spent on it. California Pizza Kitchen is way overpriced IMO. Jared & I both want our $’s worth of food. no shame here.

The fro yo after was a better way to end the night:

food, dates, and more

see all that pink?? That is pink lemonade & it was AMAZE.

Pizza Dinner

And because we can’t get enough pizza (duh), I made pizza the other night. Mine was veggie, Jared’s pepperoni.

It’s the best crust in the world (recipe). You’re welcome.

food, dates, and more


See, I told ya? Very exciting life! 😉  At least it’s a delicious one shared with an amazing husband.


have a GREAT weekend! <3

What would some of YOUR phone photo dumps be right now?!? Food or dates YOU’ve loved lately?? Are YOU good at the art of buying yourself something while trying to buy stuff for others!?? Don’t YOU loooveee my shower curtain?!?! :)

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  1. this post made me hungry! so much good food!! i love vega sport – all of their products!

  2. I do like the shower curtain! Super cute. Ikea has great stuff. Your mexican bowl looks so yummy!! Have a great Friday

  3. I LOVE pizza so I can share this post with you and completely understand!! That shower curtain is really cute, and you’re right, it really is about the small stuff :)

  4. The shower curtain is very cute! I love being able to find joy in the small stuff….it makes life that much more fun!

    I think those Skittles would be right up my alley too!

  5. danielle says:

    omg yes i LOVE your shower curtain!!! and IKEA!!! my first non-cycling date with my sweetie was to IKEA, heehee :) that is “our” special place now, even thought we haven’t been back we drive by it a lot. lol. that magical day we also hit up Target, and then i had to introduce him to Olive Garden for unlimited salads/soups… i had to prove that OG is actually not that bad (cuz he’s kinda a foodie, and so am i!), especially their unlimited soup/salad with breadsticks. i won him over with that one, oh yeah baby! can you say refills??? 😀
    happy friday gorgeous girly times two!!! xoxoxox

  6. I agree–froyo is the best way to end the night! :) How cool are those skittles?! I can’t wait to find them and give them a try. I haven’t been to a Jamba Juice in such a long time–now I’m craving a nice cold smoothie!

  7. That shower curtain is ADORABLE! I understand you being so very excited :)

    My latest froyo creation that I love: orange sorbet mixed with vanilla froyo! So summery, it tastes like an orange creamsicle. I topped it with granola and chocolate chips. Delish!

  8. Um, who goes to Ikea and DOESN’T spend a bagillion hours in there? No one I know! I’ve been loving pomegranate lately. That Jamba Juice looks yummy…as does that mexican bowl. You sure had a delicious day of eating that day! :-) I totally agree with you, CPK is WAY over-priced and over-hyped. My husband might fight you for the pink lemonade froyo, watch out!

  9. I adore the shower curtain! I’m all for cute bathroom accessories…when we moved, I found a white cloth bath curtain with a tree on it and it might still be one of my favourite things we own.

    And pomegranate skittles sound amazing!

  10. I like the shower curtain!
    The colors are all super nice.
    Whoa, I totally forgot about skittles. I can’t remember the last time I even had one.
    Have a great Friday:)

  11. I’ve been wanting to try the new Vega energizer! I’ll have to see if anywhere local carries it.
    Mmmh, the froyo looks yum! You can never have enough froyo!

  12. I really like your shower curtain! It is really cool! 😀

  13. I love photo dumps too! Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  14. Free food ALWAYS tastes better! And clothes from the clearance rack are always the cutest 😉
    And omg those skittles! Skittles have always been a favorite of mine, and with those flavors?! Did you have to tell me those existed? 😉



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