Perkation 2013 Recap

Hey friends!

How are YOU?!

I feel like I’ve been gone for quite a bit from blog land, so I hope you’re all fantastic. <3


Perkation 2013 Recap 

Let’s start from the beginning…..what the heck is a Perkation?! :)

Well, my last name is Perkins (when I married Jared I took on his last name), and so any vacation we take with his family is a “Perkation!”

Fun fact: that is where our LLC comes from for this blog’s business/services (FitnessPerks), and where all of this blog’s pages/names on social media accounts come from as well. The “Perks” comes from my last name, Perkins. Fun, right?

So the few days we spent with Jared’s fam were a blast! We stayed at the mountain house (my parents generously let us use it), and it was the perfect spot.

I started Wednesday evening with a nice cold drink…

perkation 2013 recap


It was Jared’s brother’s birthday that day, so that evening after pizza we had an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

perkation 2013 recap perkation 2013 recap

And sang/ate it poolside. Mmmm!

Most mornings began like this:

perkation 2013 recap

Sweat, I love thee.

We (Jared & I) made breakfast for everyone on July 4th morning-(everyone had 3 different meals to make during our stay-so we did b-fast that day, lunch another, and dinner another).

Blueberry waffles with strawberries & whipped cream it was! (We made a white & a whole wheat version. I was lazy & only snapped a pic of one of the kids’ plate)

perkation 2013 recap

Then off to the local parade it was!

perkation 2013 recap

perkation 2013 recap

perkation 2013 recap

{uhhhhh yes, I am still in my sweaty gym outfit…}

perkation 2013 recap

{hottest guy ever–with a cute nephew}

perkation 2013 recap perkation 2013 recap

{all the niece/nephews on Jared’s side!}

Sampling of some of what I ate:

perkation 2013 recap perkation 2013 recap

perkation 2013 recap

We did nails….

perkation 2013 recap

And did a whole lot of swimming, reading, & talking by the pool.

perkation 2013 recap

Lots of evenings we watched movies, talked, chilled, and ate dessert. So fun!

I also snapped a pic of my ever-growing bump. Love it!

perkation 2013 recap

more food:

perkation 2013 recap

We cleaned, packed up, and left on Saturday night & then fell into our bed exhausted at home.

Sunday we went to church & afterward, because my bro was in town for the night (he came in from Idaho & had an evening with us before his flight to StL Sunday), we had a family photo taken:

perkation 2013 recap

Yes, we sort of matched. And yes, that might’ve been planned….. 😉


All in all it was really a fantastic couple of days. I so enjoy being with the people I love (Jared’s family is great), and spending time outdoors. I also really love Jared (duh), and so it was fun to get to be with him. Especially now that school starts again for him today. Blah.

Well, it’s back to work, teaching BP/CX, and subbing CX tonight. Helloooooo Monday.

Have a FANTASTIC day you all! <3

How was YOUR weekend?!? Do YOU color coordinate outfits on pictures that might matter?? What yummy foods did YOU eat this weekend?!? 

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  1. you and jared look GREAT!!! love the “perkation!!” yay to our boys and their last names lol

  2. What a fabulous “Perkation!!” That sweet little nephew looks a lot like Jared!

  3. So fun! The spot looks totally gorgeous!! And I want one of your waffles :) Yes- I do color coordinate outfits when we’re taking pictures. I made lots of yummy food this weekend- my favorite was probably the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I made

  4. That cake! Bahahahahaha. Very appetizing ;). Your nephew is such a handsome guy! He’s definitely going to be a heartbreaker. I’m glad you had a fun and relaxing perkation :).

  5. Hahaha I love the cake you guys got him- too funny! And so many great eats :). Love your shoes, by the way, I’m a huge sucker for colorful kicks!

  6. Glad you had such a nice weekend! And as much as I love super-fancy cakes…DQ ice cream cake will always be one of the best ones out there. Amazing, especially the crunchy layer in the middle!

  7. You look so tanned and gorgeous in those pics! Also, cute sneaks! :)

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! You and Jared are too cute. 😉

  9. Squeeeeeeeeeeel! Look at your bump! Love love <3 Hahahaha THAT CAKE is too funny!

  10. You guys are adorable! So glad you are taking advantage of time with family. Looks like an awesome weekend! (And any ice cream cake with the crunchies in it is the BOMB!) 😉

  11. Caroline says:

    Fun!!! You must be the cutest pregnant woman ever!!

  12. I think it’s adorable that you picked outfits for a family photo! Bob and I have done that, too. You’ve got to–those opportunities aren’t always available, so you have to take advantage of it.

  13. You are so gosh darn cute!!! And I love the growing bump!
    The whole day looks great- and the food…. yum!

  14. danielle says:

    love your updates and your pics, what a fun weekend!!!! boyfriend and i went to meet his family in san antonio and spent the weekend running around with the nephews, riding roller coasters, and eating soft serve… YUMM.
    big hugs pretty mamacita!!! xoxo

  15. looks like your vacation was a hit! I love your ring, beautiful!!! You are glowing!

  16. What a fun vacation! Looks like it was the perfect blend of relaxation, activity, and lots of family time. I have a huge family, and when we go on vacation, we do the same thing with meals…each couple is responsible for a dinner. It’s fun to prepare my favorites for everyone, and try out everyone else’s meals. Your waffles look delish. As do the rest of your eats…wow! Lots of yumminess!!! So glad you got to enjoy some quality time with Jerrod before life begins again. OH…and baby bump = cuter and cuter!

  17. love how you name the family vacation — we have to think of a good family vacation name 😉
    love the baby pump pics!! our weekend was good, nice and relaxing kind of weekend – just want we needed! HUGS

  18. You look gorgeous in all those pictures! It seems like such a fun vacation! :-)

  19. I wanna go on a Perkation! Looks way too fun!!



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