A Lil’ Bit of Everything

Hey friends!

Happy Monday <3 And happy July! Whoa!

It was a great weekend with my love. I finally got to spend some extended time one-on-one with Jared (we’d been with my family earlier when he started his break), so it was a really lovely few days.


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A Lil’ Bit of Everything Weekend

This weekend I did a lil’ bit of everything-so so fun & fulfilling!

Taught Zumba

a lil' bit of everything

I broke in my new Nikes while teaching… I’m in love! They were super awesome for the higher intense stuff I do.

Shaking it always makes me so so happy…

Epic Lunch

a lil' bit of everything

Whole wheat (homemade bread) + spinach + roasted turkey + melted cheddar + herbed goat cheese.

Yahhhh. Epic.

Baby’s Heart Beat

Later on I took a break from work and got to go hear the baby’s heart beat at my check-up! She’s doing great. I freaking love that sound.

Annnnnddddd because a 7-11 is right next to the doc’s office, and it was 100 degrees outside, I stopped for this:

a lil' bit of everything


Friday Night

After work this all happened:

  • ate dinner & went to the temple with Jared
  • learned choreo for re-launch
  • ate whole wheat waffles with syrup & ice cream
  • learned more choreo

a lil' bit of everything

It was even yummier in real life.

BodyPUMP Re-launch! 

Saturday morn I awoke bright & early for the Les Mills re-launch at my gym.

(CX had to be cancelled for that day, but I had to learn it for today’s class–it just delayed me learning it until later in the weekend. hah)

a lil' bit of everything

BodyPUMP 86 is fantastic! I loved teaching up there & the energy that was there. It was so so fun!

a lil' bit of everything a lil' bit of everything

{baby did great up there on stage too! hehe. And my co-presenter was fun!}

More to re-cap on this another day.

Attended a Baby Shower 

After a crazy speedy shower, I got myself to my friend’s baby shower.

a lil' bit of everything

And apparently stuffed my face. (checkoutthatplate-like whoah.)

I was so dang hungry. And I was so hungry I only took a pic of my food & not one with my friend. #fail

Shopped at SAM’s

We are doing a family vacay with Jared’s family later this week, so I had to stop & get a few in-bulk items.

Lucky for me, there were tons of samples being handed out, including ice cream snickers bars & dove bars!

a lil' bit of everything


Pool Time

And in true Annette fashion, I went swimming (like 6 different times–so so hot out there), worked on my tan, and yes, learned choreo at the pool. #imcool

I also snacked.

a lil' bit of everything a lil' bit of everything

Date Night

After showering up, Jared & I went to the dollar theatre & saw “42.”

Ohhhhh it is SO good! I really loved it. And cried like 6 different times. GO watch it!

And I wore sparkly sandals.

a lil' bit of everything

And I can’t take photos of two people in a frame….

a lil' bit of everything

the picture is not cut off….I cut myself off while TAKING the photo….so all you see is creeper eyes of mine. awesome.

Somebody teach me the ways of taking multiples in a self-portrait?!


Church. Food. Naps. Baked. Read. Chilled.

a lil' bit of everything

This massive kale salad could feed an army….esp since my army of a husband does NOT like kale.

I think it’s great when massaged with olive oil & lemon juice. He still thinks it taste like poo.


And with that, I am off to teach BP/CX and work!

p.s. hopefully later we’re headed to IKEA to check out some furniture…..for Baby Perks! So stoked.

Have a FANTABULOUS day!! <3

What was the last movie YOU saw??! Ever had waffles with ice cream??! How do YOU not cut off people in self-portraits?!? Anyone tried BP release 86 yet?!

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  1. LOVE your blue zumba pants!! and practice makes perfect with the selfies :) :)

  2. Haha I do the same when I try to take selfies with another person! Someone always loses a forehead or a cheek or something :-p

  3. I’m so jealous of your neon-tastic Zumba outfits. I want! Somehow, all of my workout clothes are black. I’m pretty lame! I just saw This is the End with my little brother, and loved it! I’m dying to see Now You See Me. I have a few free movie passes so I might just treat myself to a movie this week!

  4. we need to have waffles with ice cream!!! now!!

  5. SO glad the launch went great! We’re launching pump and step in a few weeks. I’m sure I won’t learn everything until the week before… So many yummy eats. I need to home make bread- its been too long.

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend!!

  7. My husband isn’t sold on kale salads yet either! lol. I keep trying, though. :) Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. AWww glad you had a great date night! I haven’t seen a movie since… Christmas? Yep, haha too time consuming I guess. And that Sam’s Club sample looks amazing! Perfect for summer!

  9. Haha I’m terrible with self-portraits as well! It’s sad because I cut off half my face even if it’s just me!

  10. danielle says:

    hahahaha love this post, hilarious! also love your sparkly sandals and PINK toes!!!! yay!
    oh wow i am not a pro at taking double portraits but better than my brother and most of my friends, so i guess me taking them is the lesser of evils, lol.
    the kale salad looks incredible, i love that massage method!!! i’ve done it once and it was super delish. ur posts always make me super hungry! and btw, your food plate at the baby shower is nothin!!!! i could eat 4 of those plates, maybe 6. ha! and i’m just eating for me myself and i 😀
    my boyfriend, brother and i just saw The Interns last thursday and loved it, and right before that we saw This is The End. both hilarious, at the least the boys loved it. hehe

    • p.s. CONGRATS again–was that another half IM I saw?!?? dang, girl.

      You need to do a guest post for me one of these days!!! I’d love that.

      muah <3

      • danielle says:

        lol i would just write about how much your blog inspires me and awesome YOU are!!!!! luv ya chica!!!! xoxox

  11. I made Christian watch “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” with me. Hehe he’s a good sport 😉 Homemade bread = the best!

  12. LOVED BP86! “Help me help me!” My triceps were on fiiiiiiiiiiiire. :)

  13. I last saw Les Mis with my best friend :) I’m hoping to see Despicable Me 2 soon
    I’ve had a waffle cone; does that count?
    I don’t take selfies with multiples or do Body Pump

  14. Oh man, IKEA is a dangerous place!! Just like Costco. :)

  15. Sounds like such a fabulous weekend, you’re baby bump is too cute. Love that you’re having fun with your new classes.

  16. That sandwich IS epic! Homemade bread, too? YUM! Looks like you had a fabulously busy weekend! So glad baby perks is doing well, and I know you’re loving a little extra Jerrod time. I love getting my husband all to myself during the weekends!

  17. I sort of missed everything after the homemade bread…it’s really all I can think about now…want some. :)

  18. Great post! I really have to try Zumba. It looks like so much fun and I think it would be perfect for breaking up my running days. It’s on my list.



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