Get Past a Plateau

Hey friends!

How’s life treatin’ ya this week? I’m doing fantabulously. Yes, it’s a word. 😉

Here are two of the reasons why I am doing well:

smoothie get past a plateau

What can I say? I like me some fooooooood!

Cafe Rio and my Blendtec win again.

I really do love me some greens! I’m grateful my taste buds LIKE healthy/yummy foods. And that I can already feed my daughter such awesome food. <3

Last night we ate Cafe Rio with some of my family-my mom’s treat. I think food tastes even better when it’s given to you with love, don’t ya think?! Thanks mom for a delicious meal!


Get Past a Plateau

The other day I was doing a fitness consult with a client, and we were chatting about how to get past a plateau. I shared something with her that I thought I’d share with all of you.

I’m so nice, I know. 😉

A plateau happens when the training or the eating is not enough to create a change or stimulus in the body’s cells/systems. So HOW does one get past a plateau, you ask?

It’s actually quite simple: you change at least one of the pieces of the FITT principle puzzle.

I wrote about the FITT principle quite a long time ago (throwback post!), but the principles still apply.

F-Frequency / I-Intensity / T-Time / T-Type

If you want to induce change (and get past a plateau), you must manipulate at least one of those pieces (F,I,T,or T).

For example, increasing the intensity in your workouts by changing the speed, the incline, the weights you pick up, or the number of reps you do, will induce changes in your body’s cells, and thus, push you past the plateau.

It is recommended however, that you do not change more than 2 of the FITT pieces at once, simply because too much at once can be dangerous & invoke a higher drop out rate. So don’t try to go longer, faster, and more frequent with a certain workout all at once.

If you want to lose more weight, build more muscle, get fitter, or get healthier (i.e. get past a plateau), changing a piece of the FITT principle with your workouts will deliver those results!

I challenge you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, get uncomfortable, and try this tiny piece of advice out. :) (of course, check with a doc if new to exercise or if needed)

get past a plateau

Let’s DO THIS!


Have a FANTASTIC day! <3

What type of plateau have YOU been experiencing lately, if any?! What piece of the FITT puzzle are you working on currently??! What is something delicious YOU ate yesterday?? 

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  1. lately i’ve been changing up the type… i went rock climbing the other day, bikram the other day, and swimming the other day! love changing it up!

  2. Love the tips! I’m pretty bad about getting caught up in past workouts and doing the same types of exercises without much variation. I’ll definitely try to incorporate some of the FITT principles at the gym today!

  3. Great post! I think sometimes we all have a tendency to over think change!

  4. Mmmm food makes me happy too. :) I ate all sorts of yummy stuff yesterday – oatmeal, trail mix, smoothie, your black bean burritos, mug cake, etc.!

  5. I haven’t really been changing much up lately…probably explains why I’m feeling a bit plateau’d right now!

  6. I started doing better at changing things up more. Especially incorporating new and challenging strengthening exercises into my routine. I’m loving the feeling of getting stronger!! :)

  7. Chatelaine says:

    Thanks for the reminder! About 4 weeks ago I changed the Type and have noticed I’m getting stronger, but I haven’t been able to lose weight yet. I have muscle growth but haven’t burned through fat yet? Over the next few weeks I’m going to increase the frequency. I joined a new pilates studio so it’s given me new strength, but no weight loss so I’m hoping adding another day will push me past this plateau. My pants have been getting tighter :(

  8. I’ve been telling myself to change things up, but I haven’t actually changed things up (save for a brutal hike at the beginning of the month – helllllllllo hamstrings and booty!). Thanks for the reminder. :)

  9. I love reading your posts! You always make me laugh (to myself, then hubs wants to know what’s so funny) AND give good info…all in one post! Very efficient. :-) I agree, fantabulous is a word.

    I’m actually in a weird type of plateau, if you can call it that. I posted about it today; I just find that I don’t get hungry anymore. My appetite just up and left me high and dry! Any tips for getting it back? I’m currently in recovery from disordered eating. I eat 3 meals, 2 snacks, and usually eat something every 2-4 hours. I do pilates, but it’s recommended that I don’t do anything more strenuous. Any help is much appreciated!

  10. we love mixing things up to help our bodies from plateau. we like changing up our intensity and our eats to mix it up 😉

  11. Thank you for such great tips :)



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