24 Weeks {Growth Spurt}

Hey friends!

How’re all you doing? Everything is pretty peachy here!

I’m going to be cramming for re-launch all this week during any spare moment I have, because I need to know it all for this weekend (have to learn ALL of the BP & CX choreo)…..guess who is uber good at cramming for those launches, apparently? Hah. I never learn.

Other than that–lots of work, teaching fitness, and spending as much time possible with a few family members who are still in town this week!

Baby bump update time :)

24 Weeks {Growth Spurt}

Baby Perks is just over 24 weeks today and is about the length of an ear of corn or the size of a cantaloupe, depending on where you read.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks is growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts her at close to 1.5 lbs! (And she def had a growth spurt, as you’ll see!)
  • Her body is filling out proportionally and she’ll soon start to plump up. Wahoo!
  • Her brain is growing quickly now, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. She’s gonna love slurpees….. 😉
  • Her lungs are developing “branches” of the respiratory “tree” as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help her air sacs inflate once she hits the outside world.
  • Her skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

24 Weeks-pregnancy update

How far along? 24 weeks (& 2 days)

Baby’s size? length of corn/size of cantaloupe

Total weight gain/loss: Probably 13 or so? I’ll know this week at my next checkup.

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: Mostly good. But I had a few bad nights where I just couldn’t stop going to the bathroom. SO annoying. I never feel rested in the morning if I don’t get longer stretches of sleep.

Best moment this week: Actually having a legit bump-and having family touch it! So fun.

Miss Anything? Nope! I feel awesome!

Movement: She is moving a bunch-especially right after I eat. I also feel her after teaching fitness classes—probably b/c when I stop, she wakes up. Hah!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular. Having a normalized appetite is a beautiful thing. I’ve eaten some tasty things lately, though!

24 Weeks-pregnancy update 24 Weeks-pregnancy update 24 Weeks-pregnancy update

Food aversions: Still almost nothing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Ground meat of any kind still makes me a bit queasy


Labor Signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Her kicking/moving. Going to the bathroom in the night more than I’d like.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new-just a few tops & bras mixed in with my normal stuff.

Baby items purchased? Nothing new. But we have a car seat, and a Boppy pillow with a cover. And I registered for a few items!

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!! And emotional. And ecstatic! And excited! Similar to last week.

Funny moments this week: Having people begin to notice my belly! It’s funny because their eyes flick to my center & I see a bit of recognition there. I think it’s awesome & hilarious when the ‘lightbulb’ goes on & I get to see that moment. Hehe

Looking forward to: Jared being able to feel her kick/move! Hopefully soon?!


Fitness Thoughts at 24 weeks:

24 Weeks-pregnancy update -fit pregnancy

  • Fitness-wise I feel really great. I feel uber blessed in that area, as I’ve hardly changed much so far. My doc is totally all about me going off of how I feel (and adjusting accordingly), and so far, I’ve felt fine. 
  • I thought I’d not like teaching as much (being in front as a fitness role model) as my belly grew, but I’m actually quite proud of the fact that I can be that role model. Bring on the bigger belly & let’s do some squats! :)
  • I miss GRIT. There, I said it. That will be something (HIIT work) that I will really enjoy/look forward to after I am a mother!
  • Pregnancy brain is fo real, yo. I can not, for the life of me, remember every single step & sequence in Zumba and in BP. There’ve been a few times where I just had to make something up real fast. It’s like I have a memory lapse for 2 seconds (and literally I BLANK), and then it comes to me. Kinda funny, kinda annoying. But I try & just roll with it & make it as a joke. So far no one hates me for it….that I know of?


Growth Spurt

As you can see from the pics, she is GROWING! I love it. She totally had a growth spurt over the last few days, so that’s been really really fun for me!

I finally have a bump -and one that my family can touch & be excited about. (Random strangers haven’t tried yet, but know that I will sock ’em if they try.)

There are still some outfits where I just look like I ate a really large meal, but for the most part, the bump is there to stay. Wahoo! :)

Oh and I love when Jared touches the belly or says hi to baby girl. It’s very special to me. He’ll be a great dad, I am sure!


Well people, I am off to work all day, and then play with some of my sisters & bro after work today (at the mountain house).

Have a GREAT one! <3

What are some funny things that have happened to YOU this past week??! Any Les Mills instructors cramming along with me this week?!?!Mamas-when did YOU feel you just ‘grew’ that belly quickly overnight?! 

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  1. she’s definitely growing!!

  2. Just wait – you’re in for a lot of growing in weeks 24-28 as well! I feel like the girls have grown so much in the last few weeks!

    I think it’s great that you’re still able to teach fitness classes. I think you’re a great example to women!

  3. I became a ball at 20 weeks! You look great girlfriend!! You know I”m cramming away!

  4. Oh baby, baby… That waffle! I’m sure the little nugget’s tastebuds were excited about that!!

  5. You’re clearly feeding her some tasty things 😉 Glad everything’s going well lady!

  6. You look adorable!! Love the updates and so glad that you’re feeling so well and able to do most of what you did before. you’re a great role model, love it!

  7. Oh you do have a tiny bump finally…You do look just precious :)

  8. Sara @ fitcupcaker says:

    you’re so cute…I love baby bumps. I am surrounded by pregnant people at work all the time!

  9. Pregnancy brain is legit and mom brain is even worse. I am worried about what is going to happen to me when number 2 makes their debut. Probably won’t be a pretty site! HA

  10. Such a cute baby bump! You seem to be doing so well and really enjoying all life throws your way! Love the bump updates. Such a miracle!



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