Long Weekend Bliss

Hey friends!

I’m totally cool with taking Fridays off of work….that was pretty fun! :)

Long Weekend Bliss

I took Friday off of work, so immediately after teaching Zumba I headed to the amusement park to meet up with some of my family. We spent the entire day at the park, and it was super fun!

p.s. this was the week/weekend where my belly finally legit popped. it was super fun to see photos of it too!

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

{had to have it on such a hot day!}

I stayed with some of the kiddos near the kiddie rides for most of the morning (I can’t ride many rides, obv), but later on we all did a bunch of rides together (I rode the swings and the kiddie roller coaster and the train), and ate some KFC dinner (my dad’s favorite from when he was a kid).

long weekend bliss long weekend bliss long weekend bliss long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

We also spent time at the water park, and in the late evening, Jared & I snuck away for a ride on the ferris wheel and for some quality time walking around hand-in-hand. It was a great day!

Who knew taking PTO could be so fun?! 😉

long weekend bliss long weekend bliss long weekend bliss long weekend bliss

The rest of the weekend was spent at the mountain house with my family.

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

long weekend bliss

Swimming, baking, eating, reading, chilling, laughing, walking, and playing. So so fun!

I’d say that long weekend was perfection. :) Time with Jared is the best! So glad he has these few days off (plus a few more) before his quarter starts again for school.

And of course, love spending time with family who are not usually around too.


Well, back to the grind–teaching BP/CX this morning & then working all day.

You all have a GREAT day!! <3

p.s. HAPPY 35th Anniversary to my amazing parents!! (they spent some time this weekend away at a bed/b-fast)

What made YOUR weekend blissful??! What is YOUR favorite amusement park ride??! How often do YOU take random days off of work??

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  1. another fun family weekend! so glad jared was able to be part of the fun this time! :) :)

  2. What a beautiful weekend filled with family fun!
    Yay – it all looks amazing!
    I’m glad Jared was able to join you this time.
    And happy Anniversary to your parents too.
    I actually am terrified of amusement park rides so maybe the ferris wheel would be my go to haha.
    I’m cool.

    • The ferris wheel was actually kinda scary–b/c it wasn’t an enclosed space, and they stopped it right when we were at the way top. I had a moment of being scared, for sure 😉

  3. You are GLOWING, gorgeous lady :-). I always used to love KFC as a kid… We’d never get it for dinner, but sometimes my mom would let us stop there if we were out running errands. Those biscuits!! I can’t even…

  4. You are such a cute pregnant lady. That slushie sounds awesome right about now– the A/C at work is broke! :( glad you had a great weekend!

  5. You have the most precious little bump :)

    Looks like a wonderful weekend blessed with lots of food, family and fun :)

  6. Sounds like you’re totally taking advantage of this beautiful summer we’ve been having so far! Looks like a super fun weekend. I have yet to go to Lagoon… One of these days! 😉

  7. I need to take a random day off of work, and soon! Feel like I have been going 100 MPH!

  8. Taking a day off of work to go to an amusement park? That sounds pretty ideal to me. I always loved the Zipper the most – it’s a little like a ferris wheel, except it’s fast, you’re strapped into cages and the cage is flipping around. Dizzying, but amazing.

  9. Happy anniversary to your parents!! What an awesome weekend. I know I’ve said it before- but I love how close you are with your family. Just fabulous. MMM watermelon! I’m such an addict right now.

    What made YOUR weekend blissful??! Playing with Kay!! Shes hilarious right now

    What is YOUR favorite amusement park ride??! Any roller coaster

    How often do YOU take random days off of work?? I don’t work my “normal” job Mondays and Fridays…so I don’t take a lot of days off!

  10. You are the most aodrable pregnant lady! :)

    I’ve started giving myself “summer Fridays” periodically and taking PTO to lay around and play. It’s good for the sanity!

  11. Looks like a blast! I need some pool time ASAP, and I could go for some ice cream too… :)

  12. I LOVE amusement parks, and roller coasters are my jam! Ha! Looks like you had such a wonderful weekend. You look so truly happy! Glad you got to spend some quality time with the hubs, always much needed in my book! And happy anniversary to your parents! What a unique thing it is these days (sadly) to make it 35 years. My parents have their 28th anniversary this week, and they are such an example of a Godly marriage to me. Happy Monday!

  13. I love rollercoasters!! Definitely my favorite ride at amusement parks. Looks like you had a busy busy weekend!!

  14. So many beautiful pictures of you and your family. Glad to hear you had such a great weekend. And, yes, Friday’s off should be mandatory. :)

  15. love all the family pictures, makes us miss our family! our niece just had her 3rd birthday party which we were not able to go :( but our sisters sent us a bunch of pictures and videos 😉

  16. you are glowing! what a great weekend. we need more of those with family and fun!

  17. This is too much fun! I wish I could take random days off of work, but since I’m booked with appointments I can’t! Boo!! :)

  18. I just found your blog and am loving it. You have such a cute family and your belly is adorable!


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