23 Weeks {Natural or Epidural?}

Hey friends!!

I am back from our houseboat vacation to Lake Powell. It was innncrreeddible. I promise to have pictures & recaps & all that jazz up tomorrow.

But for now, enjoy the bump update! I say bump, because I’ve finally got one. :) Finally. It’s about time, as I’m almost 6 months along!

23 Weeks {Natural or Epidural?}

Baby Perks is just over 23 weeks today and is about the size of a large mango.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • More than 11 inches long and weighs over a pound.
  • Blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.
  • The sounds that your baby’s increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing her for entry into the outside world. Loud noises that become familiar now — such as a dog barking or the roar of the vacuum cleaner — probably won’t faze her when she hears them outside the womb. (So hearing me in a mic will be normal for her. hah)
  • Her face is fully formed – she just needs some more fat to fill it out!

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

23 weeks-pregnancy update

How far along? 23 weeks (& 2 days)

Baby’s size? large mango

Total weight gain/loss: 8 pounds at last checkup (2.5 weeks ago). So probably 10/11 ish?

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: This week I was on a houseboat & slept in the same room/bed with my little sis. Most nights were fine, but she got a cough, so some of the nights were rougher than others. Also, it gets HOT in the mornings very early there (upper AZ), so yah, sleep was hit or miss. BUT it was worth it.

Best moment this week: EVERY single moment. Being on a houseboat with family at a perfect lake was amazing. It would’ve been uber amazing if Jared had been there though. 

Miss Anything? I missed Jared the entire week. But we were reunited on Sunday night!

Movement: She is moving a bunch. And it was fun to lay out/swim & feel her move with me. I think she likes the sun too! :)

Food cravings: Nothing I am craving–but I ate some yummy foods while at the lake!

23 weeks-pregnancy update

{I ate a bunch of mangos on the boat…funny she is the size of those!}


{hello HFCS. so delicious on 100+ degree days.}

IMG_5814 23 weeks -pregnancy update

Food aversions: Practically nothing. Woot!

Anything making you queasy or sick: The houseboat rocking while docked at the marina. Ugh.


Labor Signs: Nope.

Symptoms: Her kicking/moving. A few more round ligament pains. Being crazy emotional.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new-just a few tops & bras mixed in with my normal stuff.

Baby items purchased? Nothing new. But we have a car seat, and a Boppy pillow with a cover!

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!! And emotional. And ecstatic! And excited!

Funny moments this week: Too many to count…..my family is too much fun. I had a loooot of belly laughs this week!

Looking forward to: Jared being able to feel her kick/move!


Fitness Thoughts at 23 weeks:

23 weeks-pregnancy update fit pregnancy

{taken at 23W 1D}

  • Well……pretty much the entire week was spent swimming, laying out, sitting on my butt, and eating. The only weight lifting I did was my nieces/nephews.
  • But I was back at it right when we got back, and overall I felt totally fine/normal. But boy do I drink a lot of water while teaching! I also am finally showing in my fitness clothes too. Wahoo!
  • Also, I am already very very sore today.


Natural or Epidural?

I am simply writing this because people are curious. I don’t care what others decide to do with their pregnancies & deliveries and do not judge anyone based on whether they got an epidural or not!

My plan is to deliver naturally with no epidural/drugs. I am excited about that! Of course things don’t always go as planned, but that desire is firmly in place and I will do everything it takes to make it happen, save my doctor advises otherwise. I want to fully experience child birth–in all its pain & glory. :)

I will most likely be taking hypnobirthing classes (I need to register), reading anything I can get my hands on about it, and chatting up with my sisters & mom who’ve gone without epidurals as well.

But any suggestions would be fab! Thanks!

{note: I know it’s technically ‘natural’ no matter what way a baby is delivered, but it’s easier to title this by natural vs. epidural. }


Have a fantastic day!! <3

What was the best thing YOU ate this week?! When YOU have a baby-have you thought about epidural/not & I’m curious, why?? Those who’ve delivered w/no epidural–thoughts? Suggestions?? 

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  1. So I went in open minded. That was my plan from the start. I thought the idea of going natural was great, but didn’t want to restrict myself. I held on for a bit, but ultimately decided to get an epidural and would do it again! I think everyone has to do what they feel is best for them….but I’d just keep an open mind because you never know how delivery is going to go. I had a few friends who were hardcore natural and then ended up having to have an emergency C section and were SO disappointed. I think healthy baby is #1, right? Any who- my rambles. You look fab- glad you enjoyed your trip!

    • I’m totally trying hard to keep an open mind 😉 But I am weirdly excited to go for all that pain & stuff. I am an odd, odd cookie 😉

  2. you’re a brave, brave woman :) but i know you will succeed just as you do with everything in your life! and of course baby perks will be worth it!! LOVE that your bump is finally beginning to BUMP now!!

  3. You have the cutest little bump ever! Although I don’t have kiddos (yet) I know that I would like to TRY and go natural without epidural but I know that anything can change and it might be the better option to actually take something. I think it’s hard to say until it’s in your face time to decide.

  4. Sarah G. says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I already know when I do, I will go for the epidural. I have zero desire to go natural and that is just what works for me. I’m sure you will do whatever is best for you and that baby! :)

  5. What a cute baby bump :-) I definitely believe in an open mind. My water broke three weeks early but the contractions were slow to come on. Unfortunately they had to start the contractions and they came on so fierce and intense that I decided epidural. I was actually really calm during the entire process after the epi kicked in. I would not change the way I did it. I was able to actually rest until I was ready to push b/c of the epi. :-)

  6. I was going to write about what we’re planning on doing next week too! I feel like I’m in a different situation because I have NO idea whether I’ll have to have a c section or not at this point. We’ll see!

  7. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Sounds like it was a blast.
    And you’re looking so cute with your tiny baby bump. It’s finally coming in 😉
    I definitely think there’s no right to judge another Mother for her choices on delivering her baby. It’s a personal choice, like everyone is entitled too.
    And I think it’s awesome that you’re planning on going to au natural way!
    I’ve never given a thought to what I would do, but I guess I have a loooong time for that to happen.

  8. You are a brave woman! I can tolerate a lot of pain, but I think if epidural is available, I just might have to take them up on it! However, on the other hand, I can see wanting to deliver naturally. I guess I will just wait to make that decision when it’s actually a possibility. 😉 You eats from the week look uh-mazing! That watermelon and the s’mores…YUM!!! I love summer time because the fruits and veggies are so ripe, colorful, juicy, and scrumptious!

  9. Good for you! I give major props to those mamas that decide to deliver without an epidural. I had one, but by the time I started pushing, most of it had worn off so I felt it pretty darn well. Since I had to be induced with Pitocin, I’m glad I got an epidural to help me with the contractions since contractions are often a lot worse with Pitocin. I never wanted to be induced, but I think it’s just important to go in it with an open mind so as long as your baby and you are healthy.

  10. The best thing I ate this week were croissants … in Canada! They tasted so good …
    As for an epidural/not, I haven’t really thought about it. (I have a good 10 years before I need to)

  11. I did the same thing, but kept myself open for an epidural and I’m so glad I did. My water broke 3 weeks early so I had NO cushioning when I was contracting which was BRUTAL. I did wind up getting the epidural and it was the best decision for me…That’s what is important is doing what is best for you, Mama :)

  12. Love your photos! You look great and so happy! I had an epidural one birth and two natural. My recovery from no epidural was easier. My first I went in knowing I would not have an epi only because I was so frightened of having a needle in my spine. The birth experience with the epi was better. Wasn’t writhing in pain and was coherent. I was also loopy tho and had to have a catheter, yuck. My third I progressed too quickly to get one. It was a quick birth so not too bad. So do what you feel is right for you! Everyone is different and you will make the right choice for you. Love the blog and best of luck to you.

    • I too don’t love needles…..but of course, all births are different. So I’m trying to keep an open mind, with hopes of going natural! 😉 Love hearing your experiences, thanks!

  13. Your bump!!!!! :)

  14. Your little bump is so cute!! As for natural vs. epidural, I’m planning going for natural when I have kids. Needles and drugs scare the heck outta me, haha! I am such a wimp that I’d probably faint if I saw a big needle coming my way but I am obviously keeping my options open to have a safe delivery when the time comes :)

  15. Ahh, cute little baby bump!! I have to say, you are a brave lady for wanting to go the natural route. While I absolutely respect it and understand why a lot of women are choosing to go that way, I really don’t think it’ll be for me once I get to baby stage. Although, that’s at least a couple of years down the road (barring any surprises) so I could end up changing my mind!

  16. From talking with other people I’ve know who’ve recently had a child, they try to go without the epidural, but sometimes the pain is too much to go without one. But like everyone else is saying your body will tell you!
    Cannot wait for the pictures from your vacation!

  17. There the bump! :) Congrats on making the big decision. So much to think about!

    Now I want smores…

  18. I HATE needles but I think I would hate excruciating pain even more so… 😉 More power to ya, though!

  19. danielle says:

    you are glowing with health, love it! best thing this week was the carrot cake.. that was saturday night, but still. it hasn’t been beaten so far! cream cheese frosting, sugar and all. lol.

  20. OTTER POPS! love those things!!

  21. Caroline says:

    My plan was to go natural but was also okay if I needed an epidural. I signed the paperwork as “just in case” when I was admitted to the hospital so that I wouldn’t have to do paperwork while laboring. My epidural was aweeeeeeesome. My husband said I was a totally different person after. Interpret as you please. However, I would love to go natural the next time around- I also hear it is easier then when you do it with your first.

  22. You look adorable as ever, the bump is so cute! I am so excited for you! I can follow the rest of your journey since mine is ending any day! Thank you for the comment today :)

    Go you! You are a rockstar for going natural! How awesome!

  23. My hubby and I went through the Bradley Method class and loved it! 10 weeks long and totally prepared both of us for a natural birth. I knew going in I didn’t want the drugs… my mom could do it with 4 kids, I could too! Haha the pain was most definitely there but I look back on Hunter’s birth with such a positive light. It’s going to be amazing for you. You look so cute with your bump!

  24. Alyssa says:

    Hey Annette! Love your blog! I also teach group x (TurboKick). I have 4 kids. My first I intended to go natural, but ended up with a very (unnecessarily, I feel) medicalized birth with pitocin and epidural and ultimately a c-section because of “failure to progress” due to the epidural slowing my labor and my son being in a less than ideal position, though I don’t think that would have been an issue if I hadn’t had to be flat on my back paralyzed from the waist down. The c-section recovery sucked. I think people don’t often realize that epidurals can lead to complications, not in every case obviously, but the risks are often ignored or downplayed. 15 months later, I had a VBAC in a German hospital, completely naturally. It was a more intense labor than my first, but because the midwife and the staff was so supportive of natural birth, I was able to do it (without the doc coming to in peddle the drugs…). My 3rd and 4th I also had completely naturally. I had a midwife, and I had to bat off the hospital staff at times coming in to give me a hard time about the fetal monitor going offline because I “moved”. HECK YES, I’m going to move! I had active labors. I was stubborn and decided, and they were the most empowering experience I’ve ever had. I learned so much about myself and that bonding that took place post-birth was out of this world. It was my experience that I had to fight for my natural births #3 & #4. They will come in and offer you medical pain relief at your most vulnerable moments. Anyway, I don’t say this to judge any woman who decides to do things differently. We are all different people. I had very definite reasons for wanting natural births, mainly because of my first experience, and I find it sad that this choice is often not respected or supported, and is often laughed at behind your back. (“Wink, wink, nod, nod, sure…we’ll support a natural birth…”) My advice would be to make absolutely certain that your provider is REALLY on board with natural birth and discuss the situations where epidural or other interventions would be *necessary* and *acceptable* to both of you. You CAN do it! God bless!

    • thank you SO SO much for your comment! It helped a ton! I will make sure I solidify my desires with my doc beforehand. He is pretty great, so I’m confident it will go well! Thank you for your advice & sharing your experiences. <3


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