Body After Baby {Guest Post-by my little sister!}

Hey friends!

While I’m away on vacay on the houseboat with my family, my fantastic little sister wrote up a post in advance for us. She wrote up a post for meeeeee & da blog! Isn’t she the sweetest?!

We go wayyyy back (obviously), since I am only 2 years older than her. However, she got married, bought a house, and had a baby all before me. A little friendly competition, eh? But don’t worry, I can squat more than she can….I kid, I kid.  (She can take it) 😉

Anywho, she’s fantastic. So without further ado…..


Body After Baby {Guest Post-by my little sister!}

Greetings! My name is Caroline, Annette’s lil sister. I’ve stopped by once before and here I am again! A lot has changed since I wrote my last post for this blog

Like, I had A BABY.

body after baby-guest post
body after baby-guest post


And life has changed forever, in the best way.

Joshua was born on December 27th, 2012. I would be lying if I didn’t say the first two months were hard. VERY HARD. Breastfeeding wasn’t what I expected and sleep.. well that rarely happened. Before Joshua was born, my main goal post-pregnancy was to get as quickly back into shape as fast as I could.

body after baby-guest post

The moment Joshua was born, the only concerns I had were about his eating and his sleeping. The cliff notes on my breast feeding woes- breast milk came in “late” and we used a nipple shield for the first 3 months. (I know, lots of strong opinions out there, but for me – it was super stressful/hated it/but it was what worked at the time). Sleeping woes- I guess I didn’t know you don’t sleep as deeply or as well after having a baby? who knew?!

**ALERT FOR ANNETTE. sleep now. All day. every day.** (from Annette: haha. trying!)

The last thing on my mind was my jean size.

But as things became my new normal, I wanted to start working out again for my sanity. A good mom is a healthy mom :)

body after baby-guest post

I began by walking on the treadmill the end of January and started running the second week of February. After reading horror stories about woman losing their milk due to exercising, I was very cautious in increasing my milage.

**Side note for Annette: if you read 20 different stories from woman and exercising after birth, you are going to get 20 different experiences. My suggestion? Listen to YOUR body and watch for signs from your baby girl if she isn’t getting enough.**

body after baby-guest post

The nippleshield complicated things because I also read (reading can be quite frightening) that the use of the shield can decrease your milk supply. So in my head the equation nipple shield + running = decrease in milk production? No thanks. Luckily by month 3 we had weened Joshua from the nipple shield and I was more comfortable upping my milage.

I also know the importance of weight lifting (especially since Annette is my sister) and I try and do p90x or Jillian Michael’s DVDs two or three times a week.

body after baby-guest post

Eating? During pregnancy, Im not gonna lie, I may have eaten a 2nd (and 3rd) piece of cheesecake or “ate for two (or 5)” when I had mashed potatoes and gravy. Post pregnancy I was so exhausted I didnt even want to eat but knew that any drastic change in my calorie amount could decrease my milk production (anyone else notice a trend? my worst nightmare was that I wouldn’t be able to feed my baby) so I ate what was around.

Luckily I had lots of help – my mother in law, my mom, and one of my sisters around to made sure we had some healthy meals. Now, I am back to how I ate before- a flexitarian diet heavy on the veggies, fruit, beans and lentils (and cookies. In my former life I was cookie monster), light on the meat and dairy.

Joshua is now 5 months old. Am I back to my pre pregnancy size? H no.

body after baby-guest post

Things have shifted, my tummy is…squishy and my boobs are H-U-G-E.  I remember when I was about 20 weeks pregnant I cried when the lady at the store told me my 34C’s were no longer 34C. No wonder my bras were not fitting, they were a billion sizes too small. I am now at like the end of the freaking alphabet. But, they feed my baby and I am so so grateful.

I have come to realize that it took 9 months for my body to preform a miracle, I GREW A BABY! So I need to be patient and kind to my body and give myself 9 months before I go get lipo or hire Jillian Michaels. I kid.

body after baby-guest post

But seriously, I want to be healthy because then I am happier and Joshua gets a happy mom! Win-win!

And plus, I know the best way to teach my son healthy habits, is by example.


Wahoo! Thank you to Caroline! Isn’t she the bomb? She is even more hilarious in real life. I am a lucky older sister to have her as an example–and for her to pave the way of motherhood for me so soon before I have my baby girl. Thanks yo.

She always did pretend she was the older, taller, more experienced one….. 😉

What are some of YOUR thoughts of the after-having-a-baby bod??! Do YOU all have sisters??! Are YOU guys close?!

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  1. aw joshua is such a cutie!!! and caroline – you freakin’ rock! :) :) xoxo

  2. What a cutie! Those are some great family photos. Keep up the hard work. You’re right, it took 9 parts to grow, and that’s the easy part! :)

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Caroline! I feel like I could’ve written this post myself actually. 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  4. Oh how precious is that little man?! You are so right, Caroline, you should ALWAYS listen to your own body because everyone is different. I only breastfed for 4 weeks because that was all I could handle and I am so glad my dr told me that it was okay because I wasn’t healthy and an unhealthy mommy will not be able to have a healthy baby!

    I have one older sister and she is absolutely my best friend, second mother, and my complete other half…I don’t know what I would do without her!!

  5. What a cute little guy!! You are so blessed to have her as your sister girl! I really do wish I had a sister! Will you all adopt me? 😉

  6. What an adorable little boy! I can see the family resemblance too 😉

  7. Awww Joshua is SO cute! You have an awesome family!
    I have two older sisters. I wish we were closer, but unfortunately we’re not :-(
    I agree 100% with Caroline–while pregnant I thought “I’m going to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans in record time!” but after a c-section that required 6 weeks of NO activity (I tried vacuuming after about 3 weeks–HUGE mistake) and a preemie who required extra care, exercise was the last thing on my mind. In a way I was thankful for the limitations because they forced me to REST and RECOVER and focus on my new baby! Seven years later I’m actually in better shape than I was before my babies!

  8. Well, I’ve never had a baby (and hopefully won’t until I’m 25-30!), but you seemed pretty spot-on 😀
    I have a sister (a twin) and we used to be super close, but now she has some issues and we are teens, so we aren’t as close as we used to be

  9. no babies for me yet (maybe in 5-10 years!) but this was a great post to get me thinking about the future :) thanks!

  10. I am a only child and I haven’t had a baby yet. I wish I had someone to give me tips on what it’s like when it happens. Everything you explained is great and will help future moms! I am thankful that my mom dealt with me when I was colic for 6 months.

  11. Great Post! I loved reading this since I am working on my post baby bod as well (had a boy in March.) Your priorities definitely change. When I was pregnant I imagined myself still being able to get up at 5 a.m. to workout once the baby came hahaha. You just take one day at a time and do what’s best for baby. Definitely a huge change, but the BEST life change ever!

  12. Love this post :)

  13. Nice article and overall is an informative one .. audio to text



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