Friday Thoughts {3}

Hey, hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY to us all. :)

Let’s just get right to it….

Friday Thoughts {3}

1. Watching a 3-D movie is only worth it in imax.

This is the conclusion I’ve come to after the other night’s shenanigans.

I like 3-d stuff just fine, but to pay the extra mulah to make your head hurt, I’d just as well want to pay for the whole shebang. Watching it in imax was so so cool! But dude, the movie got loud at parts! (Star Trek-into darkness)

friday thoughts 3-d imax

And wearing the glasses are only worth it if you take a picture of your nerd look & share it on the Internet…..

2. I am vain in the fact that I think I know I look better with a tan.

I think this is true for most people, but for me, it’s uber true. I secretly love summer pictures of me better than winter ones. No shame admitting that.

Plus, I really love being in the sunshine, being outside, and I love to swim. So for me, it’s a win-win.

friday thoughts -tan

3. Speaking of tans….I leave this morning to go on a 10-day TRIP!!!! To a lake. 

My parents own a houseboat, so once again, my family is convening at the lake (southern UT/northern AZ border) to have a week-long blast. I.can.not.wait. Hello PTO, no internet, and no phones. I am a-okay with living without all of that for several days.

I’m headed to Denver (today) to chill with some siblings for 2 days, then we’re caravaning down there on Sunday.

SADDEST part?? 3 of my siblings can’t come (don’t worry, I have 6 others’…). AND my husband has to stay here & finish school. I’m tearing up just writing about it. I so so so wish Jared could be there too. And I’ve tried to convince him the past few weeks that school isn’t that important…..but this term’s been a beast, so yah, it kinda is important. Lamesauce.

However, I will come back with a deep-deep golden brown tan. That is my goal. 😉 And so I guess it makes it worth it that we’ll be separated? Jared (a red head who burns easily) always jokes that I love being out in the sun, and he’d rather hide in the shade with lots of sunblock on, so this is the perfect vacation for him to miss. whomp, whomp.

4. I live what I preach.

Just gotta throw this one out there–I often talk about living in the present, getting rid of distractions, enjoying the moment, dating yourself, and taking days off for YOU…well, this is THE perfect example of me living what I preach.

No phone. No internet. No social media. No work. Nada. For 7 days. Hello paradise. I feel lucky & blessed!

However, while I’m gone, you guys MUST check out the guest post I have lined up….it being a very special (hilarious) visitor 😉 There will also be some other fun posts too. promise.

5. Can we talk about how many cookies & glasses of milk I’ve eaten & drunk in the past few days??

I made cookies for my husband’s birthday-family bash, and well, I made a lot. So yah. We have delicious cookie dough that we can bake up at any time (I mostly made it for Jared to do that), aannnnnddd I’ve been reaping some of those rewards too. 😉

friday thoughts

Sitting on the porch in the evening eating cookies & drinking milk as the sun’s final rays set over the mountains? Yah. I’m lovin’ it.

6. I tried Chipotle for the first time… was okay.

Not gonna lie, I figured it would be so, so good since so many people eat it & love it….

friday thoughts -chipotle

Well, it was okay, for sure. And I cleaned my plate, totally-it did the trick. But I wouldn’t say I really want to go back…

Sorry, but nothing beats Cafe Rio in the fresh Mexican department! Maybe people who haven’t tried Cafe Rio just simply don’t know what they’re missing?! I will make it my mission to change that. Everyone come visit me in UT & we’ll go!

7. Foam rolling-oh why do I love & hate thee??

I busted out the foam roller the other morning after a nice, long walk outside. Ohhhh boy. It was a great thing.

friday thoughts-foam roller

Hurts. But in such a good way.

8. I make a mean meal when part of it comes from a box….

friday thoughts -dinner

Yep. Just call me the ‘make dinner look really gourmet but isn’t’ queen.

Couscous from a box is uber delicious, by the way.

9. I never heard from the Zevia Giveaway winner…..

….So….that means I choose a new winner!

And that winner IS: KIM! Congrats! Please email me your address, girl! (at EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com)


Alright, that’s all I have for ya. Enjoy your Friday! Happy weekend!

And I’ll ‘see’ you guys in 10 or so days! <3 –but check in with the blog, there will be fun some posts from a special guest & from moi!

What is the next vacation YOU are looking forward to??! What is something YOU preach AND live by??! Do YOU feel you look better tan??! Weekend plans?!

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  1. ah your houseboat vacay is going to be so fun!!! i can’t wait for my family innsbrook trip!! and uhhh yes i think everyone looks better with a tan :) :) looooove summer!!

  2. Have sooo much fun! I feel the same way about being tan!!

  3. Loved this post! Cookies and milk??? Oh yeah!

    I am hoping to see Star Trek this weekend. Fast6 was last Sat and it rocked!

  4. You must have not gotten the right stuff in your burrito bowl, or next time get the burrito, it just makes everything that you put in the bowl taste so much better, and im not kidding you. seriously try the burrito..its warm and melts the cheese and omg! Have fun away :)

  5. I KNOW I look better with a tan, it’s just a fact! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the time away from everything, good to unplug and unwind sometimes! Weekend plans for me include heading down to PA for a grad party for someone in my Fiance’s extended family. I don’t really know what my next vacation is, but I need to plan it soon! I’ll be gone all next week for work but that doesn’t count!

    P.S. you made my blog today! :) I wore that ZBT tank I won from you :)

  6. Yay! Have fun on your trip! Going without all those electronics can be refreshing sometimes. I tend to get a little crazy at first, but it eventually is pretty nice.

  7. Have fun at the lake! I’m going to be so jealous of your tan. (I look better tan too!)

  8. Oh so jealous of your 10 day lake trip! That will be amazing! We are going to have temps near 107 this weekend so are heading to the lake as well. Not on a houseboat though! Have fun!

  9. I SOOOOOOO look better with a tan!! No mistaking that AT ALL!! Hope you have a wonderful vacation…Being a complete and total water baby, I am SUPER jealous :)

  10. Oh, I’d totally have to agree – I look so much better with a tan! Just another reason I love summer. 😉 So jealous of your boat trip! I LOVE boating and being out on the water. I’m sure it’ll be a blast! I can’t wait for our vacation to Door County, Wisconsin over the 4th of July. Cody can’t come (sad) because of work, but it’ll be fun to be with family and take Hunter to a place that I’ve grown up going to all my life!

  11. Ohmygoodness, a houseboat vacation sounds so fun. And as much as I love my internets, unplugging for over a week does sound pretty divine!
    I don’t actually have any vacations planned until HLS in September. Being in school means that I am working all summer! I’d love to take an awesome trip once I graduate next year though.

  12. Ah! So jealous of your 10-day trip to the lake! We just spent a few days at the beach and it was best thing ever. It feels so good to get away for a little bit.

    Also – your husband is one lucky man…those cookies look PERFECT! Happy belated birthday to him :)

  13. Have so much fun with your family, that sounds amazing!!!!

  14. Have a fantastic vacation! I am totally jealous! :) I sensed the sarcasm when you mentioned the foam roller. It is like a dreaded thing for me, but it has to happen. Speaking of which, I think its on the agenda after my workout tonight. ugh!

  15. Have fun this weekend!! I love your 3D glasses, pretty stunning if you ask me:)
    And yah, the foam roller is like my worst nightmare. I took a class and it almost killed me, I was in so much pain.
    I’ve never been tanned in my life (not even a bit) so I don’t know if I look better haha. Probably, but I just can’t since I’m too pale. Ah, well.

  16. don’t forget to slather up some sunscreen, the sun can be brutal :) those chocolate chip cookies look absolutely delicious! unfortunately, sometimes all the hype on a restaurant actually leads to disappointment… i have yet to try cafe rio, but i’ve heard only good things about that place. foam rolling is a beautiful thing, i need to get into the habit of doing it more often :) enjoy the lake!

  17. I would love to get away for 10 days! That sounds amazing. Have a blast girl!

  18. Have fun beautiful girl! It sounds like it will be an epic vacation! I am looking forward to my kids being out of school and then we are headed to San Diego and Legoland for my son’s birthday, I want to see my kids smile, have a good time, and number one thing I’m looking forward to? Being disconnected from technology for a fews days, I mean completely disconnected, so I can’t cheat! Enjoy your time on the lake, looking forward to hearing all about it! xo

  19. I love love love going where you’re going in a few days! Have so much fun! I get to go in August and I can not wait!! I’m not a huge chipotle fan either, I’d much rather have cafe rio. I mean it’s good, but I don’t get the craze over it. I haven’t had it in a few years though, so I may need to try it again.

  20. I am going to Quebec with my French class at school – hello, coffee and croissants! 😉
    I try to live by not judging/gossiping about others …. there are definitely good days and bad days
    I think I look better tan, but I don’t really lose much over the winter
    I’m running this weekend!

  21. Kaitlyn says:

    Have so much fun on your vacation! I hope you wear some sunscreen though…:) I agree that tan’s are nice, but I’ve seen the damages of unsafe tanning (both in tanning beds and in the direct sun) too much and it’s absolutely horrible/painful. I don’t mean to “preach,” just want you to be safe!!!!

  22. As much as I love blogging and Twitter, it’s so nice to just go on vacation and completely forget about it for a while. I hope you have an awesome time!!

    I actually have no idea when my next vacation will be… I’m hoping to go to HLS if my internship schedule will allow for it!



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