CXWORX Release 10 Review

Hey friends!

How’s it going?

Jared’s birthday was super fun–thank you for all your kind wishes to him! I think he secretly looovveeed having Internet people wish him a happy birthday. 😉

I spoiled him with fun presents, a night out to the IMAX 3-D movie theatre (Star trek-the 2nd one; it was good!), dinner, and peach cobbler.


Yes, I am that great of a wife.

Let’s be honest though, it makes up for those 16 weeks of pregnancy where I did absolutely nothing for him. And just moaned & groaned from the couch. So he definitely deserved this and MORE for putting up with moi. Love that guy.


CXWORX Info blurb

Alright you guys. CXWORX is amazing. I’ve taught it for over 5 months now, so I can truly say that and give an honest opinion.

I LOVE it. I love this program. I love what it does for my body & for those who come to the class. And yes, I pretty much love anything stamped with Les Mills. That’s true too. 😉

CXWORX is indeed created by the fitness company, Les Mills (who creates BodyPUMP & GRIT-both which I instruct/coach). It is:

“the intensely challenging 30-minute core workout that gets you results where it counts the most”

Yah. I’d say that is quite accurate in describing the class!

It is based in current core science (i.e. they have specific research done so they can create the best/most effective class possible), and it delivers quite a punch, every.single.class.

Here’s what you’d expect in a class:

CXWORX Les Mills


On a personal note, I was trained in CXWORX in December, and started teaching the class in January. In just 4-5 weeks, I noticed a REALLY big difference in my overall core strength, ability to see my abs/more ab definition, and in the compliments I got…..

That may sound vain, but seriously, I got so many “you look thinner/fitter” comments & a few who said “your waist is smaller” type stuff. All in early February. Nice, huh?

Of courssseeee I was pregnant then, so things started to change after that, and all the “you look smaller” comments went out the window. Hah 😉

But still. There was a noticeable difference (NOTE: I taught it 2x/week)–both from others’ point of view, and my own. I FELT stronger in my core too. Plus, I could hold a hover (plank on your elbows) longer than ever before!

You know you’re getting stronger/fitter when you can do an exercise you’ve been doing for longer/fast/better/higher intensity. And that my friends, is why CX (for short) works. Because it makes your entire core stronger.

CXWORX Les Mills


Did you know that the ‘core’ muscles are made up of over 29 muscles?! It is NOT JUST YOUR ABDOMINALS.

Yes, everyone wants nice abs, but if you have a weak lower back, glutes, hips/hip flexors, shoulders, postural muscles, say good-bye to core strength. Your core is probably one of the most important areas to train because it is connected to every other appendage.

AND, fun fact, a lot of the USA has lower back pain….which comes from bad posture which comes from a weak core. Which leads to weak glutes. Which leads to injury & pain. Which leads to more pain.

Got it?

Build a strong core, be a BETTER ATHLETE.

And CXWORX can help you do that.

for fun—what CX will do for YOU:

CXWORX Les Mills


Without further ado, here is my review of CXWORX Release 10…

CXWORX Release 10 Review

CXWORX Release 10 Review

Track 1- Warmup. Song: “Turn Up the Love” Like all great fitness classes, the warmup is first. I love that it’s short though…We simply do a variety of moves- crunches, C-crunches, oblique crunches, bridges, and pulses to warm the core. It’s a fun, upbeat track.

Track 2- Core Strength 1. Song: “Fire Inside” Ooooooh boy. This track is also known as the ‘hover’ track–simply because you do a LOT of hovers. Like a total of almost 4 minutes in this one! Of course there is other stuff mixed in, but boy oh boy, does this one burns. Other than hovers we do speed leg drops (on our backs), and slow leg lowers. I love the slowwwww double leg lowers because it makes you feel it deep inside your abs-especially the lower you go. The song is cool-nothing to write home about though. Option: 10 lb plate (to extend as you lower legs)

Track 3- Standing Strength 1. Song: “Shot Through the Heart” The first track of the release in which you stand–this track trains the cross links of the body (the twisting motions that we experience), and is quite the functional training track. In this one we use the resistance tube (they are graded by color-so you can choose how hard it is!). The song is super fun & the beat matches the slower & faster moves of the woodchop (with a tube! ouch!), so I love that drama. 😉 The lunge with a plate is killer for balance & stability in the core. A great track! Option: plate (at the end) OR easier option: NO tube or plate

Track 4- Standing Strength 2. Song: “Hero” I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love the song especially, but the moves are great! However, the standing single leg squat with rear extension (with a tube under your feet & crossed at the hips), is super hard to coach. Like really hard. This track was a challenge for me to help the participants ‘get’ –simply because they want to lean back in the single-leg squat, when you should lean forward. No matter how often I talked about it/showed it/etc, it was a hard one for them to get. For that reason, I don’t love the track. But it does train the glutes, hips, and core realllllly well-especially in the tubed side raises. Option: tube OR no tube/just body weight

Track 5- Core Strength 2. Song: “Euphoria” This track is on the floor/mat again–working the obliques especially. I love the song (hello Usher!), so that helps as well. We start with staggered oblique crunches then move to an oblique leg combo-totally great if you lower your legs enough! Then repeating on both sides. We move to leg drops (lowering legs from side to side while holding your back still against the floor) which are always super fun to do. 😉 And then mountain climbers. Ahhhhh mountain climbers. Everyone’s fave! These come out of nowhere, and the first time I did them while teaching….wheeeweee! I almost couldn’t finish! We do 3 sets of 32–so about 1.5 minutes total? And THEN hold the plank (still) for another 20 seconds. Brutal. Option: none. just body weight

track 6- Core Strength 3. Song: “Me & You” I really love this song! This track we’re on the floor on our bellies (I had to stop about 2 weeks ago doing that), and we work the postural muscles. We go ‘skydiving’! Reaching hands forward & squeezing the elbows in & lifting the heels to the ceiling-squeezing the butt. So you get a glute squeeze & an upper back squeeze. It’s harder than it looks, for sure. Then we transition to the tube and do seated rows. If you grab low enough on the tube & sit far enough back, this one is fantastic for those postural muscles. Be sure to really brace the belly though! option: tube OR no tube

note: there are also 3 extra tracks to switch it up (along with all the other releases I have), so I’ve done a few of those & like ’em too.


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for an oven that works! No way I could’ve made that scrumptious peach cobbler with out.
  2. I am grateful for the sun shining!! I will never ever get sick of the sun’s rays. never.
  3. I am thankful I get to go on a houseboat vacation with my fam-leaving this weekend!

Alright people, enjoy your CORETASTIC day! <3

When is the last time YOU worked on YOUR core??! What is YOUR favorite core move/exercise to do?!? Have YOU tried CXWORX?!? What did YOU like/not like about it?!? What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. ahhhh you make me want to do these classes so bad!!!!!!! come back to stl to teach please!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad the man had such a great birthday! The peach bake looks amazingggg. I haven’t really gotten into CX, but its wildly popular at the clubs I tech at! I got diastasis recti after my pregnancy, so I”m always afraid CX will be too much on my tummy. I just need to do it!

  3. Caroline says:

    I vote move to columbus and teach cx works! Seriously, if I could have abs like yours…

  4. I really gotta check this out now…you are rockin the advertisement! 😉

  5. That sounds like something I’d LOVE! I’m all about a hard 30 minute-er!! Plus, I love core exercise! I wish there was somewhere close to me that taught the class. I’d definitely have to check it out!

  6. I wish I had classes like this available to me! Actually, I wish you were an instructor at my gym . . . I think I’d try just about any workout if I knew you were leading it. :)

  7. I have been doing some stability ball core exercises and haven’t really seen any immediate results (maybe because I just had a birthday and ate everything I saw!!) but I’m going to keep at it. That class looks amazing!!!

  8. Dang, you make me want to work out with you BAD :)
    Glad your Husband had a great birthday celebration!!
    Oh and favorite core move – tough one, I’d have to say I like the classic plank? Maybe…haha, tough call.

  9. That cobbler looks great! I’m thinking I need to pick up some peaches or nectarines at the store this weekend.
    I remember trying CXWORKX when it was first released, and I really enjoyed it – it was intense! I’m hoping that when I move in September I’ll be able to rejoin a gym that offers it.

  10. I love CX WORX. It is definitely a great core workout. I always feel the burn a few days after the class. I love it because you do exercises that you normally wouldn’t on your own, like the penguin walk with bands. Oh that ones a killer!

  11. Love the review! I think Euphoria is my favorite in this release with the leg split. It’s fun. But “option: none” and those mountain climbers, oooooooooooh boy! I think I like the alternate track 6 a lot better than the original in this one.

  12. Vicky says:

    I have recently really gotten into cx worx and I was starting to notice a real difference in my tummy which I was delighted about! I found out recently I’m 5 weeks pregnant, is this class ok to do whilst pregnant or should I hold off as it is so centred on abs and core?

    • That is awesome that you noticed a difference in your tummy! I did too–only after just a few weeks of teaching it.

      Congrats on your pregnancy!! That is exciting. :)

      I am not a doctor, so check first with him, but as for me, I have taught it from day 1 of pregnancy & am still teaching it. I modified some of the moves as my belly got bigger, but otherwise, yes it’s still safe. Also, you can use a less-resisted band or no band if it ever gets too uncomfortable. And p.s. hovers & planks are GREAT for pregnancy!

  13. I’m a new CXWORX fan and am loving it. Found this post googling info for CXWORX!
    Pinky recently posted…To Whom It Make ConcernMy Profile


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