Getting Fitter is Uncomfortable + Jared’s B-day

Hey friends!

How’re ya all doing this morning?

So funny story, I was totally going to do a post about my eats from an entire day (I know, I know, I’m such an overachiever), buttttt by 9 a.m., which is when I was eating for the 4TH time that day, I had forgotten to take photos.

Yah. FAIL.

So, instead, you get a nice, NON sugar coated post to get your fitness rear in gear.

Because let’s be honest, I may be pregnant, but that does NOT mean my fitness (as much as I can) or fitness advice goes out the window. No way. Fit mama-to-be = fit baby-to-be πŸ˜‰


Getting Fitter is Uncomfortable

Interesting post title, ehh? It was meant to evoke some emmmotttion.

What? Getting fitter is uncomfortable? Why would I even attempt it then?

Well, that WHY is up to YOU to decide. Everyone is motived by different things, but being fit & getting fitter are two very worthy goals, IMO.

The method though, is simple: DO THE WORK ‘n’ PUT IN THE TIME & SWEAT. And know that it’s going to be an uncomfortable ride.

getting fitter is uncomfortable

I often tell my fitness participants (this is not directed to brand new people), that if they aren’t uncomfortable during that final set or the last couple of reps of a move, they a) probably aren’t working hard enough to evoke a change b) are most likely wasting their time.

This may sound harsh, but in all reality training to get fitter is SUPPOSED to be tough. It’s doable, YES, but that doesn’t mean it’s just gonna be a peachy ride.Β 

{Of course if something hurts or you are in pain in a BAD way, STOP. duh. And check with your doc before beginning new exercise, blah, blah. }

But, if it is just a bit of “this is uncomfortable” (because my body isn’t used to it yet) pain, then KEEP GOING.

If you want to get fitter, you must allow yourself to get uncomfortable.

getting fitter is uncomfortable

{scary hair & red face? check. all a part of this getting uncomfortable thing πŸ˜‰ }

And this is where we each DIFFER. We’re all at different & varying fitness levels & among those levels, we’re all stronger & weaker in some areas (agility, power, flexibility, etc), so we EACH need to know where our limits are & then push past them to get uncomfortable. But how far & how often we push past those limits is an INDIVIDUAL choice. Hence why trainers, coaches, and instructors need to motivated & encourage & push, but not to the point of the participant’s pain. Just to that level of uncomfort. (is that even a word?! hah)

Pretty sure we all know when a move or exercise or class is uncomfortable for us personally (read: lots of huffing, sweating, HR increasing, choice words being said, etc).

Pushups, burpees, pull-ups, barbell back squats, bulgarian split squats, diamond pushups, you name it! You can GET uncomfortable the next time you do them. You just have to get into that headspace & be OKAY with being uncomfortable for a few reps, seconds, or minutes.

That’s my challenge to you: GET uncomfortable. Try the pushups on your toes for 4 more reps the next 3 sets. Add more weight to your barbell for those back squats. Jump another inch higher in those burpees.

It’s all up to YOU how fit you want to get. You just have to train that way-and that includes getting uncomfortable!

Who’s ready to get fitter?!


and on a completely different note….


Happy BIRTHDAY to the sexiest man alive!!!

birthday boy jared

Jared’s turning older today!! June 5th is a special day indeed.

I am so grateful he was born just a few short years ago. πŸ˜‰ We’ve had the time of our lives together, and boy do I love this guy!

birthday boy

I’m going to shower him with gifts, food, and a fun activity at the theatre (we’re limited on time tonight since he has so many projects. boo.) today-so don’t you fret, he’ll be verrrryyy taken care of. His requests were quite simple really, so that’s nice for me πŸ˜‰

birthday boy

Jared is the love of my life. I could get all sappy & stuff, but you all know how much I adore & appreciate him, so I’ll save the rest for the birthday boy.

love you, babe <3


Alright, you folks have yourself a BEAUTIFUL day! <3

Which part of YOUR fitness are YOU working on right now??! What exercises have proved to YOU that YOU are getting fitter??! Go ahead & tell Jared to have a great birthday…. πŸ˜‰Β 

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  1. Anne Marie says:

    ahh I love this post I was nodding my head with all your points!:), and Happy Birthday to Jared!:)

  2. Caroline says:

    Happy happy birthday Jared!!!

  3. love this post! especially true for me as i start to get fit, try out things i’ve never tried before & work out muscles that have been ignored for 24 years :) happy birthday to jared!

  4. So very true…Basically getting fit feels good when you’re done but sucks while you’re in the middle of it :)

    Happy Birthday, Jared!!

  5. Great motivational post my friend! I can always count on you for those. πŸ˜‰ I’m currently working on getting my strength back. I lost a lot of it in the past year and a half, and I miss my muscles! I’m crazy sore today, so I’d say that’s a good sign!

    And yes, Happy Birthday Jared! :) Have an amazing day!


    I always say if you look cute or pretty at the end of your workout- you didn’t work hard enough!!

  7. happy birthday Jared! I love this post, I’ve been trying to get uncomfortable during my running, and I need to cross it over into my weight training.

  8. happy birthday to your man!

  9. Happy birthday Jared :) Getting uncomfortable, getting out of your comfort zone… all important things for fitness!

  10. Happy birthday Jared!! Right now, I’m just working on improving my overall strength. Workouts should be uncomfortable – that’s how you know you’re making changes!


  12. Nicole says:

    Nice post! As a fellow BP instructor, I can’t tell you how often I try to get people to lift more and stop being afraid of turning out like a dude (unless, of course, they are a dude to begin with! HA! πŸ˜‰ ). I try and coach “if you want to change your body, change your weights and your routine!” Sometimes I notice a few regulars adding on another small plate…..

  13. Yes, getting fitter is uncomfortable, but so worth it! I have to remind myself of that sometimes :). And happy birthday to Jared!

  14. Chatelaine says:

    Happy Birthday Jared! I lost a lot of my strength, fitness and body shape over the past 4 months and I’m working uncomfortably hard to get back where I was. One of the hardest parts is knowing it takes time and I can’t just flip a switch and get it all back ‘just like that’. I have to push and push hard like I did the first time…… it’s a hard realization :(

    • That is such a hard part of fitness-I agree. Being patient & working hard & not seeing much for awhile….dude is that ever hard. You’ve totally got this, though!!

  15. I love the title. It makes perfect sense to me! Working out to the point where you are uncomfortable is something that people tend to be scared of. They assume that I did 3 sets of 12 reps and I feel fine. Fine doesn’t change the body (well it does, but maybe not as quickly). As my flywheel teacher says, “pressure makes diamonds, you have to carve out those muscles.”

  16. Happy Birthday, Jared! Have fun celebrating! :)

  17. I always motivate myself with the thought that being fit means feeling good inside of the body.

  18. Tailra says:

    I LOVED this post! Getting uncomfortable is what keeps me exercising-I get bored easily so if I’m not trying something new or pushing myself outside my comfort zone I wouldn’t do it! My gym just added some Les Mills classes including BODY PUMP and CXWORK and I’m kinda scared to try it out but thats what makes me want to do them! Gonna give them both a try and get a little uncomfortable;) I’ll let you know what I think. PS you are a beautiful fit mama-to-be and very motivating, keep the posts comin’!

  19. I think the word you’re looking for is discomfort- not uncomfort haha, ya cutie!
    I so agree- it’s funny how when people start exercising that they think it’s bad to get uncomfortable, I think that’s the whole point ha! Uncomfortable workouts are the ones that leave you feeling the best after :)


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