21 Weeks {Baby Registry Items}

Hey friends!

Another week….another update in the pregnancy! Secretly? I really love doing these. It was so hard when I was first pregnant (and keeping it a huge secret) to not jump through the page & say “YES I am feeling that!” while reading other pregnant ladies’ updates.

And now I get to write mine–feels oh so right.


21 Weeks {Baby Registry Items}

Baby Perks is just over 21 weeks and is about the length of a carrot or the size of a pomegranate, depending on where you read.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks now weighs about three-quarters of a pound (well, we actually know she weighs 15 ounces!) and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long.
  • Movements may turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges (so true!) and you may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better (I do notice her more after eating spicy foods).
  • Her eyebrows and lids are present now.
  • At my appointment last week, we found out her femurs and body are measuring ahead of schedule, and she weighs 15 ounces. Long-legged chunkster oh yesssss! So happy!
  • At our appointment the tech also told me that she has a perfect ultrasound (meaning everything looked fantastic) and she has a great profile. Woot! There were several pictures that she got that looked like little girl was doing crunches up in there. She’s learning quickly 😉 The tech was super fun & totally used the “fitness instructor” theme and showed me little girl’s guns, and long legs. Hah.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

21 Weeks -pregnancy update

How far along? 21 weeks (& 2 days)

Baby’s size? length of a carrot or pomegranate (I love both, so I’ll use both, thankyouverymuch)

Total weight gain/loss: 3 pounds. whomp whomp. So now I’ve gained a total of 8. I’m totally….not on ‘schedule’ or track… but the doc wasn’t worried, especially since little girl looks fantastic!

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: This week, again, I slept fantastic! Jared says I literally just conk out once my head hits the pillow. I’m cool with that.

Best moment this week: Seeing her on the Ultrasound for like 30 minutes! (It was the huge anatomy scan one). I got to see the 4 chambers of her heart, different ventricles, her brain, and so much more. It was amazing! (Jared couldn’t be there, unfort, but I shared it all with him later). Her HR was 160 bpm-nice & healthy.

Miss Anything? Not much this week! I’ve felt pretty great & haven’t moaned or groaned about any ‘pregnancy-related’ stuff.

Movement: She is moving like crazy in there! I love, love feeling her move. It’s da coolest. Now, if she’d kick harder so Jared can feel her! I think he’s a tad bit jealous… 😉

Food cravings: Nothing too crazy again this week. My appetite is pretty much huge but normalized. Still eating a lot & all day. Like alllllll day. I have been loving on cheese, sherbet (surprised?), spicy foods like jalapenos, orange juice, smoothies, yogurt, turkey dogs, sweet potato fries, watermelon, and nectarines! And ice cream. It hit me full force this week! So glad that craving is bacccckkkk.

21 Weeks -pregnancy update 21 Weeks -pregnancy update IMG_5565 21 Weeks -pregnancy update

Food aversions: Practically nothing! Woot.

Anything making you queasy or sick: NO! Once again, so happy about being able to say that. finally.


Labor Signs: Obviously none.

Symptoms: Her kicking/moving. A few round ligament pains. Headaches (but I think that’s my fault–I hadn’t drunk enough water this week. Bad mama! I have upped it already, though)

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Once again, still wearing a few tops & bras mixed in with my normal stuff. I’ve also been sporting some skirts that I already have that are more roomy, so I’m not sure I’ll buy maternity pants?

Baby items purchased? YEP. a car seat. And a Boppy!

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!! I haven’t had any crazy mood swings this week–Jared is thankful. Hah.

Funny moments this week: This question always stumps me….there are lots of funny things that happen, I promise, but I can’t remember them when it comes to type this up. Gah! It has been pretty funny how often I have to use the bathroom. Of course it’s funny later on when I think about it–not in the middle of the night.

Looking forward to: Jared being able to feel her kick/move!


Fitness Thoughts at 21 weeks:

21 Weeks -pregnancy update

  • I’m feeling really awesome fitness-wise! It’s been such a huge blessing.

21 Weeks -pregnancy update -fit pregnancy

  • I love teaching fitness, and I think I always will.  My doc’s given me the okay so I’m still doing (mostly) what I did before. However, I wonder if this is why I’ve not gained as much weight as the charts say I should & yet baby girl is measuring awesomely? Interesting stuff.
  • Lululemon has some tops that simply make me feel & look cuter as I get bigger. So I’ve been loving wearing those! (As you can tell from any pic I take in fitness apparel) It was so worth the money (which by the way, I’ve only bought 3 things full price from there, the others were on sale–and I get a discount as a fitness instructor! So it’s still $$$ but not as $$$$$$$ ya know?!) ….yah, yah, whatever makes you feel better, Annette…. 😉
  • I actually really love being an example of a fit pregnant woman. It’s empowering, motivating (for me to keep it up!), and simply awesome. I’ve loved taking on that role & hope to write about it more in the future. That old ‘schtuff’ about laying around for 9 months?! Ohhhh puuuhhhlease. (unless under doc’s orders–more on all that in this post)


Baby Registry Items

Simply because I like to make lists (and have you all check ’em twice for me), I’m putting the items I still need in a post here. Feel free to chime in in the comments what stuff I don’t have and need and/or stuff you think is a waste. Thanks! {items crossed through have been bought already. Not listed in any particular order. Hopefully I get some of these as gifts……feel free to send me an email if you need my address to ship it to me ;)}

  • car seat & base
  • Boppy +Boppy cover
  • stroller
  • crib
  • crib mattress
  • crib bedding
  • pack ‘n’ play (with bassinet)
  • swing
  • bouncer
  • swaddle me blankets
  • dresser
  • changing table
  • changing pad
  • diaper disposal/trash can
  • hangers/closet organizer
  • glider & footrest
  • baby carrier (I am thinking Ergo or Baby Bjorn)
  • baby tub
  • pacifiers
  • nursing bras/tanks
  • breast pump
  • bottles/pacifiers/bottle brushes
  • burp clothes
  • clothes
  • diapers/diaper wipes
  • diaper bag

Her room is going to be pink & orange. Yes, BRIGHT pink & orange. So excited!


Have a FANTABULOUS day!! <3

People w/babies: What are some items YOU had on YOUR registry & never really used??! Anyone: What is a specific fitness apparel item that immediately makes YOU feel amazing & can do any workout?!? Eat anything delicious this week?!?

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  1. yay!!!! can’t believe how quickly time is moving… i feel like you just announced your pregnancy yesterday!! :) :)

  2. Yayy! You look so cute! I popped out SO much around this time (but thats probably because I’m 5’1″ ;)). Glad things are going well

    • Yah-I think because I’m taller (5’8″) and already had a long torso, she’s kinda hiding in there! Hopefully soon it’ll be a BUMPPPPPP

      • I have a long torso too and look forever to show. And your weight gain seems fine.. They say 10 lbs by 20 weeks, so 8 at 21 isn’t far off!!

  3. You are the cutest little pregnant lady! I think the only thing I got at my baby shower that I really wanted to use and couldn’t was the swaddle blanket. My precious little boy that broke my water 3 weeks early, kicked from day one, and started RUNNING when he was 10 months old, did not want to be swaddled up in any way (imagine that!). I guess he thought I was hindering his moving around :)

  4. A big YES to burp cloths! I totally underestimated how many we’d go through, especially in those early weeks. Our little floor mat/play gym thing is not a necessity, but Hunter LOVES it. I suppose it depends on the baby, but it’s nice when he needs some stimulation and I need to get a few things done around the house. We also have a carseat canopy (www.carseatcanopy.com), which is another thing that’s not a necessity (you could just use a blanket over the carseat), but I’ve loved it for when we run errands and go out and about. It keeps the sun/lights out of his eyes, and keeps everyone else’s hands off of him!

  5. You look great! I’m so happy to hear she’s growing well and looking good. (Like her mama, eh?) :) I don’t have any food aversions either, which is great, but it makes it harder to control the weight gain! haha

  6. You are TOTALLY a great example of a healthy, fit, fun-loving mama-to-be! It’s so inspiring (and darn cute, too!).

  7. Wow! Congratulations on your pregnancy, you look beautiful!

    Please keep posting baby perks, so cute and interesting to read, congrats again!!

  8. love seeing pregnancy updates :)
    workout clothes that make us feel amazing is our handful sports bra! best thing for us small chested ladies 😉

  9. I love her room is going to be pink and orange and she’s the size of a carrot/pomegranate now. You should buy her carrot-pom pillows! 😉

  10. I love the colors that you’ve picked out. Matches your blog colors, I wonder why?! haha! 😉
    I love lulu’s tops, because they are looser which makes them more comfy. Personally, I hate tight tanks. Are you finding yourself more fatigued after teaching now? I look forward to your posts!

  11. I wanted to let you know I tried Zevia and am now OBSESSED. But I don’t feel bad about being obsessed because it isn’t bad for you :)

  12. Becky Przy says:

    Love your updates Annette! Don’t stress about the weight gain. I didn’t gain much either–it came on a little bit more,around week 32 (?). I ran and ate when hungry and nutrient dense foods. I got some really nasty comments from co-workers, but my dr (or me) was concerned. I measured right on every week and gave birth to a happy, healthy girl.

    We never used the stroller that came w/ our carseat….we always used the jogging stroller. We rarely used our bumbo–her legs were kinda chunky to squeeze in there;-) We used tons of burp cloths!

  13. You look amazing and adorable. In terms of baby items, swaddles were a lifesaver for us – the lazy man’s swaddles with the velcro (swaddleme I think they are called) because who wants to try to swaddle a baby in a blanket in the middle of the night. We didn’t really use our baby car seat stroller much because we pretty much just carried our boys as babies. Baby Bjorn is great but they will probably outgrow it faster. With the Ergo, you can comfortably carry them at a higher weight.

  14. I would definitely get the Ergo over the Bjorn. I can’t tell you how many friends ended up hating their Bjorn! For an everyday stroller we have the City Mini and LOVE. It’s super smooth, easily maneuvered, and folds with one hand. By far one of the best investments since it can hold up to 4 years old!


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