Weekend Highlights + Unplugging Rocks!

Hey friends!

How are ya all-did you have a nice weekend? (p.s. Zevia winner announced at the end!)

We sure did. Goodness, I love the weekends! I love stepping away from my desk. And I love actually being able to spend a bit of time with my love. We went up to the mountain house like I said we would, on Friday after work and returned late Saturday night so we could attend church on Sunday. It was the perfect getaway!

Weekend Highlights

Pictures are posted with a phrase beneath each one. Short & simple-how I roll!

weekend highlights

{taught Zumba Friday morning-my getup was brrrriiggghhhtt}


weekend highlights

{dinner on the road}


weekend highlights

{view from the car driving up the canyon. gorg}


weekend highlights

{I am 5 years old}


weekend highlights

{see! I do have a husband. He was working on a project, but I insisted I get one pic of him-since he’s been nonexistent around these parts lately}


weekend highlights



weekend highlights

{good morning!}


weekend highlights

{good day! alllll day}


weekend highlights

{my view! not bad, no?! Jared came out for about 5 minutes in between working on projects}


weekend highlights

{my project for the day}


weekend highlights

{dinner. cheese & bean quesadillas + bell pepper + watermelon}


weekend highlights

{mandatory again}


weekend highlights

{because my life is so hard, I neeeeeeded a bubble bath}



Unplugging Rocks!

I am a huge fan of unplugging. I seriously love my time away from the computer, IG, blogs, FB, all of it. Doesn’t mean I don’t need you all in my life, not at all, it’s just I’ve noticed in myself that I am a better person-more present, more lively, and much more engrossed in what really matters when I live it up without having to constantly update everyone else what I’m living. Make sense?

I still enjoy updating ya all, and sharing my life with others (and reading/seeing yours!), but time away from those things on the weekends (usually happens to be when I’m not near a computer/phone), has been really fantastic for me personally.

I’m not going to tell myself I will never check those social sites or blog on weekends (i.e. I checked sites 2-3 times this past weekend), but I naturally don’t do those things as much during weekends, and I’m cool with that. So if you don’t get a response back on IG, twitter, blog, FB, or email during the weekends, you’ll know why: I’m living life. <3


Have a GREAT Monday!!! <3

I’m off to teach BP/CX and then am working my tail off–it’s gonna be a busy week!

p.s. If you want to guest post for me, please email me at EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com (simply pitch your idea to me) thanks!

p.p.s The HUGE Zevia giveaway winner is…..

zevia winner

#11 : Jeni! Congrats, girl! I will email ya today.

What were some of YOUR weekend highlights??! When was the last time YOU took a bubble bath?!? Ice cream-mandatory or not?!? Unplugging–what are YOUR thoughts on it?!

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  1. ice cream is OBVIOUSLY mandatory!! gosh i can’t tell you how long itz been since i took a bubble bath. i may need to make that happen when i get home (cleaaaaarly itz not happening in a hotel bathroom- EW)

  2. i love that kate morton book! she’s one of my faves. and ice cream is always mandatory. as should be bubble baths! it’s been forever since i’ve taken one.

  3. So I didn’t win the zevia? I’m confused ;). Congrats to the winner!!! What a fantastic weekend. I agree- I’m definitely in need of unplugging. I am making my blog private soon so I unplug even more. Lots of delicious eats and sunshine! mmm and yyayyyy for ice cream!

    • Sorry you didn’t win!! :( I wish EVERYONE could’ve b/c it’s so darn delicious!

      You’re going private?! DO I get an invite?! pretty please.

  4. My weekend highlight was going home for my cousin’s wedding! It was so much fun and absolutely perfect, simple but elegant. She was stunning and her groom was crying before she even started walking down the aisle! They’re too cute. Glad you had a great weekend and unplugged!

  5. Oh girl, what a beautiful weekend you had! The highlight of my weekend was blueberry picking. :)

  6. I agree. Unplugging can be great!!!

    I think bright colors are part of the Zumba dress code, no? 😉

  7. I’m sure it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend up at the cabin! Glad you guys were able to get away for a bit! :)

  8. That is how you really do a weekend! Nice one 😉

  9. unplugging does rock!!!
    glad you had a wonderful weekend :)

  10. I need to unplug more often. I am constantly plugged in. It’s so bad! It looks like you had a gorgeous, ice-cream filled weekend. The best kind, am I right?

  11. Looks like a great weekend to me! I love taking baths to relax, sometimes it’s just necessary to unwind!

  12. Unplugging rocks my socks! Looks like you all had a great weekend :) My birthday was Saturday but we really didn’t do that much (which was fabulous) so we just played outside when the rain finally stopped and visited with family. My favorites :)

  13. Sarah G. says:

    Beautiful mountain pics! :)

    Highlights of my weekend were making new friends, kayaking with my husband (his first time!), and getting in a great long run with a favorite running partner.

    happy Monday!

  14. Nicole says:

    Weekend highlights included two great workouts, spending time with my Dad one-on-one, and sleeping in until 8:00 a.m.!
    Bubble-bath…..it’s probably been about 6 months! I think I may need to hop in one again soon!
    Ice-cream is definitely mandatory – I would be crazy to think otherwise!
    Unplugging is awesome! I went on a weeklong trip last year and didn’t have a cell phone with me. That was HUGE! Felt awkward not to have something to check-on all the time. I need to do that more often! (I think we all do!)

  15. danielle says:

    I love that you LIVE life and I love that you share it :)
    Your attitude and energy are so amazing, truly inspiring, uplifting, and a joy to experience!
    I moved all weekend, but honestly it was really the best move experience I’ve ever had, thanks to my great friends and family. I”m so blessed for all the help I had, all I did really was delegate! oh, and unpack… and clean like in an OCD way. I hate boxes and have to have all my stuff organized, like asap 😀 love my new living situation, my roommate has really cute animals and my area of the house is like ten miles away from the other, so I feel like it’s practicaly a seperate apartment with a shared garage :)
    and ice cream is a must!!!!!
    xoxox happy monday chicarita!!!!

  16. Agreed. Sometimes unplugging is the best thing. As is mandatory ice cream and bubble baths. :)

  17. I can’t even remember the last time I took a bubble bath…it’s been ages for me! And unplugging is definitely needed once in a while – I don’t do it nearly often enough!

  18. Yay I spend the weekend basically unplugging too (for the most part) but it’s always so refreshing to do on the weekends! Sometimes I don’t realize how overloaded I am with technology until I step away.
    Looks like such a gorgeous and amazing weekend away!

  19. I think unplugging really is awesome! I, too, find that I am much more present with the people and situations going on around me when technology is not in the picture. It’s a very healthy practice to do regularly!

  20. Looks fabulous and oh so relaxing! And I’m so with you that I take time AWAY from the computer and everything on the weekend. So important to me in keeping a balance.

  21. Ice cream and Nutella? Can I switch you lives? 😉

  22. Everyone needs a weekend to unplug and just relax! I have yet to do that this year, but it will happen. Your yellow workout top is uber cute btw! :) Ice cream is always necessary! It is almost as dangerous as PB!

  23. I am loving your zumba outfit, nail polish, Nutella treat, and gorgeous views. Actually I am jealous of all 4 but happy you had a beautiful weekend :)




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