Currently Survey {May}

Hey, hey!

Happy FRIDAY to us!!!! :)

item of business: I will be going out of town in a week with no internet/no anything, so if you are interested in writing a blog post for me (you must be a blogger yourself or an avid blog reader–I just get so many crazy emails each day about random people pitching their random products or services…ugh), email me at EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com with your idea pitched to me. Thanks!

So I’ve seen this survey go around the blog land, and I thought I should be cool & follow suit. For realz though, I love a fun survey–it’s a blast to talk about myself fill out.

(I actually did this survey in January-kinda fun to go back & read!) And Lauren does this survey pretty much every month-so check her out.

Currently Survey {May}

{keep in mind I wrote this yesterday evening}

Current book(s): The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I am about half way through & it’s really great. I love a good history-type novel with mystery involved!

currently survey-may -forgotten garden

Current music: Zumba anything. I’m trying to prep three new songs/dances for today’s class. Salsa Choke, Rikytona, and No Te Veo

Current guilty pleasure: Wearing my new Lululemon stuff. I just feel so much better with my ever-growing belly in cute workout clothes. No, I can’t help it.

currently survey-may


currently survey-may

Current nail color: Pink on my toes. None on my hands. However, the pink on my toes is chipped, so I am fixing the situation this weekend.

Current drink: COLD water w/lemon & lime essential oils. Zevia.

currently survey-may

Current food: Watermelon!! Greek yogurt. Rainbow sherbet.

IMG_5541 currently survey-may

Current favorite show: Nada. I haven’t watched anything since the final episode of Once Upon a Time (booo hiss.) I am looking forward to Drop Dead Diva, though!

Current wish list: Several items of fitness apparel (reebok, zumba, moving comfort)

Current needs: More sports bras–pregnancy changes things, folks.

Current bane of my existence: My wrist-it hurts! I think my desk is the culprit…anyone want to chop off an inch or two off my desk’s legs?!

Current celebrity crush: Hmmmm….I don’t really have any? I do think Channing Tatum is nice to look at.

Current indulgence: Reading in bed when I should be doing a bajillion other things in the evening….

Current blessing: Being pregnant with an adorable baby girl! And having a husband who is excited about said daughter. :)

Current slang: legit. fab. gorg. tight. awesomesauce. amaze. hilare.

Current outfit: pajamas. The moment I get home from teaching (and shower), I am in my pjs like nobody’s business.

Current excitement: Going away for the weekend to the mountain house! I can’t wait to relax & do nothing more than read, get a tan, possibly swim (if the pool is open by then), eat, and sleep. I get to be with Jared, yes, but he has crazy amounts of homework–so I won’t see much of him.

Current mood: happy!

Current link:, baby registry must haves,

Like last time….. that was fun!


Have a great day ya all! <3

I am off to teach Zumba, work, and then head to the mountain house for our little getaway. Cheers!

What is YOUR current book?? Current bane of YOUR existence??! Current wish list?!?

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  1. I bought that book a couple months ago and still haven’t started it (taking me awhile to get through another book first, not because it’s bad, just don’t have much time to read :(). I’m glad to hear it’s good! I think I’ll take it with me this weekend and pop it open by the beach, I need that! And love your current blessing, so much to be thankful for!

  2. i’m a total pj girl too! wish list? the whole lululemon store…….

  3. Ha! I’m in my pj’s first thing as well after returning home from work. I was this way even before my pregnancy. Enjoy your weekend unplugged!

  4. I love Drop Dead Diva!! Not many people know about it, I think. It’s actually really good and funny. I got hooked when I randomly turned on Lifetime one day, and now my mom and I watch it together.

  5. LOVE this survey…It’s so much fun to see what everyone else is reading/listening to/loving. I did this survey just last week too. Check it out…

  6. Wish list – new clothes. My closet hasn’t had an overhaul in a few years and I’m down to one pair of jeans.

    Also, moving comfort’s bras are amaaaaaaazing. I tell everyone about them. :)

  7. Current book: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I should be done it by the ned of the day though…at least, that’s the goal!
    needing more work clothes…my office wardrobe is limited!

  8. When you get back from your vacation we need to hang out again! 😉

  9. I hope you have a wonderful time on your weekend getaway! :)

  10. Current book: START by Jon Acuff. LOVE it!
    Current bane of my existence: Mother Nature. It was 50 degrees 5 days ago. Today it’s 90 and HUMID!
    Current wish list: A gigantic bowl of fro-yo and new running shoes. Always running shoes!
    Have an awesome weekend! Unplugged from social media = plugged into LIFE. Enjoy!

  11. I love the Castle series…halfway through Naked Heat! How fitting for summer lol 😉

  12. Current wish list: New running shoes!! I need them badly. It is on the list for this weekend! Hooray!
    Current Book: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken.
    Have a wonderful getaway!

  13. Sarah G. says:

    My current wishlist is really something I want to buy for the hubs but can’t justify the price yet… BlueBud X wireless earbuds! For me, I have the Oiselle bum wrap and a 2nd pair of Brooks PureFlow 2’s on my wish list!

    I don’t really have a bane of my existence right now… I just want the next 10 mins to go by so I can start my weekend!

    Have fun in the mountains!

  14. Caroline says:

    Books I am reading? The baby food bible and raising bebe. Wow my book selection has changed! I’ve read a couple of Kate Morton books and they all have a twist at the end that I never see coming. Enjoy!

  15. ooo vacation!! Where are you going friend?? I’m headed to Cali right now! In fact, I’m on the plane. :)

  16. Happy that you’re happy! :) and thank you for reminding me to buy some watermelon ASAP! I miss it!

  17. I’m all about the fun surveys as well. Something that’s currently on my wish list is some new clothes! I’m not a big fan of going shopping usually, but I’m running out of clothes to wear. ‘Tis a problem.

  18. Books I’m reading? Kara Goucher Running for Women. She’s from Duluth, MN and that’s were I live! I love LuLu tops and how they always look great on you. No matter what.
    Wish List? Get my car fixed. It keeps getting more and more problems. Boo.

    • Ooooh that sounds like a great book!

      Thanks–I’m loving how Lulu fits me & my belly lately! hah.

      Hope your car starts working properly!!

  19. Seeing that photo of the strawberry zevia made me crave it like mad!! Unfortunately, there was none at the store anymore…apparently no one else likes it here as much as I do and they stopped carrying it. Sad for me 😉
    Have fun on your trip this weekend!!!
    And I adore your choice of Lulu clothes. They look fab!

  20. I’ve been wanting to read that book! But I just started reading the Game of Thrones series, so I’m going to be tied up with those books for a while. 😛

    Hope you’re having a good weekend girl!

  21. Channing Tatum — is nice to look at :)
    we have both been enjoying reading in bed too!



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