20 Weeks {Movement!}

Hey friends!

If you’re coming back off of a long weekend, don’t forget to check out my weekend snapshots. 😉

And yes, I did go back to Lulu. However, in my defense, I was just going back to get the bras/headband I was looking for originally. And LEFT with just what I needed/wanted. So I call that a win-win in my book….My husband calls it something different…

Yesterday for the holiday I taught BP/CX, refueled with a slurpee, and hung out at the pool all day. We went & saw a movie in the evening after our chips/salsa/hot dog (turkey for me)/corn on the cob dinner. Fantastic day off!


memorial day


20 Weeks {Movement}

We are just over half way!! Woot.

Baby Perks is just over 20 weeks today and is about the length of a banana.

Here’s what else Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now
  • She is around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby’s legs are curled up against the torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of the head to the bottom — the “crown to rump” measurement. After 20 weeks, it’s measured from head to toe.)
  • She is swallowing more these days, which is good practice for her digestive system.
  • Baby Perks is also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in the bowels, and will make an appearance in the first soiled diaper. Kinda cool & gross all at the same time-hah.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

20 weeks -pregnancy baby perks

How far along? 20 weeks (& 2 days)

Baby’s size? length of a banana

Total weight gain/loss: 5 pounds as of last checkup…. and it’s been 4 weeks, so no exact idea for right now. I will find out this week at my appointment though & let ya know next week!

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: This week, once again, I slept fantastic!

Best moment this week: Teaching Zumba at BLEND was pretty fantastic! Also….there’s something even MORE exciting that happened. See below for a bit more on that… :)

Miss Anything? Laying on my stomach comfortably. Not being starving right after eating a meal (for realz, I eat a good sized meal, and then 20 minutes later I’m starved. crazy)

Movement: She is moving like crazy in there (the tec said), and…..I FELT her this week! finally. (more on that below)

Food cravings: Nothing too crazy again this week. My appetite is pretty much huge but normalized. Still eating a lot & all day. Like alllllll day. I often still want the lemonade, salads (yay!! I ate kale again! and spinach smoothies are making appearances!), corn on the cob, turkey sandwiches, and cheese. Lots & lots of cheese. Oh and mexican food often sounds deeeeelish. Hence the Cafe Rio-ness that’s happening up in here.

20 weeks -pregnancy baby perks IMG_5410 20 weeks -pregnancy baby perks

Food aversions: Ground meat also sounds diiissgusting. Someone was talking about sloppy joes the other day & I almost had to leave. The thought grosses me out.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Uhhhhh yes. Unfortunately. I had to yarf 2x this week. Bahhh. So annoying. I tried taking my pills during the morning (I had forgotten to the night before, and thought I’d make it up the next day)-yah, that was a NO go. Never trying that again!


Labor Signs: Obviously none.

Symptoms: Not much other than the being sick/losing my cookies twice.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Still wearing a few tops & bras mixed in with my normal stuff. I’ve also busted out the skirts for summer (yay!), so I’m not sure I’ll buy maternity pants? We shall see.

Baby items purchased? YEP. a car seat.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!! ecstatic!!

Funny moments this week: My literal running out of the baby store antics on Saturday….it was just way too overwhelming. Oh, and this is kind of hilarious: I fell in love with a glider/footrest set at the store & later found out what it costs….950$ total. Yah. Someone want to send over some baby money?! 😉

Looking forward to: My appt this week! It’s the full-enchilada scan/ultrasound, so I’ll get to see everything about her. So excited to see/hear her again!


Fitness Thoughts at 20 weeks:

20 weeks -pregnancy baby perks

  • I’m feeling really fantastic fitness-wise!
  • I still love teaching fitness, and because I feel great & my doc’s given me the okay, I’m still doing (mostly) what I did before. I can no longer lie down on my stomach though (while teaching CXWORX).
  • I also get wayyyy hot in the rooms while teaching now that summer has hit, so I grab all the fans & plug ’em in near me. I’m so nice, right?! :) My peeps understand.



As I mentioned above, I felt her MOVE!!! Wahoo!! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.

On Friday morning I woke up a bit before my alarm (to go to the bathroom), but I resisted getting up because I didn’t want to wake up yet. (Anyone else try & ‘wait it out’ even though you know you can’t?! hah). Anyways, I was laying there & all of a sudden I felt something like bubbles….

And then again like bubbles. And then something more like my stomach dropping a bit-but sustained.

It was her! I pressed on different areas of my belly to see if she’d respond, and she did once or twice.

My feeling her move has been sporadic (only when I’m lying down & right after waking up or before bed), but nonetheless, it’s still very cool! Such a neat, neat experience. As she gets bigger & stronger, I’ll begin feeling her more often. Can’t wait for more of her antics! I have a feeling she’ll be an active mover & shaker….ya know, since she lives with me & all. 😉


Have a GREAT day!! <3

I am off to teach early morning BP & then work, work, work. I kinda dread the days back after a longer weekend…..but then again, that day always flies by quickly! I just want to go back to bed already. Hah!

If YOU’ve been pregnant before, when did YOU feel your baby move?! To all: do YOU ever try & ‘wait it out’ with the bathroom??! What was the most delicious thing YOU ate this weekend?!

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  1. yay for feeling baby perks move!!!!!! i ate at sasha’s wine bar yesterday for lunch and had an awesome veggie crepe!

  2. yayyy! The movement just gets stronger and stronger. By the end its just pure craziness ;). I”m so excited for you

  3. aww, I’m so happy for you! That first time must be incredible. Also YOU look incredible. Such a cute pregnant lady!

  4. Awww that’s so exciting that you felt her move!!!!

  5. Caroline says:

    Love the baby bump!! Love that you can feel her move!!! Ps where is that blue and white maxi skirt from?!

    • :)

      Kohls. It is a ‘normal’ skirt -so not maternity. And it’s suuuuppperr soft. I love it! Plus it’s LONG for us long legged/tall people. ya know. love you

  6. Oh, yay! How exciting that you felt her move. :)

  7. Oh there’s NOTHING like hearing that heartbeat the first time and then feeling them move the first time. I was right at 20 weeks when I felt my Rylnn move too and then he never stopped! In fact, he got the hiccups ALL THE TIME and he would just waller around in my belly and even broke my water 3 weeks early and then started running at 10 months old and I swear he’s 2 1/2 now and he still hasn’t stopped. You are going to have so much fun!!

  8. Wahooo for movement! That’s so amazing! (And slightly bizarre- you mean there’s a human in there?!) Also, I’m totally bummed I missed your Zumba class. I took the hike instead, which was still fun, but I wish I could have done both! Next year ;).

  9. Oh I love hearing your updates, it’s so exciting! I love feeling my babe move for the first time, what an experience! So glad you’re still feeling great and able to teach!

  10. Great pics! So exciting all the changes you are going through and experiencing!!

  11. ahhh YAY! I’m so excited that you felt her! I knew you would soon! :) You look adorable!

  12. I loved putting my hand on my friend’s belly when she was pregnant. Feeling the baby move is totally surreal. So exciting!!

  13. Oh my goodness, feeling the baby move is the BEST!! It was right around 19-20 weeks for me, too. I really loved being pregnant- sounds like you’re soaking it all up, too!

  14. I love your skirt in the pic! Maxi dresses and skirts are my favorite in the summer. Is the headband in the pic from lulu? You’re looking fabulous as always!

  15. You look AMAZING for being halfway!! And so exciting you can feel her move!!

  16. awww that’s so exciting that you felt her move! You look stunning.

  17. With my twins I did not feel much movement because they had no room to move. It is such an incredible feeling, one that has such clear memories with my first child…I remember it so well, that when I see a very pregnant women or even a small baby, I get butterflies in my belly…. is that weird?

    • Good point about twins not having much room to move 😉 It seems she’s got plenty of room, b/c I can feel her often. So amazing :)

      I love that you’re so connected & get excited for others. You’re amazing lisa!!

  18. That’s so exciting that you felt her! YAY!!!
    And I tend to try and wait it out…especially lately, because I know as soon as I move around the puppy will take it as a sign that I’m awake and therefor, need to get up 😉

  19. I think it was around 18 – 20 weeks when I first felt B move and after that it was pretty much non-stop! You look great girl!

  20. Aww that’s so sweet. Congrats on your banana-sized baby getting active!

  21. Aww so exciting you felt her move!! And you’re doing such a great job keeping up with teaching your fitness classes and everything, so inspiring!

  22. YAY! So exciting, can’t wait for hubby to get a feel too :) Makes it SO real I bet. Thanks for sharing with us :) I so do the wait it out bathroom trick haaahha

  23. Awww. I’m so excited you finally felt her move. It’s the coolest thing! I felt bubbles and flutters from about 19weeks, but it was until I was almost 22 weeks that I definitely felt him move. And since then, he’s only gotten stronger! I definitely feel he’s more active first thing in the morning and at night when I’m laying down. I’ll feel him sporadically during the day, but I think I’m too active to really feel him.

    I definitely ‘wait it out’. I’m so lazy in the morning. 😉

    best thing I ate this weekend was my Mom’s apple crumple. YUM.

  24. That’s awesome you can feel her moving! Is she zumba-ing?! 😉

    I’m so clueless… I thought when you said she was swallowing you meant you could actully feel THAT. How weird would that be?!

  25. Awww!! Sweetie!! How awesome that you finally got to feel her move!! Awww! <- sorry I can't help it…I'm so overwhelmed with baby envy right now which is WAY weird since I don't even really want babies! Ha! Nah, I think I'll just be content living vicariously through you…and your super tiny prego-ness! I can't believe how small you still are!

    I swear, I haven't had (or even THOUGHT of) a Slurpee in years, but you've got me craving them! Good job on the Lulu willpower! I still hate you for the Cafe Rio saladporn. And meconium….definitely cool and gross at the same time! Lol

    • It is THE coolest thing ever to feel your baby move….just sayin’ 😉 wink.wink. (get ideas. hehe)

      Cafe Rio is so good….so just come BACK!

  26. Kristi says:

    I will be 20 weeks on Thursday (June 9th 2016) and after searching pictures of people’s bellies to find one that was like mine, yours came across my path. Everyone I know, looks at me and says, “you’re pregnant!? Where’s the belly?”
    I feel like people think I’m lying about being pregnant because I only have a LITTLE belly (I used to have abs and now I don’t, so people only think my belly looks like a normal “chunky” belly to them).
    It’s nice to see that not everyone looks huge at 20 weeks because we’re fit people! Congrats on your little girl! <3



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