Weekend Snapshots + Happy Memorial Day!

Hey friends!

Just a quick summarization of our weekend….in snapshots.

Enjoy :)

Weekend Snapshots

weekend snapshots IMG_5469 IMG_5475 IMG_5476 IMG_5486 IMG_5484

weekend snapshots-cafe rio

IMG_5493 IMG_5497 IMG_5509 IMG_5514 IMG_5517

A few thoughts about these snapshots:

  • I am completely addicted to Cafe Rio.
  • My husband is crazy busy right now with school, hence his not being in any pictures….except for his food. classic.
  • I didn’t buy the pack-n-play, was just looking. And got sooooooo overwhelmed with all the baby stuff I practically ran from the store. Yikes!
  • I could live at the pool and be fine.
  • I need more nectarines in my life.
  • I need to stop the lulu addiction….NOW. 😉


Happy Memorial Day 2013!

And to those of you in the US, Happy Memorial Day! I am truly grateful for all those who have served, are serving, or will serve in any capacity for the US armed forces. I am grateful for your service!


Have a GREAT day! <3

I have the day off from work, but am still teaching BP/CX this morning. Then I am getting my poolside, watermelon, bbq, and tan, ON!

What would some of YOUR weekend snapshots be of??! Anyone else spending today at the pool?!? If YOU bought a pack-n-play, which one did YOU buy??! Nectarine lover?!

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  1. The baby stuff made me crazy too. I read the book girlfriends guide to baby gear and shopped based on that books recommendations. FABULOUS. You are looking so happy and beautiful :)

  2. I can’t even remember the last time I had a nectarine! I’m definitely a huge fan of them though…going on the grocery list for next week, I think 😉

  3. Baby stuff is SO overwhelming at first, but you don’t need much in the beginning besides diapers, blankets and lots of patience 😉
    Happy Memorial Day!

    • I really appreciate that–it helps to hear that over & over & over & OVER again!!! Because dang…that place was incredibly HUGE. hah

  4. Caroline says:

    You have that pregnancy glow! Gorgeous!!
    You ate cafe rio again?! Not. Fair.

  5. what else did you buy from lulu?!?!? haha!! i’m definitely hoping to get some pool time in today!!

  6. Looks like a WONDERFUL weekend…Happy Memorial Day!

  7. I could 100% live at the pool too. Unfortunately this weekend was not a good one for weather in New England, oh well though. Summer is on its way!

  8. You really are addicted to Lulu! I still haven’t gotten anything from there- SO expensive!

  9. Okay… Confession… I’ve never been to Cafe Rio! In fact, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen one before. Those gargantuan salads look amazing though!! Also, you are gorgeous and probably the most glow-y pregnant person ever.

  10. We need to get together when I get home so we can talk baby stuff!!! We never even got a pack ‘n play. Honestly? I wouldn’t stress about it. Read over some reviews on them, look at the prices, evaluate what you need in one (i.e. bassinet, style, etc.), and then just go for it. I found myself stressing like crazy over some of it all too, and looking back, I realize that the stressing wasn’t necessary. 😉

  11. Happy Memorial Day!!! :-)

  12. I spent yesterday at our neighbor’s pool. My goal was to sit on a lounge chair and exert as little energy as possible (while still keeping an eye on my swimming kids). MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED! All of that relaxing must have been the secret to my awesome 9-mile run today… Guess I’ll have to lounge around more often :-)
    Lululemon and Cafe Rio are very awesome addictions!
    I got a Graco Pack & Play. Not sure which kind, though. It was the BEST investment and lasted us very well through both kids. Baby shopping is VERY overwhelming but FUN! (Best advice my older sisters gave me: “You don’t need even a third of the crap you think you’ll need. Remember that years ago babies slept in a drawer and turned out perfectly fine.” HAHA! Hope that’s as helpful to you as it was to me!

    • Sounds like such an incredible weekend!! NICE job on the 9 miles. Yowzers!

      Thanks for tip on what I don’t need/need….I need to be reminded often, b/c that is how we want to do it, but all that ‘stuff’ sucks me in so quickly! Hence why I went running from the store w/out any purchases….hah.

  13. Haha, the Lulu addiction can get strong fast! That store just sucks me in everytime;)
    You are gorgeoussss! Looks like a great weekend for you!
    Enjoy your Memorial Day!

  14. You went back to lulu?? Go girl! 😉 I want to take another class from you. You are too fun… seriously can you video yourself for me?? 😉

  15. Didn’t those girls at Blend warn you – once the Lulu addiction starts, it never ends! 😉

  16. love weekend snapshots!!
    ours would be full of enjoying the weather and hanging with friends

  17. danielle says:

    you are just glowing, soooooooo lovely!!!!! great pics and happy memorial day weekend to you. and i ate a ton of nectarines as well, my mom had bought some and i totally ate them all before anyone got one. OOPS!
    my long 4-day weekend was filled with packing (yuck!) and friends and chilling and some social cycling with a new club – really loved it, totally fun peeps and totally low stress. love!
    moving this friday to my friend’s house, soon i will be sharing a great big house with a dear friend and have 2 dogs and 3 cats to call roommates!!!

  18. Haha! I totally laughed out loud when I saw the Lulu pic! …and then I cried when I saw the Cafe Rio one…must you taunt me so?!?! Yay for conveyor belts full of produce! You look amazing in that blue sweater. And what the hell is that next to your nectarine?! Looks like a rubbery burrito! Lol

    My snapshots from the weekend would include farmers market veggie haul, a FIVE MILE walk at the park on a perfectly sunny day, cheese and tomato sandwiches enjoyed al fresco (on the porch step since I’m poor and have no patio furniture! Lol), and late night chick flicks (The Notebook and Mama Mia!)…yeah, the man-friend was out of town this weekend if you can’t tell! 😉



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