Friday Favorites

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY. <3 (And long weekend to those of us in the USA) :)

It’s been a really great week around here for me, so I wanted to share some of my favorites of the week & stuff I’ve been eating & enjoying…. Ya know, because my life is uber interesting. πŸ˜‰


Friday Favorites

here are some favorites from the week!

Leftovers from Cafe Rio.

cafe rio

I can never eat the entire thing (I actually do eat the tortilla, dressing–all of it, not just the salad part…), so I can’t finish it off in one sitting. I’ve tried many a times, but my stomach just isn’t big enough.

I’m not complaining though-I get it for a 2nd meal the next day (I retoast it & then top it with fresh limes/cilantro/lettuce).

Yumm. I could literally eat Cafe Rio every day of my life & never tire of it.


Dude, you guys. I need to buy some cows or something, because I can down cheese like it’s going out of style lately! However, nasty cheese (with no flavor, pretty much anything American-esque), I will never ever eat.


Getting a HUGE package from Zevia!!

zevia -friday favorites

I love Zevia (always have since the moment I tried it), and am super excited to try more flavors! (grape, cola, etc.)

Sleeping IN.

Coaching GRIT was amazing, but I love my sleep. And now on Mon’s/Wed’s/Sat’s I get to sleep past the 5 a.m./6 a.m. hours!

Trying new bars & goodies from our sponsors at BLEND!

dry soda- friday favorites

I always keep food/drinks in my purse. Always.

And the great sponsors at BLEND filled our swag bags with fun stuff that is portable & snack-sized. p.s. this drysoda drink was actually really good!


I love to read–it relaxes me, makes me happy, and brings a lot of joy to my life. Plus, I love to learn!

Teaching my classes. And wearing my new Lulu!

lululemon -fitness instructor

I’ve felt really good on the fitness front lately, and I love that I am staying as fit as possible (and as safely) for me and baby girl.

And it sure doesn’t hurt that I look good doing it. πŸ˜‰

{go buy yourself some lulu to make you feel even better-looking while working out. for realz}

Being a to-do list & 2nd-hand buying ninja.Β 

I seriously rocked my to-do lists this week. And yes, I can buy things 2ndhand like nobody’s business.

Trying Alexia spicy sweet potato fries for the first time.

alexia spicy sweet potato fries-friday favorites


I will definitely be buying again. Hello, easy-to-make & eat.


smiling-friday favorites

About life. About having new friends (from BLEND). About having a life I love. About following my dreams. About my flowers not dying.

Meeting Hunter & seeing Ashley again!

hunter-ashley -friday favorites

He is a cutie! And I could spend all day & night chatting with Ashley. We get along super well!

Our babies have a lot of play dates in their futures, that is for sure.

Getting subs for my classes while I am gone for a week for our houseboat vacay.

Finally. Because I teach so many fitness classes, it can be a total pain to find subs for a week. (Major downside of teaching fitness, FYI). But, this week someone took the last one that I needed covered.

Huge sigh of relief.

Eating corn on the cob.

corn on the cob-friday favorites

Why did I ever shy away from that stuff?!? It’s so so tasty!

Actually I know why. I knew that it was more of a starchy carb than a veggie, and it was usually doused in butter & salt. So I shied away from it b/c I thought it would make me fat & unhappy.

Ummmmm news flash: It is delicious & makes me realllllyyy happy. Go do yourself a favor & buy some corn on the cob & slather it in butter & a bit of salt. So so satisfying!

Having a weekend ahead to relax/decompress/go to a wedding reception/get a tan!

Jared is crazy busy right now with school (like he has 18 hour days. yuck), so we’re hoping to get out for a few hours on Friday & then go to a wedding reception on Saturday evening together.

Oh and then MONDAY is off for us both! WAHOO!


Have a fantastic FRIDAY & weekend!! <3

What are some of YOUR week’s faves??! What are YOU looking forward to this weekend?? Corn on the cob lover?? Any bloggers live nearby YOU?!

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  1. cafe rio mmmm!!!! have an awesome weekend! and ummm i’m still not unpacked from blend…

  2. Happy Friday!!! I have got to try this Cafe Rio. Everyone is raving!

    Not a huge corn person… but I did make chipotle hummus with it once and that was tasty. I don’t eat food directly off the bone, so many mentally its like that for me with corn on the cob?! I’m weird, I know. πŸ˜‰

  3. sweet potato fries are also one of my favesb from this week….tried some from trader joes this week. so good and so easy! i’m actually not a huge corn on the cob person. i used to be, then i got braces and couldn’t have them, and even though braces are long gone, i just don’t love ’em anymore!

  4. I’m so glad you had a great weekend! And I’ve finally accumulated enough Lulu gift cards to actually afford something! Haha can’t wait to get something!

  5. I’ve never tried Zevia! I’ve heard so much about it, but I’ve never seen it anywhere close to where I live unfortunately. We have no weekend plans, so I’m looking forward to relaxing! Hope you have a great relaxing one too :)

  6. Wow–so many things to be excited about! Corn on the cob–grilled–is a summertime favorite. And way to call me out on shying away for too long. :) Silly. Enjoy the long weekend! And an upcoming houseboat vacay? Sounds like fun!!

  7. I hate american cheese too! I don’t know why anyone likes it- it freaks me out. Zevia is amazing! Totally jealous of that package. ENJOY your time with Jared this weekend

  8. Cheese is what making my life worth living. Cheese is always there. I might write a poem called Ode to Cheese.

  9. I really want to try that cucumber soda water, I need to find a place around here that carries it!

  10. I LOVE Alexia spicy sweet potato fries! They’re always in my freezer!

    Corn on the cob is a big “must” in the summer–especially thrown on the grill! I think that will be happening this weekend.

    Girl, you’re rocking that Lulu! I’m sure Baby Perks loves her stylin’ mama! xoxo

  11. Caroline says:

    I know why I don’t eat corn on the cob- it gets stuck in my teeth! All these pictures of cafe rio make me suuuuuper jealous. So glad you get a long weekend with the hubs! Enjoy!!!

  12. Oo! Corn on the cob is THE best. I actually had some a week ago at a festival of sorts nearby. Definitely don’t have it as much as I wish I did though!

  13. Looks like such a great week for you!
    I’m glad you got some people to sub your classes so you can enjoy this weekend!
    I LOVE zevia too! It’s SO delicious. The strawberry flavor is the best. Now I’m craving one bad.
    Too sad I can’t leave my house haha.
    And Lulu = always a favorite. I adore their clothes.
    Happy Friday!

  14. What a great week! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend myself. Enjoy yours! :)

  15. I wish I had some bloggers near me! I need to find some! :)
    Love corn on the cob or not. I dont have it enough tho…usually in the summer! Yum!
    Your lulu gear is lovely. You can never have enough lulu. I am pretty sure there’s an anonymous group for lulu somewhere! haha

  16. I think NJ NEEDS a Cafe Rio!!! That salad has me drooling!

    I love to read too and am looking for my next book.. anything you would recommend???

    Have a great weekend!!

    • There is a Cafe Rio in DC…. πŸ˜‰

      I read the Fault in Our Stars recently & really liked it! If you like more fantasty books, I liked “Graceling” & the books that went along with that. A fun beach read is anything written by Emily Giffin!

  17. Julie F says:

    When I was pregnant all I wanted to eat was cheese. Like ALL the time. And funny story. My son does not like it. At all. Go figure guess I ate too much when I pregnant?

  18. Hope you get some hubby time :) Loving your Fri favs! You sound like you’re in a great mood!

  19. I’ve yet to pop my Lulu cherry…the clothes are so cute, but the prices always scare me away! I know that sometime I’ll lose my ability to resist though πŸ˜‰

    Corn on the cob is amazing – I bought some last week! One of the best things about summer.

  20. just got some corn on the cob today at the store, i usually eat it boiled on the stove butttt grilled with butter sounds delicious! :)

  21. I am really looking forward to running and relaxing this weekend! We have some neighborhood parties so I will most likely park myself in a chair and enjoy the company. I LOOOOVE corn on the cob–with butter AND salt!
    BTW, there are NO Cafe Rios in Pennsylvania… After hearing so many people rave about it and checking out their website, I’m wondering if I could open a franchise here! (After I win the lottery and have the $$ of course :-) ) Their food looks sooooo good!
    Have an awesome weekend, Annette!!

  22. Dude! I was just telling Sam (Better with Sprinkles) how much I freakin’ LOVE corn on the cob…because she posted about it too…I’m not so weird that I would just bring that up in random conversation, fyi! πŸ˜‰ But seriously, grill that baby up and then hand over the buttah!! Yum! Oh and I’ll take that watermelon too!

    Confession: I’ve only been in a Lulu store once. For about 3 minutes. I flipped over a price tag, peed my pants, and fled the scene quickly! lol Do me a favor and find me some super cute and never used (because I’m not about to get all close with someone else’s sweat glands!) Lulu second hand, mmkay?

    PS, you are so super cute in that pic with Hunter! Omg, you are gonna be a great mama! πŸ˜€

    • I love corn on the cob & watermelon together!!! We’re prob having that for dinner tonight again…

      Hmmmm Lulu is so great, but the prices are not. True story. I will try to find you some 2ndhand ones!

  23. Love your faves! I have never had alexia fries, but now I want them! I’m so jealous you got to meet Hunter and see Ashley! I just love you two girls. I wish I lived closer!! :)



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