Whey Berry Smoothie + Designer Whey Review

Hey friends!

How are you all doing?

I personally think it’s pretty fantastic that tomorrow is already Friday. I felt like this week flew by! It sure helps that I ninja-kicked my to-do lists (personal & work) this week. When I am busy/working hard, the time fliiiieeeess by!


So I actually created a recipe. I know, I know. It’s been like 5 months.

And guess what? This one is crazy EASY to make. And it tastes like dessert-no joke! The stats however tell a different story. Power snack stats!

Whey Berry Smoothie Recipe

whey berry smoothie - designer whey review

Whey Berry Smoothie



  • dump all ingredients into a blender (use the amazing blendtec, people! it will change your life!)


whey berry smoothie - designer whey review

So so good. It tastes so good it was hard to imagine it wasn’t bad for me. For reals.

Refreshing, tasty, and great stats for a snack. I’m totes putting this in my snack rotation!


Designer Whey Review

So yah. The folks at Designer Whey sent me some products to review! (Probably the only way I make recipes is because I get to try products. Or else I’d bum around on the couch allllll evening long.)

whey berry smoothie - designer whey review whey berry smoothie - designer whey review whey berry smoothie - designer whey review

Amazing box, right?!

I was completely blown away!

Shakes, bars, powders, and protein2go. (check out all flavors here)

I was moooossttt excited to try the protein2go because that’s so unique & ummm hello?! Nifty.

whey berry smoothie - designer whey review

The protein2go is fantastic! All you do is dump the powder into a cup, add water, & mix.

Like I said-doesn’t get any easier than that.

The tropical orange flavor is my fave, p.s.

And this protein2go was a needed thing after coaching GRIT & teaching BP/CX back to back. Any extra calories & protein were much needed during those kinds of days.

I will probably buy this product on my own, it’s that cool! Here’s why (from the website)

“With a refreshing tropical flavor, Designer Whey Protein 2GO® in Tropical Orange has the power to tame your sweet tooth, replenish your thirst, and help you power through your day. Each pack contains a fast-acting premium whey protein isolate to stimulate recovery, vitamin B to boost energy, and vitamin C to promote a healthy immune system. It’s enough to give water an inferiority complex.”

whey berry smoothie - designer whey review

The bars (especially the triple chocolate crunch & caramel chocolate crunch) were super yumm. They’re even better warmed up in the microwave for 10 seconds, and then eaten on the porch.

Such delightful bars! I had to pace myself not to eat them all at once….and of couse, gave the PB kinds to Jared.

I really liked what I was sent. Thanks Designer Whey!

The only thing I didn’t care for was the high protein chocolate shake. It was way too sweet for my taste.

CONNECT with Designer Whey:

– IG: DesignerWhey1 ; T: DesignerWhey; FB: DesignerWhey; #designerwhey

{Disclosure: As a FitFluential Ambassador I was sent these products for review from Designer Whey. All opinions are my own.}


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful I have a porch. I reallyyyyyy love hanging out there on work breaks & in the evenings with a book.
  2. I am thankful for my Lulu purchases. They really do make me feel cute while teaching. 😉
  3. I am grateful for healthy food in my fridge!

Have a FANTASTIC day, ya all! <3

What’s YOUR latest recipe creation??! Would YOU rather cook/make recipes or sit on the couch??! What are YOU thankful for??! What kind of protein have YOU been using lately??!

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  1. LOVE designer whey! they make a vanilla praline which i need to find in stores!

  2. LOVE their powders and bars. I do not like the protein2gos….they taste really off to me and are kind of…gritty? Any who- the shake looks amazing. YUM for berry.

    What’s YOUR latest recipe creation??! black bean burgers!

    Would YOU rather cook/make recipes or sit on the couch??! Definitely cook

    What are YOU thankful for??! My baby girl :) And my loving husband

    What kind of protein have YOU been using lately??! Gaspari Nutrition myofusion!

  3. Never had any Designer Whey products, but they look and sound wonderful!

    My latest recipe creation was quinoa black bean stuffed peppers. I would MUCH rather cook…I don’t sit and relax very well. I am super thankful for my wonderful and amazing family and I have been eating my Clif Bars for protein lately.

  4. I’ve recently become a fan of designer whey, I had to try it after seeing it on so many blogs and it’s really convenient for me to buy since trader joes carries it!

  5. I loved the bars too! Unfortunately I can’t finish them up for a long while though due to little Hunter. :/ I keep telling Cody I need the Blendtec. I told him how much you love it and that it’s half the price of the Vitamix every time I see it at Costco… I’m thinking it’ll be the perfect Christmas present this year! 😉

  6. Okay, I’ve heard alll about this white chocolate protein powder. I think it’s about time I get my little hands on some. I obviously love the idea of anything chocolate. Heaven.

  7. There is definitely something about Lulu clothing that is magical. :) I haven’t tried any Designer Whey products yet, but I might look into it now! The bar especially, looked pretty tasty!

  8. You don’t like PB?!

    • Nope. Never really have! I know, I know, people think I am a weirdo.

      • Haha, do you not like all nut butters or just PB? And weird, yes 😉 But not too weird (that would be not liking avocados, haha)

        • I just don’t like PB. All the others, bring.it.on. And nope, don’t like avocados either….the texture is horrible. can we still be friends though?!

          • Mmmm, now I want any nut butter. It’s a good thing I’m at work??? And really?? But yes, we can still be friends and I’ll just blame it on you not being from SoCal (fresh from the tree is my favorite).

      • Oh hey! I was on FB last night and I fell into the photo trap on a friend’s timeline – it turns out I did know a couple people at your AIM2. I saw the group pic and went, hey! I “know” her! :)

  9. That smoothie looks fabulous! I love Designer whey too! I need to buy more and make some smoothies. Perfect for the summertime!!

  10. I haven’t tried Designer Whey stuff yet, I’ll have to keep an eye out for their stuff! Usually, I’d rather cook or bake, cause usually the only other option is takeout or going out 😉 The boyfriend’s solution to dinner is usually a frozen pizza!

  11. That protein bar looks SO good! :)

  12. Can I just say that I love that you said “nifty”? Haha!

    And I swear, your energy comes through so well in your writing! I almost feel like I’m next to you on that sunny porch! But I’m totally kicking myself for not thinking to nuke my DW bars before I ate them all! Lol That chocolate one was insanely good! Like a whopper (the candy, not the burger…that would just be gross!) covered rice krispie treat!

    What’s YOUR latest recipe creation??! Red Velvet Cake Hummus! http://www.kissmybroccoliblog.com/2013/05/17/red-velvet-cake-hummus/

    Would YOU rather cook/make recipes or sit on the couch??! Umm, how about I sit on the couch and I just tell someone how to cook something?! 😉 Or you could just bring me one of those shakes! Please and thank you! 😉

    What are YOU thankful for??! Definitely thankful for my health, for the nice weather we’ve been having since getting back from Blend (I was NOT loving that rain and ick), and for having the whole day to myself today…it was nice to relax and recharge before the week starts back up!

    What kind of protein have YOU been using lately??! I haven’t really been feeling the protein powders lately, but I have been loving on some peanut flour! Damn that stuff is good…not sure how I lived without it before!



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