BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 2)

Hey friends!

How’s it going?

I am doing peachy. Well, it’s time to finish recapping an amazing weekend. To catch ya all up who are new to the blog (welcome!), I attended the BLEND Retreat in Park City, UT this past weekend. It was such an amazing weekend.

And thanks again to the 3 fabulous ladies who put it all together! (JanethaLindsay, & Katie)

And a HUGE thank you to all the amazing sponsors who made it all possible:

Chobani, Attune Foods, Green Mountain Coffee, Laughing Cow, Muesli Fusion, Soy Joy, Onnit, Blue Print, Bob’s Red Mill, Living Proof Fit Gear, Larabar, Simply Choices, Zevia, Swanson’s VitaminsBlue Diamond Almonds, Core Power, GPP Fitness ProBar, Build-a-Sign, Fitmixer, & Silk. And thank YOU GPP Fitness for a kick butt workout!

(Part 1 here)

BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 2)

I last left off the recap with Friday night bedtime, so yah. I slept. And then after waking up super early on a Saturday (I did this while coaching GRIT, but it’s still not fantastic), I got myself ready.

And downed some stuff to help me wake up. (Vega & Reboot}

BLEND 2013 Recap

Waking up in the 6 a.m. hour on a Saturday is not necessarily favorable….

Ellie capris

…but matching Linz made it worth it. Awwww :)  {pic stolen from Linz’s instagram}

We all convened for a workout led by GPP.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

{meg, linz, and me}

We ran sprints, and did the “hit the deck” workout (pushups, sit-ups, burpees, and squats <–spades=burpees, etc). It was fun! I definitely didn’t do many of the sit-ups though….

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

I took pictures instead! hah.

Then I was starving. Like stttaarrrvvinnngg.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

So I took pictures of the food I was going to eat. Naturally.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Made myself 5 plates of food. And then pretended to ‘talk’ to people while I shoveled the food in.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

This girl (and her baby girl) was HUNGRY.

I also managed to take pictures with some people (apparently I am really bad at that! I always forget). These girls are fantastic!

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Baby bumps! We’re due within 11 days of each other–Ashley’s having a boy, and I a girl. So I told her they’re already best buds.

Thennnnnn. The rain continued, so I was asked to teach a Zumba class.

Not gonna lie-I was both excited (I love Zumba!) and a bit nervous. Teaching Zumba to already super fit people who may not have ever taken zumba? This would be my one & only chance to make them like Zumba….& me! hah.

I just did what I did best….was my crazy self. And it seemed like I they had a blast. 😉

zumba BLEND 2013

Oh, and the gal on the front row? She is miss USA. No biggie. (I had NO idea until afterwards when I asked for her Instagram & she replied “missunitedstates2012” Uhhhhhh.) That girl can dance! And she is such a sweetie).

We showered -not together-and ate some snacks. I think I scarfed some cheese, protein bars, and an apple. And then we were on our way to the outlets! Secretly (okay, it’s not so secret) my favorite place to go & be.

I could spend all day there.

Oh wait, we did.

{Side note: I was definitely a retail therapy shopper in my days of dating. Ohhhh boy. I once did MAJOR damage at Banana after a reeeaaalllyyy bad breakup. Like so much damage that I had to take photo proof of it. We’re talking huge overhaul of my closet. I guess it was worth it though, because I still wear a lot of the pieces!)

We went to GAP (I bought a great skirt, sweater, & tank top that all can be worn for now & when my bump grows even more; & a shirt for Jared), Banana (didn’t buy anything), and Old Navy (sports bras, dress, fitness top, headband–so I can be cool like Linz, and earrings).

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

I ate a yogurt & a protein bar along the way. So okay with the fact that I can eat anything anywhere. Who cares that I busted out a yogurt out of my purse & sat down in the middle of the shopping area outside & ate?

We met up with these 2 great ladies (Brittany & Bobbi) at Old Navy, and they all decided they needed to take me somewhere……


Yes. Yes. I caved. I lost my Lulu virginity. And I couldn’t have done it without them.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Thanks guys.

And yes, Lulu stuff is as good as you think. Actually, it’s better. It was insta love for me. And insta worth it. And well, insta good-bye money.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

We went back to the hotel to lounge about, grab more free stuff from the expo room, eat some snacks, and drink some snacks.

I had gotten a 7-11 slurpee on the way home, and then I made myself a hot cocoa. This is normal, you guys!

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

After putting our feet up, chatting, taking more photos, and getting to know the other fabulous ladies at BLEND, we headed out to dinner.

We met up with Sara at my faaaavvvooorrriiittteee place to eat. Cafe Rio.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap cafe rio

So so so good.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap -cafe rio


BLEND Retreat 2013 recap -cafe rio

I had to take pictures (get them taken), because that’s what a responsible blogger would do, but I really just wanted to dive headfirst into it. I figured I should bust out my camera when all the other gals did though.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap -cafe rio

{me, sara, meg, linz}

Then we had to get dessert. Duh.

On main street of Park City.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

{i told you I am a good photographer}

And then I had to get 2 kinds of ice cream. Duh.

But of course, I couldn’t let the caramel flavor (Dulche de Leche) touch the mint (mint chocolate chip), so I had the dude put them in separate cups. I ate 2 different cups of ice cream. No shame.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Linz prepping her shot:

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

My goodness that ice cream was SO amazing. So so good.

Then we had to ride the cow.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

And milk the cow.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Ahhhh SUCH fun! I had a complete blast that day!

I actually left for home after I dropped Linz off at the hotel (around 10 p.m.), because I had church in the morning at 9, and I was teaching a class.

I drove home, and got to see my hottie again! Then I crashed. HARD.


BLEND 2013 was such a fantastic time!! I already can’t wait for 2014. :)

Have a FABULOUS day! <3

If YOU had been there with me, what kinds of ice cream would YOU have ordered?!? Are YOU a retail therapy shopper??! Do YOU just bust out snacks wherever whenever?? Have YOU tried Cafe Rio yet?!?!? <–if not, fly to UT & we’ll go. Mmmmkay?!

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  1. Ahh I’ve seen Cafe Rio a lot over on the hungry runner girl’s blog and have been dying to try it! It might be worth a special trip to UT, time will tell. The hit the deck workout looks like so much fun! Ever since seeing that on The Biggest Loser I’ve been thinking it’d be a fun way to mix things up.

    You guys must’ve had such a blast at Blend! It looks like so much fun, I really need to go next year!

  2. lol that last cow pic is hilarious!!!!!!! SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

  3. I would have ordered chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies and cream…or chocolate peanut butter…or some combination or some or all of those 😉

    Cafe Rio looks amazing! I adore Mexican food so, so much. Glad you had a good time!

  4. Y’all are so cute with your headbands! :)

    That breakfast was so incredible – I want to go back! I was staaaaaarving there too — waiting in that line was torture!

  5. We totally searched for the Lulu Lemon on Main Street until someone informed us that it wasn’t there. D’oh. I love the two separate cups of ice cream… Get it girrrrl! I’ve done that with froyo before. Sometimes you just need one fruity, and one chocolatey! Girl problems, am I right?

    • You’re too cute! It was on the other side of Park City (but Lulu kinda succckkkkss you in), so maybe it’s better you didn’t end up there too 😉

      Yes-chocolate & fruity needs to be separate at ALL times with fro yo!! xo

  6. Ahhh!! Would have loved taking zumba from you!! Yall are so cute!!

  7. That looks like such a great time! Great food, great workouts, just everything. :)

  8. I would’ve chosen chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies ‘n cream ice cream! 😉 I think we need to have our own Park City date one of these days to shop and eat ice cream!

  9. Fabulous recap! Things I am sad about? Not going to your Zumba class (although the hike was amazing in the end), not trying Cafe Rio, and still having my Lululemon virginity. Things I am happy about? Meeting you, photographing myself kissing the cow at Java Cow, and that I’m not the only one who has had the “I’m pretending to be listening to what your saying but I’m too focused on my food right now” experience. :)

  10. What a fun recap!! I can’t believe the weekend has already come and gone. Craziness!! One of the highlights of the weekend for me was definitely taking (or attempting) your Zumba class!! I have been talking about you non-stop–you are a fantastic instructor! So talented–it blew me away!! :)

  11. danielle says:

    oh wow!!!! that looks like such a BLAST!!!! ton of fun, whoohoo! and your pics are making me hungry, like honnnnngray 😀
    retail therapy is totally awesome, and totally works! i don’t do it very often but when i do, i shop till i drop. literally. like can’t hold anything else kind of shop. guess i don’t do it much cuz i spend a ton at a time and can’t afford binge-shopping on the regular, but at least it holds me over for so long that i don’t feel the urge for a good while… um yeah? whatever, it’s fun!
    you look so happy and healthy, such a star!!!!!

  12. you were seriously the BEST Zumba instructor I’ve ever had! thanks again for helping us out last minute!!

  13. That ice cream sounds/looks divine. I would’ve ordered mint chocolate chip and rocky road and probably espresso/coffee of some sort, if they offered it. BLEND Retreat sounds like a ton of fun!

  14. YAYYYY lulu.. haha. you’re doomed.

  15. I love that you guys took pictures with the cow! And ice cream, why didnt I think of that!! I did eat the chocolate that was in my swag bag though!

  16. Oh I MUST go next year! I seriously want to photoshop myself into your pictures and pretend that I got to ride and milk the cow too :)

  17. I can’t wait for Blend 2014 so I can go this time;)
    It looks like such a blast!
    I’m loving all the recaps I’ve read. Lulu is such a wallet sucker! I seriously have a love/hate relationship with that store!

  18. I just found out about lululemon outlet near me, and I’m thinking of popping my lulu cherry sometime soon! I can’t wait!

  19. I loved all the pictures!! Looks like you had a blast! Lulu virgin? no way! Lulu is amazing!

  20. First of all- LOVE the new blog look!!!! :)
    I realllly wish I had known that you were going to teach Zumba before I went downtown to take a yoga class! Yoga was great, but when would I ever have the chance to Zumba with you? Guess I’ll have to fly back out.
    LOVE that we both lost our lulu virginity last weekend. I’m wearing my shorts right now! This could be a DANGEROUS habit.

  21. I want to go to something like this SO badly! It seems AMAZING

  22. I loved meeting you! You are so sweet and genuine! I hated that you had to leave early. I wanted to bring you home with me. :) Thanks again for that killer Zumba class. You have me craving more!

  23. love the Baby bumps :)
    and we wish we did your zumba class! next time!!!

  24. OMFG YOU WERE A LULU VIRGIN!!!!!! That’s NUTZO!!! But now that your cherry is POPPED… You may have turned into an addict like me, I need rehab. lol

  25. i need to go back and ride the cow and them zumba with YOU!!

  26. Hahaha! Girl, you CRACK me up! First of all, you did a FABULOUS job with Zumba! I never would have guessed you were the least bit nervous! And for the record, you are the ONLY person who has ever gotten me to like Zumba…though I’m afraid I still won’t be frequently any classes anytime soon…maybe work on my moves at home first before embarrassing myself in public…er, I mean making people jealous with my mad skills! 😉

    I am so SO glad I got a chance to eat at Cafe Rio…though I wish I had gone there for more than one meal…OMG that tomatillo dressing? Holy crap that stuff is good!!

    I’m definitely a retail therapy shopper for sure! I’ve not gone full out new wardrobe before, but I did spend about $300 on my last big one! But hey, I got like 3 pairs of boots on discount! Hey, at least I don’t abandon my bargain shopper skills! Lol


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