BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 1)

Hey, hey friends!

Wow. Just wow.

I had such an amazing time at the BLEND retreat in Park City, UT!

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

I figured ya’all wanted to see some pictures & hear a bit about what we did/saw/ate etc., but because so much happened in the 31 hours I was there, I’m going to recap it in 2 parts.

More ramblings from me?! You’re welcome.

{Quick shout out to Katie, who graduated from Law School this weekend!! Congrats, girl! She couldn’t make it to Blend, obv, but I wanted to meet her….one day, one day. I guess a graduation is a good excuse??}

5 things about BLEND that I absolutely loved:

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

  1. The amazing people (bloggers & nonbloggers) I met! There are some cool people floating around in the Internet, you guys!
  2. The swag. Free stuff is super cool in my book! I came back with SO.MUCH swag. It’s amazing. And will take me a year to get through.
  3. The food. Super duper good!
  4. The atmosphere–so welcoming, fun, friendly, and inspiring.
  5. The venue rocked. For reals.

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

{look at all.that.swag.}

And lastly, before my recap begins, a HUGE thank you to Janetha, Lindsay, and Katie for organizing the entire thing. They are all amazing ladies & put on such a great weekend. Thank you, thank you!!

BLEND Retreat 2013 Recap (Part 1)

After a reaaaaalllllyyy long morning on Friday (I coached GRIT Cardio, worked, taught Zumba, worked), I quickly packed up my stuff and drove up to Park City. (I live about 40 minutes away).

I got lost near the resort….took a wrong turn. I am so hopeless with directions, it amazes my husband how bad I am. hah. And I even had 2 GPS thingees on. Yah, it’s bad.

But I finally made it around 3:30 p.m. I gave my car keys to the valet (free valet!), and instantly started worrying he would steal my car. Apparently I am not used to using a hotel valet??

I walked in, and hello huge group of fit ladies! There were a bunch who just arrived, so it was super fun to meet some new friends in person. Hi Lori/Michelle (cutest pint-sized twins ever!), Bonnie, and Paige! Paige is more my height, so it felt good to know I’m not the only giant. hah.

{side note: why is it that I think everyone else is the same height as me on the Internet? BTW, if curious, I am 5’8″}

Got my room key, and took my bag upstairs to our huuuugggeee room. It was a suite with 4 rooms, a huge living room, wraparound porch, and full kitchen & dining area. Score! There were 10 of us in that suite, I think?

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Then I went back downstairs to check in officially for BLEND! I finally met Lindsay (a co-head of BLEND). She is even kinder & more awesome in person than on the internet, if that’s possible?! Seriously adore her. I also got to meet Katie (another co-head), whom I don’t know as well, but she was super cool too. Yay new friends! We chatted for awhile, they checked out my slightly larger baby bump (more on that tomorrow!), and then I went on to the snack room. I was starved.

I met Michelle, Lauren, Lindsay, & Sarah finally! We chatted up a storm. I can’t even explain how fun it is to meet your Internet friends in real life. Luckily they’re all as weird normal as I thought they’d be. 😉 And I fit riiiiiggghhhttt in.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

I stuffed my face with the Attune Foods Erewhon graham crackers (gluten free, but I had no idea b/c they tasted legit), and Justin’s nut butter. And when I say stuffed, I mean it. I was uber hungry, and had like 3 hazelnut butter ‘sandwiches’ and 1 almond butter one.

I still don’t love AB yet….le sigh. But the hazelnut one is amazing.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

After chatting & eating, everyone scattered to get ready for cocktail time & dinner, so I figured I should probably not camp out by myself next to the leftover snacks anymore, and got my butt upstairs.

Guess who finally arrived a few minutes later?!?!? LINZ!!!!!

I was so happy to see her again, I think I jumped into her arms?

We gabbed it up, prettied ourselves (actually, I didn’t do much, pretty much because I am lazy), and then headed downstairs for photobooth fun, cocktails ‘n’ apps, and then dinner afterwards.

Hello yumm.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

Hello friends who already ‘get’ me. 😉

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

Hello appetizers that saved me from eating someone’s arm.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

(I think my plate was the most full of any participant there. #proudmoment)

I drank some (virgin) drinks that were made with SILK almond milk. Cool, right? Mine was delish-strawberry mint.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

You’re welcome for the blurry recipe.

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap

{Linz & Meg}

After chatting & pictures (everyone had their phone out at all times. hilare.), we all convened in the large ballroom at around 7:30 to enjoy a buffet dinner! I wish I had gotten a pic of our table, but we sat with some amazing people. It was me, Linz, Lindsay, Lisa, Laura, and some other fun people (if you’re reading, leave your website, so I can link you up). We had a blast at dinner.

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

Oh, and the food?

BLEND Retreat 2013 recap


{p.s. I figured out why I’m a bad food photographer, I get way too impatient & hungry to make it look nice!}

Salad topped with halibut (my idea to put that on), an amazing quinoa cake, chicken, roasted veggies, and a nasty wheatberry salad. (some loved it, others, like me, did not). Overall, two thumbs up for dinner!

BLEND 2013 recap

Chatting, fun, laughs, and then dessert.

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

I ate the inside of that apple thing, and the whole Chobani dessert. Both were great!

And dude, loved spending time chatting with Lauren after dinner (& at the snack break).

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

More photo booth fun. More laughs.

BLEND retreat 2013 recap

We went back to our room around 10-ish? And then chatted about essential oils (which I use daily & swear by!), and then finally, bed.

I was so exhausted.

Such a fun, fun late afternoon/evening!


Part 2 still to come!

Have a GREAT day, ya all! I am off to teach BP/CX & then work.

Have YOU ever met Internet friends in real life?? If YOU went to BLEND, what was YOUR favorite part?? What pose do YOU usually strike in a photobooth photo?!

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s do Blend again…. like next weekend? 😉

  2. Ugh SO JEALOUS!! I wish I had gone. I can’t wait to read all the recaps. And I am SO incredibly bad with directions too, haha. It’s pathetic.

  3. I’m so excited about reading everyone’s recaps. Such a great weekend! And I had NO idea that those grahams were gluten-free!! Seriously? I’m very impressed.

    • OKay dang. They aren’t gluten free. So sorry about the mix-up! The company usually does gluten-free, but I checked the box on the grahams, and they have wheat. :(

  4. I’m loving reading everyone’s recaps, even though I was there – it’s so fun reliving all the memories! It will be so much fun to get my post up here in a few days.

    I don’t even know what my favorite part was! It was all so great – the bootcamp, the hike, the amazing dinner, the swag. I can’t pick!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you – maybe next year!

  5. Wow that looks like so much fun, now I really have to go next year! I will be going to HLS this year though. All the food is SOOOO amazing, it seems and I am totally jealous of your huge suite – looks like a house!

  6. Yay! I am so excited to read everyone’s recaps! What a great weekend spent with some amazing women!!

  7. Great recap of Friday! Loved meeting you at Blend. And I agree with Linz. We need to do Blend again soon.

  8. It was so nice to meet you this weekend! I’m totally impressed with your ability to shake it… I’ll be practicing my stellar Zoomba moves so I can bring it next year. 😉

  9. I seriously LOVE you too!! What an amazing lady you are – vibrant and so inspiring!

  10. You are an absolute doll! I seriously LOVED meeting you, and hope we get to hang out again sometime!! :)

  11. I am so excited to be reading all these recaps! It was great to meet you this weekend!!! What an absolute freaking blast. I hope we all get to see each other again soon!

  12. Ahh what fun! I’m so sad I had to miss out, but I’m so glad to see you gals all had such an amazing time. All of that food looks delicious, and I’m loving seeing all these photos of some of my favorite blogger pals all in one place! xoxo

  13. I can’t even believe all that swag!!! I really really wanted to go, but I couldn’t get away from work or the babe this past weekend. Glad you had fun! The food? omgosh yum! I want all that Justin’s! I can relate to the height thing- I assume everyone is a peanut (I’m 5’1″ ;)).

  14. Oh it looks like SO much fun! Wish that I lived closer where I could have gone…maybe next year. Can’t wait to see more recaps :)

  15. yay! so good to finally meet you!

  16. It was so fun meeting you this weekend! It was an amazing weekend and so so fun to get to hang out with folks in person. Love seeing everyone’s recap!

  17. Looks like an amazing time, cant wait to read about the rest. Actually my best friend and I met because of Dailymile/blogging, incredibly happy for that. :)

  18. Such a fun night!! And holler to the tall bloggers club. TBC. It was so much fun to meet you – you’re awesome!!

  19. I love meeting blog friends in real life! It’s so cool to ‘know’ someone so well, but you’ve never met them in person before.

  20. Awe so sad I missed it! I was actually at the hotel right next to you guys too! I should’ve snuck over. My SIL’s family owns Escala, amazing rooms right? So glad you had fun, hope to go next year!

  21. I’m SO glad we could connect!! And thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge of essential oils… that was seriously one of the highlights of my weekend. :)

  22. Looks like you had alot of fun! I need to get better with my photography skills when taking pics of my recipes or snacks! I hope that one day I can go to the Blend Retreat or something similar!!

  23. danielle says:

    wow what an awesome recap, love it!!!! and i totally love photo booths, i always tend to make 2 faces: “zoolander / sexy beast” face, and my “omg surprise!” face. LOL.
    your pics really rock, looks like it was so much fun!
    X’s and O’s!!! :)

  24. So…I am like DEAD serious when I say I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU!! I can’t believe I never knew you before Blend because well…you’re AWESOME and the ONLY person who has ever gotten me to like Zumba! Loved getting to chat with you this weekend! I had so much fun it’s hard to narrow down my favorite parts! But I do agree with your sentiments on the wheat berry salad…and the quinoa cakes were pretty amazing…still trying to figure out what they did to keep them suckers together! Lol

    Also, good to know I’m not the only one who could get lost in her own backyard! 😉

    • I’m so glad you loved Zumba! It’s obviously a passion of mine–if ya couldn’t tell 😉

      Hope your knee continues to heal up!! Super fun hangin’ with ya!!! <3

  25. Blend was super fun. I think one of my favorite parts had to be the hike. Granted it was rainy, muddy and tiring, but it was great being outside. Nothing like fresh mountain air :) Though I heard there was a rockin Zumba class happening at the same time. I actually liked the salad, and didn’t like the quinoa cake. Though others at my table may disagree 😉 I’ll have to look into the essential oils.It’s something I have been wanting to get more into.

  26. pint-sized twins — love it! and we love being your pint-size twins too :)
    it was a pleasure meeting you at Blend!!! you’re adorable and sooo funny! love ya

  27. What an awesome time! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!!

  28. wow looks like a great first day! (: can’t wait to read more!

  29. Annette, you are amazing! shaking that booty and pregnant. Love your zumba love! teach me!!! Hugs and thanks for inspiring us ALL!


  31. So exciting! Thanks for sharing- I’m even more envious now haha- yall come to aus yeh?

  32. Ahh I’m so jealous of everyone who went to Blend! It looks like such an amazing time. And that spread of all the different Justin’s nut butters basically looks like heaven to me hahaha

  33. It was so great to meet you! I’m already looking forward to next year! Love you! xoxo

  34. Everything looks absolutely awesome! I had a blast following all of the updates via IG over the weekend and hope to join in on the fun next year 😀


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