Lock Laces Review

Hey, hey!

How’s it going so far this week?

It’s gone swimmingly here thus far, and I’ve been sleeping like a champ. Woot.

However, it is hot, hot, hot here (which I love), but I think we have to turn on the AC soon…..we usually wait awhile, but because the sun faces us from 3-sundown, our apartment gets hhhheeaaattted quickly. And yah, my husband is always hot, and well, I am too now.

In both senses of the word. Ya know. 😉

Also, I just have to add, I watched the Once Upon a Time finale the other night. Oh my gosh!! SO good. Such a great show, for reals! SO entertaining, fun, and great twists in the plot. Can’t wait for it to return again later this year!


So I was sent a really cool product for review: Lock Laces.

Lock Laces Review

Their tag line is pretty cheesy/snazzy: “win, never tie.” Haha. I kinda love it. But I love a good pun.


Lock Laces are:

“A seriously fun shoelace upgrade, LOCK LACES™ is the new, easyto-use shoelace fastening system that allows people of any age to rest assured that their shoelaces will never come undone. Its elastic laces provide firm yet flexible stretch-fit comfort, the spring-loaded lock is fast and easy to adjust, and a unique cord tip clip protects lace ends.”

Yep, that press release pretty much sums ’em up.

I was sent a pink pair to try, and they kindly sent me some more to share with my husband and family. Nice, right?

Anyways. Of course I chose pink (duh), and of course I had my husband prepare & put the Lock Laces into place for me. (Here’s a video about them & how to ‘install’ them in about 90 seconds)

Lock Laces Review

Although it’s easy to put into your shoes & lock into place, my husband is a gem and did that for me. I was feeling particularly lazy that evening. I know, I know. I’m such a catch.

Lock Laces Review

Yup. All I did was sit there while he cut the laces down to size & put them in the lock. However, I DID lace my shoes myself. winning.

(p.s. this was during the trimester of death when I could hardly move from the couch or chair. hence why my foot is propped up on a table.)

I’ve worn them now for about 1.5 weeks to various fitness classes that I teach, and I am happy to report that they really do rock! I don’t have to tie my shoes (or untie them when I’m done–which I oddly enough, hate doing). And, well, they’re pink!

Lock Laces Review

That should be enough reason to like ’em, eh?

Also of note, you can tighten them easily by pulling on the end strings and the lock piece. It’s super easy to adjust! My feet were always comfy and the shoe stayed in place.

Thanks Lock Laces for sharing with me!

p.s. they come in more colors than pink, but if you’re cool like me, you’d get them in pink.

Lock Laces Review

Oh, and the 3 pack is only 19.99$

For more fun & news, follow Lock Laces on FB & Twitter!

{Disclosure: I was sent the products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.}


Welp, I’m off to coach an early-morn GRIT sesh, work, and then teach BP. I WILL faceplant into bed tonight.

Have a LOVELY day! <3

Have YOU tried Lock Laces yet?? What color would YOU choose?? Which part do YOU dislike more–tying or untying YOUR shoes??

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  1. love love love lock laces way more than i thought i would! i never realized how much i do hate tying and untying my shoes haha

  2. I HATE UNTYING! I need to buy some of these- I’ve heard such good things. Hope the classes go well! I taught Pump this AM and am teaching step this afternoon. Whoop- now, to my day job!

  3. I am also a proud owner of hot pink Lock Laces and I LOVE them. I run alot and I always had to double knot my shoes so they wouldn’t come untied, but not anymore!!

  4. I love these! I want another pair…personally in green to match my green shoes! :) I hate it when my shoes come untied especially in a race!



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