18 Weeks {Pregnancy Weight Gain}

Hey you guys!

First off, thank you SO much for your kind comments. I’m glad you enjoy the new design/blog look too. I was hoping you would! 😉 And in case we ever meet in person (I sure hope we do!!), this blog reflects my personality to a tee–I love bright colors, I’m not afraid to be myself, and I like to think I am inviting & outgoing!

Well, today is another pregnancy update! I feel so blessed to be pregnant, so to be honest, I love writing these. Plus, today covers a topic that is quiteeeee controversial, so I’m excited to write about it!


18 Weeks {Pregnancy Weight Gain}

Baby Perks is just over 18 weeks today and is about the size of a bell pepper.

Here’s what else Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • She is about 5 1/2 inches long and she weighs almost 7 ounces.
  • She is busy flexing her arms and legs.
  • Baby Perks’ blood vessels are visible through the thin skin, and her ears are now in their final position, although they’re still standing out from the head a bit.
  • A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around her nerves, a process that will continue for a year after birth.
  • As Baby Perks is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. (caarrraazy)

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

18 weeks -pregnancy

How far along? 18 weeks (& 2 days)

Baby’s size? bell pepper (one of my fave veggies!)

Total weight gain/loss: 5 pounds as of last checkup. Pretty sure I’ll gain that 1-ish lb/week though, the way I’ve been eating!

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: This week I slept awesome….except for 1 night. Nightmares wake me up! And then I can’t fall back asleep. boo. So no watching or reading the news for me, folks!

Best moment this week: Telling even more people we’re having a GIRL! I’ve also been loving some reading Jared & I do together (baby books).

Miss Anything? Laying on my stomach comfortably….it’s starting to get uncomfortable. Sad day, because that’s my favorite position to ‘hang’ out in! Oh well, it’s worth it for her.

Movement: She is moving like crazy in there, however, I still haven’t felt her yet. I’m dying to feel her move!

Food cravings: Nothing too much or crazy this week. Finally my appetite is coming back to normal & I’m simply eating a lot & all day! I often still want the lime/lemon fruit popsicles, pink lemonade, grapefruit zevia + lime sherbet combo, salty sweet potato fries, cheese, & eggs, though.

zevia and lime sherbet

sweet potato fries

Food aversions: Nothing, really. Italian never sounds good, though. (other than pizza–but that doesn’t seem Italian to me?!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just my vitamins….which I’ve now begun taking right before bed. GENIUS idea! Thanks, sis!


Labor Signs: Obviously none.

Symptoms: Not many! I feel pretty awesome.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? I’ve worn a few tops & def new bras. Still have yet to buy maternity bottoms. Plus, it’s Summer now here (finally), so I can wear skirts, & since I’ve got quite a few that are elastic waistband, I’m holding off on buying bottoms just yet!

Baby items purchased? nada.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy!! I def teared up on Mother’s Day though, thanks to a few really sweet notes from Jared.

Funny moments this week: Saturday night with our friends was pretty darn hilarious! They’re just a great couple & we have a lot of fun together.

Looking forward to: Feeling her MOVE!!!! Come on baby, kick harder. 😉 (or maybe I have no idea what ‘feeling’ I’m looking for? I want those gas-like bubbles & butterflies! hah.)


Fitness Thoughts at 18 weeks:

18 weeks -fit pregnancy

{the day before 18 weeks, but it’s pretty close}

  • I’m feeling pretty good fitness-wise! I’m less out of breath than I used to be, but I also tire quicker, especially in moves that involve going from bottom to top/vice versa (burpees, standing up after a push up, etc). Also, Zumba kicks my butt unless I have a fan blowing directly on ME. Luckily, I am the instructor, so I get to do what I want. #bossy
  • I really love teaching fitness, and because I feel great & my doc’s given me the okay, I’m still doing (mostly) what I did before.
  • Teaching fitness is so motivating for me too, and it makes me feel good that I can still contribute in some way to helping others get fit. I also really have loved my GRIT team these last 5+ weeks! I’m going to miss them, come Friday after our last session. :(


Pregnancy Weight Gain

Ahhhhh yes. The topic that gets so many riled up. That brings up so many questions. That seems to be kinda touchy.

Pregnancy is probably the only time it’s okay to say to friends/family (NOT strangers, ever) “you’re showing [a belly]!” Any other time it would be (obviously) rude. Pregnancy (w/exception of anorexia) is also the only time that women should want to gain weight, and that weight gain is seen as a badge of honor, exciting, and sometimes enviable.

Here’s something that everyone should realize & know. And keep in their heads. :

  • every pregnancy is different
  • every pregnancy of every woman is different
  • each pregnancy a woman has can differ from her last
  • pregnancy weight gain should never be compared to someone else’s pregnancy weight gain

Got it?

I stumbled upon a blog post nycrunningmama shared about a year ago: Suggested Weight Gain During Pregnancy-Harmful or Helpful? It was well written, and the comments were even more intriguing. She obviously asks the above question, and most seemed to agree with her that the suggestions could often be harmful, because they simply were so limited in scope, & that because every pregnancy is different, many women suffer unnecessarily by being out of the supposed ‘range.’

I think that if you check with your doctor at every checkup and are candid with him/her, they will let you know if something is up. However, they often go by the ‘ranges’ to know if something is amiss or not. But anything measurable needs something to be measured against, right?

I personally think the ranges in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters are probably close to accurate for most pregnancies, but may not tell the story for the other women’s pregnancies, and thus raise a false alarm for the mother. And the ranges for the 1st trimester? They seem to be a little more skewed.

I know that for me, not gaining weight in the first trimester wreaked a bit of havoc on my soul! (In addition to knowing I was eating more crap!)I thought that if I wasn’t gaining, the baby wasn’t. Which is entirely untrue, at least in that trimester.

And by the way, weight gain is NOT linear with you showing.

I think what I’m simply trying to say is this: pregnancy looks & feels different on any woman. So don’t go around judging yourself or your weight gain in your pregnancy against others’. It does absolutely nothing. Nothing. Well, actually it does; it creates anxiety, pride, and more worry. Which you don’t need extra of, by the way.

Truthfully? Not gonna lie, all these things can be tough. There were some days there where it was really tough knowing that I was ‘behind’ on the weight gain. Or that I wasn’t showing enough yet (compared to what I ‘should’ look like). Did that do much for me other than cause more worry & anxiety? NO.

My doc & the tec say everything looks perfect, and that I’m doing fine, so I go by that. I’m going to quit worrying & comparing myself or my lack of bump with others. My baby is growing, and my bump will show up too. (hopefully soon!!!)

On the flip side, my ‘girls’ have gotten bigger, and I’ve gotten much rounder, none the less. So there are also days where I’m like, uhhhhhhh my body is changing!!! Ahhhhhhh! Every woman will have those moments. But that’s normal. It’s okay to have days of feeling uneasy in this growing bod. And it’s okay to feel a bit uncertain of what that beautiful blessing will do to that bod in the days to come. Because from what I’ve heard, it’s totally and completely worth it.

I feel blessed, no matter the changes that will occur.

And that is all that matters. These changes, this growth, it all matters. And it’s probably one of the most important matter in life-creating life.


Have a beautiful day!! <3

What do YOU think about the pregnancy weight gain charts?? Why is it SO hard not to compare pregnancy weight gains or bumps??! What are YOU craving this week?? 

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  1. Great post! I’m craving ice cream… but then again, I’m always craving ice cream lol

  2. Caroline says:

    Like you said, everyone’s pregnancies differ and yet many people still want t give you their opinion on your size. You just listen to your doctor because he knows better then the lady at the grocery store. :)

  3. Gaining weight while you are pregnant is supposed to happen. If women don’t get that, well then they have a big problem now don’t they? 😉 The only problem I have with gain as regards to pregnancy is if you are like my SIL, think you are eating for 5 people (as in eat all the crap you want without regards to hunger and nutrition), when in fact you are eating for 1 plus a growing baby. Then, not taking the weight off after baby #1, becoming pregnant again 1 year afterwards and continue the cycle. Now she is so large she can barely move to keep up with her kids. Ah…..ok off on a tangent, but you see my point. :)

    This week I am loving COLD smoothies, crisp salads, and lots of yummy fruit. Had my first watermelon on Sunday night. And I also splurged and purchased rainbow sherbet and cones at the grocery. Your instagram pics have a tendency to rub off. :)

  4. You’re so adorable! SO glad you’re doing and feeling well! I never really had food aversions during my pregnancy (except coffee- which I was grateful for because I”m a coffee addict and gave it up 100% during pregnancy). I think every pregnancy definitely is different. And different people gain different amounts of weight in varying places. I think the charts are good to give you an idea of letting you know if you’re being too cautious with your eating or maybe having too much of a hay day (I’m eating for two…hundred!).

  5. Right on!! Everybody’s body is soooo different, and every pregnancy is different (and unique!). With my first pregnancy, I didn’t show until at least 20 weeks and was definitely on the “low” side of those (dumb) charts. With my second, I showed a little sooner but was still on the “low” side of the weight gain. As long as your baby is growing and developing the way she should, then you have nothing to worry about! You’ll “pop” soon enough and then the belly will be impossible to ignore! :-)

  6. You are exactly spot-on about everyone and their own pregnancies…EVERYone is different and no one single chart or range is ever going to fit everyone. As long as mommy and baby are both healthy, it really doesn’t matter to me!

    I LOVE that tank top!!

  7. Amen! Couldn’t agree with you more! Every woman carries differently and gains weight differently. No comparing allowed! 😉

  8. Although I haven’t had a baby, I do have some thoughts on weight gain. EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT. Look at it from a period standpoint alone. Some women don’t bloat or gain weight during their period…where I look like a balloon when I do. We are all different, hormones are different, charts cant define that. And each woman can be different with each child. My SIL is pregnant with baby #2, she gained a TON of weight with her first, and this time she has gained less than half of what she did the first time. There is no standard, or at least there shouldn’t be.

  9. You are super cute! I love how you’re such a go-getter and teaching class through your pregnancy!

    And that lime “ice-cream” looks amazing!

  10. A baby girl!!! Congratulations! I

  11. Great post! You are so adorable!

  12. Great post! I like the weight gain charts because I like to have a guide, but I’m pretty good at keeping in mind that they’re only that – just guides. If you’re off (above or below), it’s okay! I was just so worried at first about gaining too much because I’m just so darn hungry all the time, but now I can see everything is going to be fine. I can see how the guides would be detrimental to some people though – comparing themselves to standards that may not even fit their personal needs/baby/genetics/metabolism/etc.

    I’ve been on a granola kick this week. Granola 2, Tiffany 0.

  13. You are looking fab! You definitely don’t need to worry about weight gain! You are eating for 2 like everyone else has said. I’ve never been pregnant and my biggest fear is gaining weight, but hopefully by then I’ll be more understanding that my body will go through some huge changes! (for the best)

    • For sure—and it’s such a different kind of weight gain too. Obv in the later stages of pregnancy (2nd-3rd tri), it means your baby is growing, so it’s quite motivation! Plus, hunger cues pick up. The body knows what to do :)

  14. CONGRATS! You look amazing and yay for a little princess on the way!!

    I love what you wrote at the end, every pregnancy is different! We should not compare bumps, haha! I think it is sad when I see girls comparing and some have even asked me how much weight I have gained or say I am not eating enough, blah blah! I know I am healthy and this baby boy is healthy, my doctor checkups have all gone well so far and I am on track! Baby is too!

    I was ALL baby with my son and I actually ate horrible, talk about mcdonalds all the time and wings, and I still was just all baby. I am carrying this time the same, all baby. It is genetics too and everyone is different! Loved this post! Thank you!!

    • Thank you for your comment—so so true! And yes, genes has a lot to do with it, I agree. My mom always carried her babies more toward her back, so she never got really huge or showed early. But all of us turned out (mostly) normal 😉 hehe

  15. Definitely do what you need to do girl! You are Annette, not Woman Close #948573498. :)

  16. So interesting! I’ve craving Greek food this week…lots of hummus and tzatziki!

  17. danielle says:

    you have the BEST attitude :)
    xoxoxox hugs and smiles

  18. I monitored my weight gain out of curiosity and realized half way through that my body was going to gain whatever it needed. I was fine with it, though I certainly felt SO big by the end. I guess pregnancy will do that to ya 😉 I focused on eating healthy foods to help baby grow and staying active and let my body do it’s thang. I think you have a great outlook and CONGRATS on the baby GIRL! I might be biased, but baby girls are pretty incredible… :)

  19. I know this is an older post, but this is where I’m at now and it was SO helpful!!! It’s so nice to hear another woman have the same thoughts and feelings during pregnancy! It’s NOT easy not to compare, nor is it easy to sit back and watch our body change before our eyes–for the bigger! And yes, not necessarily the bump! At least THAT bump 😉 Thank you for such an honest, humble outlook! I’m happy I get to keep reading about the rest of your pregnancy! And congrats! :) ~Leah
    Leah Watson recently posted…The Beginning of a Baby Bump!My Profile



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