Weekend Recap + Blog Redesign

Hey, hey!

Notice anything different around these parts???

If you don’t, uhhhhhh, then I guess you must be brand new to the blog! (welcome) Otherwise, yes, my blog/website got a complete overhaul over the weekend. And I freaking love it!

My husband is the genius behind it all–and designed everything the way I wanted it to be. He also stayed up until 3 a.m. Friday night finishing it for me. That is true love right there, folks! The banner was co-designed by me (!), and by my brilliant graphic designer, brother-in-law. Also, a NEW tab is at the top:

pregnancy tab

I have never been so happy with a finished product or website in my entire life. It is SO me, and I love it so so much. These colors are my personality to a tee, the different intricacies of the site & how things look match exactly what I’ve always wanted, and a big, fun banner is exactly what I’ve dreamed of. I couldn’t be happier with it! So so in love with it, I might just marry it……


I have liked my past blog designs, yes, but there is a time & a season for everything, and it was wellllllll past time for a new look. All completely matched to what I WANT & what I love….. I am a lucky girl.

And so blessed to have a husband who likes doing that stuff (he had a lot of fun working on it all, actually, he said. I think he might be telling the truth…..b/c he actually went back to school for computer science: web development last year. Yahhh, I think he likes computers & web stuff?? hah)


Weekend Recap

You already know how most of our Friday evening was spent! (see above). I crashed around 9 though….so luckily by then my input was already given, & the inner workings just had to be done by Jared.

However, I had no idea how long it would take (apparently some of the stuff I wanted wasn’t compatible with the original theme I chose), so yah. I was asleep. And then not. I woke up lots of times to use the bathroom & because of bad dreams. Majorly crappy night.

Saturday I co-coached GRIT. (p.s. GRIT Cardio is so freaking tough. It’s def the hardest of the 3. I can’t even do 1/7th of it, and I was dying)

I showered for forever, cleaned, ate, did laundry, lounged on the porch, ate some more.


And then drove myself to meet up with some blog friends!

fro yo

Hi Janae, Sharsti, & Ashley! {photo from Janae}

We ate delicious fro yo–I hadn’t had it since before I was pregnant! whoa! It tasted delicious again, yay!

weekend fro yo

And chatted about all things pregnancy (two of us are pregnant, & Janae & Sharsti both have kids), blogs, and more. It was a blast!

weekend recap

Isn’t she cute??

Brooke is too, I guess.


After I got home, it was more laundry, and lots of reading & lounging on the porch. I heart gorgeous, sunny weather.

Then DATE night with our friends! Sadly no pics with them. I am so bad at remembering to snap photos of people….food is a different story. Especially sweet potato fries.

sweet potato fries-weekend recap

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and Jared made it so special with some really sweet gifts and of course, his gift of the blog. Β All I wanted was a huge plate of fruit in the morn.

fruit -weekend recap

We attended church, took naps, ate leftovers from Red Robin, read, and then headed to his parent’s house for more Mother’s Day fun & delicious food!

Mexican feast & homemade grasshopper ice cream. Mmmmmm.

weekend recap IMG_5275

I just have to say, yesterday was extra special for me because I am a mom now (technically), and so it just meant a whole lot more. And my tears showed it. πŸ˜‰ I am so grateful for this little blessing growing inside me!

mother's day 2013

As I mentioned before, there is a time & season for all things, and for me, it is finally my time to be a mother. She is already so so loved! <3


Well as ya can see, it was a great weekend!

Cheers to a great week ahead (with BLEND retreat at the end of it)!! <3

I am off to coach GRIT (final week), and BP/CX. Then work. Catch ya later friends!

p.s happy birthday to my 1-year-old nephew!

p.p.s The WINNER of the ZeeBee Threads fitness top GIVEAWAY is: #28, Laura! Congrats! {The winner will be emailed & her prize sent}


How was YOUR weekend?? What did YOU do to celebrate your mom and/or being a mom?? What is YOUR favorite part of the blog re-design?!? How awesome is Jared for doing this for me?!Β hehe :)

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  1. LOVE the new design!!!

  2. LOVE the new look!! It looks great!! Yay for you being a mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aw, glad you had a great Mothers Day! I LOVE the new design!

  4. LOVE the new design! glad you had such a nice weekend :)

  5. Awesome new, fresh look! I’m loving the colour combo :) Sunday was my first Mother’s Day and I too was spoilt with some super comfy workout gear :) sooo lucky!! Hubby also took Miss 5 months for a walk a picked me a special pink rose ( from someone’s front yard, oooops!) The fro yo looks delish!, I live in Australia and I have no idea where I can get it!!

    • Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day to me! <3

      I'm so sorry you don't have fro yo there.....that's real sad. So come visit here & then we'll eat lots together!

  6. Loving the new design! I’m in desperate need of a new one, but it’s hard finding the time to mess with it myself. Also, I need that dress. Super cute.

  7. Sarah G. says:

    Love the new design and LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress you have on in the last pic!!!

  8. omg I am SO jealous that you got to meet Brooke!!!!!! She is the cutest little thing ever. And what is grasshopper ice cream??

    • Grasshopper cookies are like thin mint cookies (you can find them in most stores, I think? or is it a UT thing?), so that ice cream was made from the cookies. SO SO SO good!!

      Brooke was sooo adorable, even more so in person!!

  9. Looks like a fun weekend with yummy food and good friends.

    Happy 1st Mothers Day to you, I can’t imagine how emotional and happy you must be (I’d be a sobbing mess!)

    YAY! Thanks for the giveaway win! So pumped to try the new tank top out, love trying new workout clothes, I mean besides my office clothes, that is all I wear!

  10. I absolutely love the new layout! What program did you use to design your new header? I am thinking it’s about time to freshen up my blog a bit :)

  11. woohoo! looks fab! so bright and fun!

  12. You are just the cutest pregnant lady! I love your new blog design, he did such a great job!

  13. Love the new look! Two thumbs up for fabulous husbands :-)
    Next Mother’s Day is going to be even MORE amazing… YAY!!

  14. What a fun blogger meet up! Yall are beautiful! I want that Mexican feast! I had Mexican last night too. Great mother’s day food (IMO). You are going to be an amazing mama

  15. love the new design!!! and love your dress!!

  16. Lindsay says:

    New design looks great!!! So bright and happy. :)

  17. LOVE the redesign (and that dress on you at the end!).

    What a wonderful looking weekend. And happy 1st mother’s day to you! πŸ˜‰

  18. Anne Marie says:

    awh you look so happy and cute in the last picture!:)

  19. danielle says:

    oh wowowowowow love your new site!!!! super sleek, chic and stylish, just like you!
    had the best mom’s weekend ever, saturday our family attended a “scavenger hunt” in the city that was supporting fair trade. it was at one of my favorite shopping villages, and it made us explore the entire area looking for our clues, so much fun!!!! then we had a great vietnamese lunch and lounged all day – ended with a special deep tissue massage. painfully awesome.
    yesterday my brother and i cooked my mom her favorite meal, then finished it off with a dessert buffet… i actually baked 3 things and my brother made 2, and there were only 4 people eating. um, leftovers! but so fun and just great family weekend.
    happy monday!!! xoxox

  20. Love the new blog design! It’s so fresh and pretty!! :)

  21. Looks like a super fun weekend.
    I adore the new blog!!!!!! It’s so pretty and so you.
    You are going to be an amazing Mama!!! So excited for you and your family still!!
    It must have made this Mother’s Day so special.
    And I love the picture of you, you’re glowing and the dress looks stunning on you!

  22. I love the design. I also love your spring dress! Both are adorable. :)

  23. I love the new design! I am still figuring out the whole design system with mine. Hopefully one day mine will look as nice as yours! Glad you had a good mothers day!

  24. Typically I do sunday training workout with my Spartan Race partner, but instead we did a quick pyrolates class on Saturday and I spent Sunday hanging out with Mom. :)

  25. The new blog design looks amazing Annette! Seems so fitting for your personality πŸ˜€

  26. I am new to your blog, but I love the design! Looks great!

  27. This is such the perfect color scheme for you! :)

  28. Grit Cardio was only launched recently and I got to try it and loved it- it’s heaps hard but so fun haha.
    Oh and love the new look- very you πŸ˜‰
    Happy Mother’s Day New Mumma- glad you spent it doing the things you love. Oh and a hubby that can redesign your blog? Where can I get me one of those.

    Ps. Love the ‘designed by The Husband’ down the bottom ha.

  29. Those sweet potato fries look absolutely amazing!!

  30. Love the redesign! Great color scheme and awesome top bar :)

  31. Had so much fun chatting with you this weekend. We should have a Buy Buy Baby date next. πŸ˜‰



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