Friday Randoms

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY! <3

By this time of the week, my mind is full of random thoughts….so here are my Friday Randoms!

Friday Randoms

1. I can’t eat enough pizza. Or homemade chocolate chip cookies.

friday randoms IMG_5230

Seriously. I could either of those foods alllll day long & not be disgusted by them.

Oh wait, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing this week……

2. Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Yay! It’s a bit more special for me this time around for obvious reasons. 😉

I am grateful I have a mother who unconditionally loves me. My mom has literally given her life to being a mother (I have 9 siblings-yes, she birthed them all), and has been the best example to me of what it means to be a mother.

I also really love that she gave her time to be there for me & my siblings (she was a SAHM the second she gave birth to her 1st child, and STILL is! My littlest sis is 12). My mom is the reason I desired to be a mother! My mom doesn’t read blogs, so she won’t see this, but I’ll be sure to share these thoughts with her! <3

3. Only 1 more week of coaching GRIT. 

This is bittersweet. My team has been amazing & so inspiring. The fitness gains they’ve made have been really cool to watch & be a part of!

I’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (and yarf. hah), into coaching GRIT (during my 1st & 2nd tri’s!), so it’s sad to see it go for a bit.

GRIT coach

With that being said, waking up many mornings/week to coach GRIT has not been easy peasy. And so, I do welcome that change.

In one week, GRIT will be done for awhile for me. The way the gym does it where I coach is in 6-week increments. Because of summer & vacations, there most likely won’t be any sessions. And then when they resume….well, I’ll be well into my 3rd tri –and mostly because some of the moves get much much tougher to show (I have to be able to show it & then coach it too), once I get bigger, it’s not fair to the GRIT teams.

It’s hard to say good-bye to something you love….but I shall be back!

4. I found an AMAZINGLY tasty combo.

zevia sherbet combo -friday randoms

grapefruit zevia + sherbet

Holy goodness this is delicious!!

5. Eating what I want & what my body craves is really cool.

I know, I know. It’s not news, and I’ve been doing it for a few years now, but it’s just cool.

I will write a post about this in greater depth, especially from a pregnancy perspective. I can just say this: I am so glad I figured out what it meant to feed & fuel my body well BEFORE I got pregnant. I think I would’ve been a lot more anxious about food/weight gain as a pregnant lady if I hadn’t.

6. Taking my pills in the morning is NOT cool any more.

Yah. Without going into too many details (yarf), I can’t seem to keep my pills down every morning. And in turn, I waste food & time. It’s annoying yes, but it’s also really frustrating.

However, my sis gave me a great idea to try! I am going to begin taking my pills before bed….and fall asleep before I feel queasy. I think this will work better too, because by then I will have had more food in my stomach. Thanks, sis!

7. My library allows 3 free downloads of songs per week.

This is utterly cool. I get to download & keep the songs (duh), all for freeeeeeee!

Of course the limit of 3/week is there, but for me, as a non-music person, it’s cool.

8. I get sweet potato fries again this weekend. SO excited.

sweet potato fries

Even though the craving for them isn’t as strong as it was a few weeks ago, I am still STOKED to get my bottomless sweet potato fries again!

Our friends who had to cancel last minute a few weeks ago, want to go out this weekend. I am ALLLL for that!

9. ONE week until BLEND Retreat!!!

SOOOO excited!!!


Dang, that girl can sing! I got goosebumps just listening to it! (She’s an 11 year old who sings the national anthem at a soccer game). Impressed.


Have a great weekend!! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday randoms?? What is a GREAT combo YOU’ve found -food-wise?? What are YOUR plans for the weekend??!

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  1. You’ll be back to grit before you know it!! I had to take my prenatals and iron supplements during pregnancy right before bed. Wayyyy too much on the tummy! Enjoy your fries!

  2. Sarah G. says:

    Hey there! Just found your blog recently via HungryRunnerGirl and love it!

    My plans for this weekend are running with my running club, doing fitness assessments (again, with the club), picking up some fancy cupcakes I got my mom for mother’s day and purchasing new running shoes (much to my husband’s dismay… oh well) Oh! and if it doesn’t rain, mom and I will be taking a 20-ish mile bike ride along the Delaware Canal for Mother’s Day.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Blue cheese on potato salad…ok really just blue cheese on anything!

  4. Love your randoms and I share the first random with you on an everyday basis :)

    We have to take a little road trip this weekend, but a Trader Joe’s stop is involved (Yay!) and then I plan on spoiling my mother with a cajun shrimp boil on Sunday :)

  5. Wow, what a voice on that little girl, Lexi! I can’t believe she’s so young; her voice sounds very mature. Also, I could eat pizza + chocolate chip cookies daily and be content.

    Happy Mother’s Day, by the way. I don’t know if you’re celebrating yet, but I thought I’d add it. :)

  6. oh my gosh her singing is giving me chills too!!! And now I like really want some Sherbert!

  7. Nicole says:

    How did you discover the Zevia + lime sherbert mix??

    • I made it up!!

      However, when I was younger, my mom would make a fun party drink out of sprite & sherbet (raspberry or lime), so I had the idea the other day when I wasn’t feeling too awesome….and YES I am a genius 😉 hehe

  8. Yay! I can’t believe Blend is one week away . . . I’m so excited!

    Wow–you have 9 siblings?! Your Mom must be a saint!

    See the sherbet and Zevia combo reminded me of my childhood. We used to make sherbet and 7Up for dessert all the time. I had completely forgotten about it! Perfect for summertime.

  9. Awe that note about your Mom made me smile, so sweet! And amazing!
    Zevia and sherbert holy that sounds amazing!
    And you’ll be back teaching before long! Imagine how much booty you’ll kick after labor 😉
    I also love that you’re eating what your body wants and craves, refreshing to see!
    Have a fantastic weekend beauty!

  10. Love your random thoughts and I’m so agree that it’s important to be at peace with food and your body and have that balance in your life before you tip things on their head and get pregnant :)

  11. Your mom is an amazing woman! Wow- lot of diapers and tears! 😉

  12. …Now I need to get some ginger root beer zevia and vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt. Root beer float!!

  13. You definitely made me want to try Zevia and sherbert! :-)

  14. Sweet potato fries are my favorite. I’m making some tonight… after I buy some sweet potatoes. I’ll be at Blend too! Can’t wait! See you there.


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