ZeeBee Threads Fitness Apparel Review & GIVEAWAY

Hey friends!

Thanks for being excited for us & our baby GIRL announcement! Yay! <3 We’re pretty stoked.

I can’t wait to buy all things pink…… :)


In case you haven’t heard, I love wearing fitness clothes. I mean, hello, I practically live in them, so yah, I like ’em. a lot.

And if you choose right, they like you back. 😉

ZeeBee Threads Fitness Apparel Review

A few weeks ago ZeeBee Threads contacted me to see if I wanted to try out some of their active/fitness line. And then possibly do a giveaway. Ummmmm yes! Free fitness clothes? And then sharing the love with you IF I liked the clothes? I’m in.

I was excited when they sent two tops for me to try.

zeebee threads

I chose the above top in that color (pink. duh)


zeebee threads

And I chose this top in that color (green).


I’ve worn both while teaching fitness classes & have washed them both.

So here’s my review on each of ’em:

Bamboo Performance Racerback Tank

I knew right away when I popped this shirt on, that I would love it. Holy soft & long!!

zeebee threads bamboo

{I spy baby roundness!}

And a creeper pic:

zeebee threads

….I’m so good at taking pictures before I teach….NOT.


The Bamboo in this shirt gives this top an incredible feel. And it moves with you! Plus it’s breathable, stylish, and like I said, LONG. I hate fitness tops that are made for 4 footers. Nothing wrong with those gals, but my torso is like 4 feet by itself.

The top looked the exact same after a wash, so it’s quality is pretty fab. I just can’t get over how soft it is! It looks like a normal fitness racerback top, until you put IT on. Really, it’s that awesome.

This one gets 2 thumbs way up!


Eco-Friendly Racerback Tank

This shirt is fun because of the racerback look (could ya tell I like racerback style?), and it is also nice & soft. It is more ‘flowy’ than the Bamboo top though, so it’s not as long, nor does it really show off your ‘shape.’

But mayyyyybbbeee some of us like that? I know that I am glad I got it, because it is more flowy & roomy for my growing baby bump!

zeebee threads

It also has rounded edges on the front & back which does make this tank a bit more ‘normal’ sized in length. If you like your tanks a bit more flowy than normal athletic wear, you’d like this tank.

It handled well in the wash too.

For me though, I give it 1 thumbs up–simply because I’d buy it again, but just in 1 more color, not in 4 different colors, like I would the Bamboo top.


{ZeeBee Threads Fitness Apparel} GIVEAWAY TIME!

Now one of YOU gets to win a free tank, thanks to the generous folks at ZeeBee Threads!

Mandatory to ENTER the Giveaway:

  • In the comments, tell me WHICH of the above tanks you’d want & in what color!


  • Follow ZeeBee Threads on Twitter, and/or me on Twitter & leave a comment telling me you did so. Each follow gets an entry!
  • Tweet the following: “I want to win a @ZeeBeeThreads top via @FitnessPerks:  http://bit.ly/15BlGI6 ”  –tell me in a comment you did so

That’s pretty simple to getting a dreamy fitness top….wouldn’t you agree?!

{Disclosure: I was sent the tops for free for review purposes. All opinions in this review are my own.}


Have a GREAT day! <3

Enter the Giveaway: tell me WHICH of the above tanks you’d want & in what color!?!

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  1. i think i’d like the eco-friendly racerback tank in purple – i could wear it to the gym but also just lounging around in the summer!

  2. followed & tweeted!

  3. I like the Eco Friendly racer back tank in purple as well. Love the deep purple color!

  4. Lanna says:

    Eco racer back in green

  5. Cassie says:

    I like the Bamboo performance in purple! These looks comfy!

  6. maggie says:

    I love the bamboo performance racerback tank in purple!

  7. I LOVE the Eco-Friendly racer-back tee in green!

  8. I’d love the racerback tank in green! Such a great color.

  9. I follow you on twitter!

  10. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  11. Danielle Duffey says:

    I’d like the eco-friendly racerback tank in purple – I also have a long torso and would be so comfortable in the summer!

  12. Bamboo performance in black. Love the longer length

  13. Larissa says:

    I would go with the bamboo in currant because I don’t have any workout gear in that color.

  14. Caroline says:

    Eco friendly in purple! I’m still working on getting my baby weight off so I prefer the less-tight fit right now.

  15. Robin says:

    I would love the bamboo tank in green!

  16. I like the Eco Friendly tank in green; what a pretty green they chose. :) Also, I liked your line about four footers… I’m 4’10”, so I appreciate those short tops. 😛 It definitely makes me appreciate these clothing lines more when you think of all the different body types they’re trying to accommodate.

    Also, congrats on baby girl! How exciting!

  17. Comfortable workout clothes are my favorite. I don’t have any green workout clothes so I’d love the eco-friendly tank in green.

  18. followed zeebee threads on twitter

  19. followed you on twitter!

  20. Love the Eco friendly racer back tank . I really the green.

  21. I’d get the eco friendly racerback tank in green :). I don’t have many green shirts. I’m short (5’0″) so I like short tops but I have a few that are even a little short ON ME so I can imagine how hard it is for taller girls to find things.

    Congrats on having a girl :). I know you’ll love buying things in pink and just having a baby girl. I like little boys too, don’t get me wrong, but girl clothes are just cuter, hehe.

  22. The performance in green! I loveeee a long tank…especially with a good fit. So key when you’re teaching! Adorable

  23. I think I would like the Eco Friendly Racerback tank in the grey color. Although they both sound terrific. Thank you.

  24. I follow you on Twitter @JillSnethen

  25. I love racerback tanks, and that green is so pretty!

  26. Definitely the Eco-Friendly Racerback Tank in red!

  27. I would love to have the Bamboo Performance Racerback Tank in green. Looks so cute and soft!

  28. I’d love that first Bamboo one, I love longer tops (maybe because they make me look less short LOL). But seriously, that in a light pink or blue would be super sweet!

  29. Laurel C says:

    My favorite is the eco racer back in green!

  30. Laurel C says:
  31. Laurel C says:

    I follow on twitter too!

  32. Alexandra says:

    I love the bamboo racerback in pink! And congrats on the baby girl! How exciting!!

  33. Alexandra says:

    Already Follow you on Twitter

  34. Kelsey I. says:

    I would love the eco friendly tank in green.

  35. Bamboo performance in pink! Love the longer length since I have a super long torso.

  36. Oh man, I’d go for either one!! Tough decision. Maybe the bamboo one would be better for me since I have a longer torso though?

  37. That Eco-Friendly Racerback Tank in green is absolutely my style – so cute!! I’d love to try that!

  38. I follow you on Twitter!

  39. I follow ZeeBee Threads on Twitter!

  40. Tweeted!

  41. I just followed Zeebee Threads!

  42. And I already follow you on twitter

  43. And I tweeted! :)

  44. I want the bamboo shirt in green! Bamboo fabric is SO SOFT! All workout clothes should be made out of it. Love it!

  45. Mollie K says:

    I would prefer the eco friendly tank because I like to workout in baggier tops!! Id probably want it in black cause I sweat like crazy when I work out :)

  46. I love the bamboo top in pink! Although I am a mere 5’1′, I like my tops longer because I’m self-conscious of my “I had two c-sections” pooch and longer shirts cover it a little better :-)

  47. And I already follow you in Twitter!

  48. i want that exact green one you picked out. in fact i think i own one nearly identical and i live in it!

  49. i follow you on twitter

  50. i followed them on twitter

  51. i tweeted!

  52. Bamboo Performance Racerback Tank in pink. They all look comfy! running. in. boise @yahoo .com

  53. I’d definitely go with the top one… in the dark blue. I have a Bamboo top from another company and I agree – SO SOFT.

  54. I’d love the Eco Friendly racer back in green. I’m newly pregnant as well so it would be great for the growing bump!

  55. the racerback top in purple! gorgeous!

  56. The bamboo in berry

  57. Corina says:

    I like the eco-friendly tank in purple! thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Sharon says:

    I like the Eco Friendly racer back tank in purple as well. such a gorgeous purple.

  59. I love all things green, so I am totally into the Eco Friendly racer back tank. I prefer racer backs to any other type of shirt. I also tweeted your giveaway!!
    I am glad you now get to go buy things all PINK! So much fun!

  60. I love the Bamboo Racerbank and I definitely like the hot pink.

    I enjoy your blog so much :)

  61. I love the Bamboo Racerback tank! It looks so comfy. I like it in the royal blue color…very pretty!

  62. I follow you on Twitter :) (@amyRunWithPers)

  63. I now follow ZeeBee on Twitter

  64. …and I tweeted about the giveaway!

  65. Alyssa says:

    Oooo I love the bamboo performance racerback tank. Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  66. Alyssa says:

    *** Edit:

    The bamboo performance racerback tank in PURPLE!

  67. Jessica says:

    I would choose the bamboo tank in pink. It looks perfect for a summer workout!

  68. Christine says:

    I love the bamboo racerback in pink!!!

  69. I would like either one in pink!

  70. Kaitlyn says:

    I want the eco-friendly racer back and I actually LOVE it in that green!!

  71. Kaitlyn says:

    Following you on twitter!

  72. Follow you on twitter!

  73. Bamboo in greeeen!

  74. I would love to win the bamboo performance top! In the dark blue! It’s so cute!

  75. I’m loving the Eco Friendly Racerback Tank in green! Super cute

  76. I follow you on Twitter!

  77. I follow ZeeBee on Twitter!

  78. Thanks Annette for the great review and awesome pics!! And thanks to everyone for your feedback about the tanks. We knew we loved these tops and we’re glad to know that all of you do too!

  79. Carleigh says:

    Definitely the bamboo tank in purple! Too cute!

  80. Carleigh says:

    I follow ZeeBee threads on Twitter!

  81. Carleigh says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  82. I like the performance tank…but in the green color!

  83. I also follow you on twitter.

  84. michele says:

    I would love the eco friendly in purple!

  85. stacey says:

    bamboo in pink or purple

  86. Nicole says:

    I’d go with the classic racerback tank in teal. 😀

  87. Nicole says:

    I tweeted! @nv1019

  88. ecofriendly racer back tank in green

  89. i follow you on twitter

  90. Kathryn says:

    I like the Eco friendly racer back in grey.

  91. Missy says:

    The performance tank in green!

  92. The bamboo tank in purple!

  93. Stefanie Gladden says:

    the Eco-Friendly Racerback Tank in pink!

  94. Stefanie Gladden says:

    Follow ZeeBee Threads on Twitter – steffie516

  95. Stefanie Gladden says:

    following FitnessPerks on twitter – steffie516

  96. Stefanie Gladden says:
  97. Katelyn Rose says:

    I would love the performance racerback!! I needd long tanks! :)

  98. i think the eco friendly tank in grey or white would be . congrats on your bb girl :)

  99. Sarah B. says:

    I love the ecofriendly in green!

  100. Tanya says:

    id like to win the ecofriendly racer back tank in tru red

  101. Tanya says:
  102. Natalie P. says:

    I would love the bamboo performance tank in pink, so cute for running in! Thanks for hosting this gveaway!!!

  103. rachel says:

    I’d get the Eco-Friendly Racerback Tank in grey or purple! The green is pretty, too.


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