Weekend Delights + The Fault in our Stars

Hey friends!

Wow, it was a great weekend for sure. :) We celebrated our anniversary by heading up to the mountain house after work on Friday–more on that in a second.

And yessssss, our baby cooperated (like I’d hoped), so I’ll reveal the gender in tomorrow’s pregnancy update. Yay!


Weekend Delights

Taught a sweaty Zumba class Friday morning:


What is it about shakin’ it?! I love teaching & doing Zumba….so rejuvenating & such a high. Ahhhhh endorphins, how I love thee.

Left work for a bit, & Jared & I went to see what gender our baby is…


After work we headed up to my parents’ mountain house-ate dinner, chilled, watched The Impossible (holy intense & graphic! I thought it was super good though), and hit the hay.

Slept in….til like 10! hah


IMG_5205 IMG_5206


I took a bubble bath, cleaned a bit, and then went outside for the rest of the day. Jared joined me for part of it (in the shade. hah!) It was such, such nice weather! I didn’t bring my phone with me, so no pics-but sunshine, 70 degrees, in the mountains, and with a creek bubbling nearby. So peaceful!

I broke for lunch-inside. And re-applied sunscreen….I got a tan! woot!


Read & tanned.

Later it got cloudy, so I showered & we went out to see our neighbors’ horses. My parents have a lot of land (with grass), so they let the neighbors put the horses in there to eat grass. We loved having them so close!

IMG_5217 IMG_5220

We even fed them apple slices. In another life, I will own a horse farm. And ride them daily. Fun fact: I’ve always loved riding horses! Every time we get a chance to ride horses, I am alllll over it.

Sunday we went to church, napped, and chilled. It was a lovely 3 days of weekend delights!


The Fault In Our Stars {book review}

I read this book in one day. Saturday, to be precise. And in like 4 hours…


I finally got it from the library (a little late for Julie’s book club…whoopsies) It is a good, quick read, with a great story. I loved the characters a lot too! It has a lot of great humor in this book amidst sorrow, but it is not ‘fluffy’. There are some heartbreaking situations in the book, so of course I cried….. {SPOILER alert: I cried when a character died}

However, it was a great book with some good quotes & lessons to be thought about. Especially if you’re not quite sure what you believe happens after this life & the what ‘ifs’ of someone close to you dying….It would be a good one to discuss at a book club mtg!

Overall I enjoyed it-and like I said, it’s a pretty quick read–you’ll want to keep reading & reading until you’re done.


Well, I’m off to coach some GRIT! Then to teach BP/CX (my boss is coming to evaluate! eeeeek!) & work all day.

Have a GREAT day, ya all! <3

What were some of YOUR weekend delights?? Do YOU like horses?? Have YOU read the Fault in Our Stars–if so, what did YOU think?!?

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  1. Trisha says:

    I am going to check out that book , as my uncle is currently in the hospital ( ICU) with an unfavorable prognosis. It’s just a matter of time …. We are all waiting. Sounds like that book might be good timing for me.

    Your weekend sounds amazing! I feel relaxed just hearing about it and invisioning it. ! :)

    I say girl. :)

  2. Those waffles look fan-freakin-tastic. Glad you had a nice weekend getaway for your anniversary!

    I like horses, but not a lot. I was never around them much so I guess It would be safe to say I am timid around them. They’re big and strong and powerful. I’d much rather watch them from afar. I have ridden a few times, but it’s not something I would want to do all the time.

  3. Aw, I don’t want to wait til tomorrow! 😉

    The syrup on that waffle… I think I could go for just that.

  4. Mmm…that waffle!
    Also dyinggg to know the gender! Haha, such a teaser 😉
    Sounds like a fantastic anniversary celebration for you two! Next year you’ll have a little one around for your anniversary! ahhh, so exciting!
    I read that book a while ago, and yes so sad. I cried a lot in it as well.
    Definitely a decent read, but on the shorter side. Also so sad.
    I never know if I like sad books or not, I guess they’re great since they can get that emotion from me, but I hate crying haha.
    Have a lovely week!!

  5. I loved that book!

  6. Hope the classes went well! Sounds like just a lovely weekend! I can’t wait to hear the sex!!

  7. I actually went to horseback riding camp for a couple of years as a kid…but it has been years since I’ve been on one!

    I’ve been hearing a lot about that book lately, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  8. YAY!!! Congrats and yay for revealing the gender tomorrow!! So exciting!! I am very excited for you guys!!

    I am reading that book right now! I love it so far! :)

    Happy 2 year anny!

  9. danielle says:

    yep just had lunch and that waffle STILL makes me hungry!!! thanks, lol
    the weekend left me with a nice tan on my knee-caps (thanks cycling) and horrible goggle tan lines from the lake, and oh yeah! a horrible wet suit burn on my neck . yay! haha
    best part of the weekend was the weather and watching my little bro get his special cross and senior ring at the ceremony at his school. then of course family brunch after.. can you say extra bread, butter, and dessert? well sure did! love my bro. growing up way too fast… gah.
    happy monday gorgeous, have a marv one! xoxox

    • I saw some pics on FB–what a rockin’ weekend you had!!! I love how much you love your fam & all the fun things you all do together. So fantastic! xo

  10. I really like your Zumba bracelets – kicks the festivity up a notch!


  12. Definitely need to read this book! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  13. Oh, Fault in Our Stars is so good!!! It was really emotional but funny at the same time (if that’s even possible).

  14. I cried as well. I love that book.



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