Friday Confessions {4}

Hey friends.

Happy FRIDAY! Gosh, I love saying that.

This weekend is gonna rock–we’re going to celebrate our anniversary a bit more by heading up to the mountain house. So excited! Hello weekend of relaxation. I won’t be coaching GRIT (obv) this weekend, so that’s a little sad, but my team is in good hands with the other coach.

Now….on to some confessions. With these, we just have to all know to withhold any kind of judgement…. esp since I am quite a bit of an oddball πŸ˜‰

Friday Confessions {#4}

1. I’ve never been MORE excited for something…..finding out the gender of our baby!

I am seriously so so excited! I think one of the first things I started thinking about once we found out we were expecting was “is it a boy or a girl!?” For reals. I just want to know what our little munchkin is!

gender prediction - grit

{me on Wed –16.5 weeks– right after coaching a GRIT session}

Annnnnddd I may or may not have spent 20+ minutes or so the other day looking into old wives’ tales about gender predictions….

Yahhhh. And concluded that I am having a half-boy and half-girl baby. For reals! I have exactly half of the old wives’ predictions for boys (dry skin on hands, colder feet, mayan calendar prediction, craving salty & sour foods, carrying low), and half of the old wives’ predictions for girls (chinese calendar prediction, better hair, fizzing mixture with baking soda, more zits). Interesting, right? I also did the ring trick-and one time it said boy & one time it said girl. Hmmmmm.

I think finally knowing the gender will also make this pregnancy more real–esp since I’m not really showing that much yet, and lately, haven’t had as much morning sickness (still yarfing occasionally tho). I think it’ll also really connect me to our baby a bit more since I’ll sort of begin imagining the baby. It’s kinda tough when you’re still not quite sure the gender—or are thinking it’s a halfsies. hah πŸ˜‰

So if you haven’t yet, guess what we’re having in the comments! I will reveal it either Mon or Tue, once all our family & close friends know.

2. I am obsessed with lime sherbet.

I can’t stop eating it! I busted it out of the freezer yesterday, and it’s almost gone…whoopsies.

lime sherbet -friday confessions

I am just lovin’ the cold, refreshing, sour taste!

3. I goober more now.

This is kind of embarrassing, but it’s true. I’ve read that pregnancy can cause more saliva to be created…..and yah, I was already a bit of a goober when it comes to sleeping, so now the problem is worse.

Let’s just say I wash our pillows quite often….

And let the laughing commence!

4. Some days work is really awesome & some days it’s really boring.

I know, I know. Such a confession! Hah. I bet anyone can say this. But I just want to recognize that although I am doing what I love (I’m a health coach by day), and in the profession I went to school for so long for, some days can still drag on.

I think that’s okay & still healthy. But I think it’s important to note–there are ebbs & flows, even if you’re doing what you love!

5. 3 years ago today we were heading to our honeymoon in Cancun….

I really want to go again. Like right now.


We had so so much fun–and our honeymoon was actually 3 weeks long. I know, I know, who does that?!

We do. (plus we got crazy good deals, and just had to stay longer)

6. I like ketchup. Like a lot.

I totally realize it has ‘crap’ & chemicals in it, but I don’t really care. It’s so dang good.

ketchup -friday confessions

And, to be honest, the minimal amount that I eat (as compared to other chemical laden food I could eat), is really not gonna make that big of a difference.

Eat what your body wants, people, and don’t think so much about it!

7. I can’t wait for BLEND!

It’s going to be so fun to meet blogger people & other peeps who are coming. Plus….SWAG anyone?! yes, and yes.

And there are outlets up there….Jared already knows I’m hitting those stores up. πŸ˜‰ Linz, you in??

8. I really want to be tan.

I like being tan. Yes I wear sunscreen (duh), but yes I love sitting in/swimming in/and relaxing in the sun. All Summer long.

And I really like those side benefits of being tan. So sue me.

Can NOT wait for it to get warm & stay warm here in UT!!


Alright, you all have yourselves a nice Friday & a good weekend!! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday confessions today?? Do YOU goober?? Like to be tan?? Coming to BLEND?? Weekend plans??

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  1. outlets at blend?! WHAT?! i’m there!! omg this could be dangerous!! and cannot waaaaaait to find out if your munchkin is a boy or girl… or a halfsy! lol

    • YESSS. And the outlets rock!! They’re all the best stores… yah, Jared already knows I’m spending time there! (plus they’re all outside–as in not in one big building, so it’s nice to walk from store to store–esp if the weather rocks like it is right now!)

  2. Ah, so exciting!!!! Lime sherbet sounds amazing right now!

  3. I could never give up ketchup, it is wonderful stuff.

    I wish I could tan, but I’m one of those people who steps in the sun for 15 minutes and get burned, even when I’ve got 2 layers of sunscreen on. I’m just meant to be pale, apparently!

    • That’s my husband. He sat under an umbrella for a large majority of our honeymoon (when we weren’t in the water). HAH

  4. love this hahah! tanning for me = freckles galore but i still love the sun!

  5. Ahh I would be so excited to find out the gender too! I don’t know why, but I am leaning towards you having a baby girl! :)

  6. I’m so excited for you to find out if you have a boy or girl!! And I’m eating ketchup on eggs right now! haha Out of all the things to worry about in the world, ketchup is pretty low on my list.

  7. Maren says:

    I’m going to guess girl because everyone has been having boys lately! :) Can’t wait to meet you at BLEND! I totally want to be tan too. It was nice a couple days last week and I spent as much time outside as possible. I wish tanning beds didn’t cause cancer and wrinkles. dangit!

  8. Love your advice of not thinking so much about what we eat; we’re so bombarded with advice that it’s quite overwhelming. Do what works for you, yes ma’am.

    As for my confessions, I happened to post my own confessional of sorts today. πŸ˜› Have a great weekend celebrating your anniversary!

  9. I am beyond ready for a tan…I feel physically and emotionally better when I am not pasty white!

    I know when I am over tired, because John will give me a weird look in the morning when we wake up and my pillow is covered. I pass out like a kid when I am overtired and there is no battling it.

    Confession: I ate chips/salsa 3 times yesterday and I don’t feel guilty. at all.

    • I agree–I feel SO much better when I’m not pasty either!!

      YAY for chips & salsa. That sounds deeeeelish. You shouldn’t feel guilty for having ’em as much as you want, that takes the fun out of them, so I’m glad you enjoyed them! :)

  10. My psychic abilities tell me you’re having a girl. πŸ˜‰

  11. we can’t wait for Blend either! so excited.
    and wish we were laying on a beach right now πŸ˜‰

  12. Goober . . . ha! I’ve never heard it described as goober (I think I would say drooling), but I like it.

    I cannot wait for Blend, and I’m so excited to meet you!

  13. Oh I can relate all too well to these confessions! Love ketchup, being tan, and we went to Cancun for our honeymoon too (miss it so much!)! Can’t wait to hear what your little babe is!

  14. I am SO JEALOUS about Blend! It was literally on the only weekend I could absolutely not make it (graduation!). And now I really want some lime sherbert… I love sherbert but I cannot remember the last time I had it. I was probably 12.

    • I know, it’s the ONE weekend you can’t come. BIG sad face. Come out here sometime soon then? You can study for the bar in the mountains!! :)

  15. I wish I could go to Blend! SO fun!!! Enjoy! AH! Super excited for you to find out the gender. Enjoy the weekend

  16. Amelia says:

    Hopefully getting in a walk on the beach this weekend along with catching up on some gardening. We spent two weeks in St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was worth every bit. Plus, when you get a really good deal for all inclusive then they bump you up to the next level, why not?

    I <3 ketchup too. It's embarrassing how quickly I can take out a bottle. Between that and peanut butter I don't know what is worse!

    I guess a BOY. :)

  17. Haha! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having- you’re starting to show a bit too :) You should go on a babymoon back to cancun! Do IT!

  18. I can’t wait for you to find out the gender! So exciting! Cancun sounds amazing right about now!

  19. I’m a big fan of ketchup too – my plate usually looks a lot like yours when I’m having a (veggie) burger and fries! And it must be super exciting to be anticipating whether you’re having a boy or a girl too!

  20. Exciting times when you are pregnant…I think your baby is a girl…just have that feeling :) But no matter what you have it is so great!
    Best of luck :)



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