Rest & Restore

Hey friends! How’s it going today?!

I’m doing pretty darn peachy!

We had so much fun with our anniversary celebrating (picked up a gift & ate dinner at Jason’s Deli)–but I was lazy & didn’t say anything yesterday. Whoops.



{i’m on a green kick. with a side of toothbrush}


While we were out & about before dinner, Jared took me to a huge store (I think Home Depot?)

I was kinda like uhhhhhhhhh??

But look what my husband surprised me with……


Yes! I love, love flowers. And now I have some of my own. He’s the man!

Now….to keep these beauties alive…..


And yesterday? I had the most delicious snack.


Oh lime sherbet, how I love thee. (green kick again?!)

I took some time out on the couch as a break (it snowed here in UT yesterday-so no walk), and it felt awesome to just sit & eat my delicious bowl of green. Eating without distractions is SO underrated!


So I’ve noticed again & again, that I am my best when : I’ve slept enough & restfully, drunk enough water, gotten some physical activity, eaten well, and the sun is shining.

Hmmmmmmm. Interesting, right?

I am definitely a sun/hot weather girl. I definitely am affected by food choices (my binge eating days were some of my worst self-esteem days!). I get headaches if I don’t drink enough water. My lower back gets sore if I don’t exercise. And, well, if I don’t sleep enough or well, nothing seems to go right.

These are all important pieces to me & are a part of my health! Funny how if I don’t give each the time & attention it deserves, something becomes ‘off.’ Homeostasis is where our bodies like to be, and so it is often trying to get back to that state–our bodies are smart. They want that balance.

Well, for me personally, if I don’t have restful sleep, the rest of the stuff kinda goes down the tube… and my body & psyche tries to catch up alllll the long long day.

Interestingly enough (and to back me up here), if you look at any “tips” from magazines or online articles about ‘health’ or healthy action steps to take control of your life/get healthier/fitter/thinner, they will, 99% of the time, include something about sleep.

WHY is that?!


…..Probably because most of our body’s catch up & rejuvenation time is while we’re sleeping!! It’s like the only huge re-set and re-juvenate few hours that our body has without us ‘messing’ it up by adding or subtracting things our body doesn’t need or want. It’s the body’s true way to REST & restore.

I honestly believe that those principles: REST and RESTORE are truths. And when followed, our bodies & lives will be blessed.

rest & restore

  • We should have a day of rest (at least 1) per week from fitness activities.
  • God rested 1 day after all His work creating this earth.
  • Having a day off from work/homework/social media can be very restorative. As can worship/going to church (I do this on Sundays)
  • Our best races & fitness goals are often attained when we’ve been well rested
  • We do better on tests, projects, and other deadlines when we’ve gotten enough rest
  • We’re kinder, more patient, and ready to give to others when we’ve had time to rest or restore (meditation, enough sleep, yoga, anyone??)
  • Kids are a lot happier (noticeably) when they’ve gotten enough sleep. Mammas agree??

Interesting right? Except not really. Give yourself that time to rest & restore–both sleep time & time throughout the day.

What I do:

  • During the work hour I get up every hour (at least) to fill my water cup, go to the bathroom, do a quick kitchen chore, or get a snack.
  • I go to bed at a decent (or crazy early) hour.
  • I *try* not to be on my phone or computer before bed (stopping with ’em about an hour before).
  • I stretch throughout the day!
  • I meditate & pray throughout the day–or at least morning & night.

I used to think I was being super efficient by just running from thing to thing or working on one project to the next with no break…..yah. I was a bit dumb. If we don’t give ourselves those mini & big breaks, we’ll break down!

Pun intended.

REST & RESTORE. True principles.


Thankful Thursday


  1. I am super grateful I am pregnant. Although it comes with some definitely not fun stuff (sick for 3 months? check), I am grateful I get to have a child. I’ve wanted to have a baby ever since being bitten by the ‘it’s my time for a baby’ bug, so this is a huge blessing for me/us!
  2. I am real grateful for ice. I love ice-in my water & to suck on. Serious.
  3. I thankful for my job that allows me to work in the comfort of whatever I want to wear. When it snows, I want comfies. When it’s hot, I want to wear my swimsuit & work on the porch. 😉 And I get to do either!

Well, I’m off to work! Then later teaching BP/CX. Have a fantastic DAY! <3

What have YOU noticed goes better when YOU allow for rest/restore time?? When do YOU allow yourself that time?? How much sleep do YOU like to get?? What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. SLEEP! i def need my sleep too! :) :) happy anniversary yesterday by the way, i think i forgot that in my last comment!! xoxo

  2. I’m so much more efficient when I allow myself to rest! If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like I’m walking around in a fog all day. Not exactly productive!

  3. I’m so with you. I need a little more rest in my life after my half on Sunday. My hamstrings are still talking to me. I think I’m going to try to go to hot yoga tomorrow. A nice stretch and meditation sounds justttt right. I love the flowers! Such a great gift. I also love that you capture random objects by accident in your photos as well. I will never be a blogger who sets up pictures to look super pretty…I don’t have that artistic thing :)

  4. First off, happy anniversary again! Everything goes better for me when I allow time to sleep and meditate; I’m happier, calmer, and think more clearly. I love this focus on restorative health. Our bodies work hard ALL the time, and they need the downtime.

  5. totally agree that rest and restore our important!!! we try to allow ourself one day a week to do some resting and reflecting. as well as try to give us some down time each day, even if it is just 5 minutes :)

  6. I agree that some rest is good for the body. I struggle with this because I just love to workout. I just make sure that I dont over do it.
    I am thankful for my job and family. Most of all my dad since he is still beating his cancer like a champ!
    CONGRATS on your anniversary!

  7. I am so a sunshine gal, too. I love it here in CO – I swear the sunshine keeps me happy. Also, rest keeps me happy. My shoulder’s really been nagging me lately, so just a walk today :)
    Happy anniversary!!

  8. SO true. Rest is so important. I was always the girl in college choosing to stop studying and get a good nights sleep before an exam, rather than pulling an all-nighter. Sorry but I just can’t function without my sleep! If I don’t sleep well for a couple nights in a row thanks to being sick or something, I swear my life starts to unravel pretty quickly and I feel like I’m barely able to stay above the surface.

  9. I definitely suck at this! :( I need to find that balance. I am a terrible relaxer/rester/restorer haha. Oh your man is so thoughtful with those flowers!


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