Why Do We Blog?

Hey friends!

How are ya today? Happy MAY! (so so happy it’s warmer weather month. Now come on UT, let’s bring the heat & sun!!)

I love when it hits mid-week, probably because it means I’ve done my 3 early wake-up calls for the week… 😉 I coach GRIT 2 days & teach BP one day, all before 6:30 a.m, so yah, by Wednesday evening, I’m kinda donezo.

But of course, I love what I do, so it’s fun most days. And like I’ve said before, once you’re UP and at the gym, it’s all easy from there. The getting up & getting there is THE toughest part. Hands down.

why do we blog

Another random thing: You MUST go read this POST. Like now. Katie wrote it so so beautifully; all I can really say is AMEN.


As I took a break from the blog for a bit, and often do when I go on vacation or simply when I need time away from the computer (often on the weekends), I got to thinking this time around….why do I blog anyways?

And it got me to thinking…why does anyone blog? What is the purpose of it? Why do we pour so much time, effort, tears, money (!), and emotional energy into it?


And other further questions to that one–WHAT do we want OUT of the blog? What will the blog DO (for us or others)?

The answers are going to be different for everyone, obviously, but I wanted to answer that question for me. And for my blog. And I also wanted to spark discussion/hear from you all, so speak up in the comments. Mucho thanks!

Why Do We Blog? (and more so-Why do I Blog)

Here’s a thought, what did we DO with our time before blogs hit the ‘big’ screen? What did we do with our time before FB, IG, Twitter, etc? Were we more productive & connected to friends/family before these things, or less? Were we less judgmental of others & ourselves or more? Were we more or less content with what we have or do? Were we more or less focused on ourselves?

I don’t know. I do know that I am grateful for those social sites-I’ve stayed connected to far away friends & met new ones. I also think FB & IG, especially, are pretty fun. I’m not crazy active on either, but they are a fun outlet for a few minutes here & there each day.

But what did I do before I knew about ‘blogs’ and healthy living blogs, for that matter?

why do we blog

I think I read more books. I know I studied a lot more (I was in school before ‘that’ time). I definitely hung out with ‘real’ people/friends more. But then again, ‘blogs’ didn’t come into my life until around late 2010…. (yes, I live under a rock)…after I was married & pretty much done with my grad work.

So yah, out of college, grad school & the dating scene before blogs hit my world.

I enjoyed reading a few-it was fun to have a peek into someone’s world, and to read about fitness & health topics….I studied & worked my butt of in those topics for years, so I thought to myself “I can do this! I’ll write a blog & share topics & info with others!”

And that is honestly, why I started to blog. I felt like I had a contribution to share! And I still do, obviously, or else I would’ve stopped. 😉

This is also why I’m not your typical blogger-I don’t blog my every day eats or workouts. I don’t share super personal stuff. I don’t often talk about family or close friends (mostly because they don’t want to be on the blog). I also don’t really love talking about everything about my days (we went to this store, I bought this, I met up with this friend)…probably because I’d find that exhausting…..aaaannnnd I am not that great of a photographer. 😉

why do we blog

{I pretty much just use a mirror to help me out. hah}

But I really do love sharing solid information & facts. I love being helpful & keeping people informed about topics that matter-such as food, fitness, health, wellness, disordered eating, and such. I do like sharing bits & pieces about myself & my life (yay pregnancy!), however I am not super comfortable baring it ALL on the Internet. I’m also not that interesting, and don’t lead a crazy, interesting life. I’m weird, yep, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be splashed about the Internet on a daily basis. 😉 hehe.

Plus, I honestly don’t have crazy amounts of time to work on this blog, and thus, I use it right now as an outlet. I like to write. I love fitness & eating well. And I love helping people. Walah! The blog was born. :)

I blog because I like to share facts & information that I’ve studied, learned, and live. I blog because it is a fun, creative outlet for me–especially for my writing. I blog because I like connecting with people–from all over the world (!!). I blog because it’s nice to have an online journal of some of my important life happenings & thoughts (hellllooo pregnancy!!) And I blog because it is fun.

why do we blog

{eating is fun too! yay!}

There are some fun perks as well-I like free stuff (but I only recommend stuff that I like to you guys). I like meeting new people!! (I am SO excited to attend BLEND in 2.5 weeks!) And yes, the side minimal $$$, is kinda fun too. But none of those things are WHY I blog. Those are just nice perks. :)

**Side note: Something I’ve thought about….would I ever stop blogging?? Here is my answer:  I would probably stop blogging if it becomes not fun for me, if I feel pressured to blog a certain way for a certain company, if life takes me down another path, if the blog messes with my relationship with my kid(s)/husband/family, or if I feel I am no longer helping others out/enriching others’ lives by blogging.**

Annnnnddd I’m done rambling. I just had to get that out there because it was on my mind. So there ya have it!


Have a FANTASTIC day!!! <3

Why do YOU blog, if YOU do??? Why don’t YOU blog, if YOU don’t?? What made YOU want to start a blog?? What is YOUR favorite way to blog??

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  1. YES! I started a blog (because of you!) because I wanted to share my “healthy living” lifestyle with others… I wanted to show people that you don’t have to be perfect, to show how “easy” it is to make healthy choices, and like you I love to write and I also love the social aspect of the blogosphere!

  2. I blog for the outlet it provides and the support network. I felt so alone in my eating disorder for so long, and by blogging, I’m working my way (slowly) through recovery. What’s great though, is my blog is helping others connect as well. Other women who suffer from similar struggles engage in great conversations on my blog and are so supportive of one another so that’s what makes me want to keep blogging!

  3. I definitely started my blog to connect with people. I had been reading blogs for years and loved what I saw, so I decided that starting my own and giving myself a platform to reach out to others (about everything and anything from video games to anorexia). I consider it one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I really enjoy it and I love meeting people through blogging! The side perks are nice (free stuff) but really, I love the relationships I’ve cultivated and the conversations I’ve participated in.

  4. First of all, THANK YOU for that shout out, you have no idea how special that made me feel this morning! And I also often think about why I blog, especially recently since my life is about to change significantly. Why do I put so much time into writing my own blog and reading others? What would happen if I just walked away? Haha still haven’t answered these questions but I know I love writing and I love the connections I’ve made through blogging so I don’t intend to stop yet!

  5. I blog, because it is not only fun, but I get to research and think about new ideas to express with others. I am pretty new to the blogging world and I thoroughly enjoy the time when I sit down to write a post. You and many others are an inspiration to creating my own blog.
    Thank you!

  6. I actually blog for a lot of the same reasons you do! I was later to the blog scene, too, and don’t really share a lot of personal stuff or daily details. I like to share tasty and easy recipes and ideas for healthy living, since that’s something I enjoy! It’s been nice to interact with like-minded people and hope some people find my ideas useful. :)

  7. I love blogging because I love entertaining!!! :) My goal is to entertain on National TV but since that’s a hard goal to accomplish – although I AM WORKING ON IT DAY & NIGHT – Blogging is definitely the next best thing! Plus, I love building relationships with fellow bloggers because I love making new friends 😀

  8. Thank you for this post. I always blogged because I loved meeting people and I loved everybody interacting. But then I feel like that made my blog a piece of crap if I didn’t get enough comments or enough views for that day. I’m re-evaluating everything because I definitely do NOT want to blog for that reason. I want to love it. And if my life is going a different direction, then my life is going in a different direction. Hm. Your post certainly made me think. :)

    • It made me think too….hehe 😉 Prob why I wrote it. Sometimes we just need to step back & evaluate what we’re doing with our life & where it will take us. How is it helping us grow & helping others to be better? It was a thought I just had to get out there! <3

  9. Great post! I think I blog to keep myself accountable, as a creative outlet, and because I think I (sometimes) have something to good to share with others. I have wondered, sometimes, if anyone would notice if I stopped blogging. Oh well, I enjoy it!

  10. Sienna says:

    I’m glad that people like you blog! Not only is it fun to have things to read on my morning commute but blogs give me ideas of food to eat, workouts to try, and just general information. I’ve learned lots from reading through your posts and similar posts on other blogs. I tried out Zumba and Body Pump after hearing about them on lots of blogs. And since I don’t have a great workout buddy in a friend I really enjoy the push that reading about others working out gives me to continue moving myself.

  11. we started blogging for many reasons – mainly to help people, create and share healthy and fun recipes, help people get inspired and motivated to make changes in their lives. To be able to connect to others going through the same issues we are going through and making new friends :)

  12. I blog to connect with people like me! I love LOVE all my friends I’ve made through blogging and some of them understand me more than my friends in real life do. I love being an inspiration to people and blogging is a way for me to get out my thoughts! :)

  13. Awesome post! Hmm, why did I start? I think I started as an outlet to deal with my ED and anxiety, but in a way I also wanted to be a relatable blogger to others to help them out. I knew during my hardest times that reading blogs is what helped and I want to be that help for others x

  14. Great post! And all the things you mentioned at the end are what would make me stop too. In fact, they almost did when I was still doing the FFF blog. That type of blogging was draining me and didn’t feel like I was contributing anything. Now that I focus more on sharing information and the occasional bit of my life, blogging is more fulfilling again. Best Body Bootcamp now is more my “baby” that I’m *most* passionate about, but my blog is fun to run alongside it. :)

    • I love this–love that you went for what YOU felt would be best for you & others. And it sure is working!! People love BBB! <3 Go Tina!

  15. I love your fact-filled posts. It’s nice feeling like I’m actually learning from something I enjoy so much–reading blogs. I try to include a little bit of everything in my posts–information, randomness, recipes, workouts, whatever else.

  16. Hey Annette! This post has been on my mind for a week, and I finally found a few minutes to chime in :) I LOVED this post. To be honest, I subscribe to a lot of fitness/running blogs, and your is one of the only ones I faithfully read every morning. You are honest, funny, encouraging, and REAL. I LOVE the fact that you value your weekend family time so much that you don’t post anything, and I especially love the fact that if you need or want a break, you take it! All of your posts are a great combination of personal stuff and health/fitness information. (I still do your HIIT treadmill workouts and they kill me every time!) You clearly don’t blog because you HAVE to–you blog because you WANT to. You’re awesome!

  17. Nice post. I was thinking about this the other day and for me it is the sense of community and for sharing information. It is really great to see the way so many bloggers have connected too.



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