Weekend Snapshots

Hey friends!

Yep, me and my baby are fine. I’m so sorry I scared or worried anyone! We were just sad, and I simply did not feel like writing.

Unfortunately, the blog is the first thing to go when life gets busy or when something or someone needs me more than usual. I like to blog, yes, and I enjoy the interactions with all of you awesome people (!!), but ‘real’ life to me, tops it all. And when real life needs me, the blog goes.

And that’s probably why I’m not your usual blogger or blog person who desires to share all of her life with you, nor desire to become a ‘top’ blogger. I simply write in this space because I enjoy it. But when it seems like a burden, or my ‘real’ life needs me more, I let it go. I simply can’t do it all. And that’s a hard, hard lesson I’ve had to learn in life, because a part of me wants to do it all.

So thank you for understanding. :)

Weekend Snapshots

I thought it’d be fun to share some snapshots of my weekend with ya. And a few pics have a short explanation. Enjoy!


oh hey cooked veggies. haven’t seen you in awhile!


weekend snapshots

sunshine. my favorite healing balm.



protein banana bread with butter? yes please. and a nice big slab, of course!


IMG_5112 IMG_5115



IMG_5116 IMG_5121 IMG_5122

oh pizza, how I love thee.



It was an okay movie. Nothing I’d really recommend or watch again, but it was entertaining for the 2 hours.


weekend snapshots

weekend snapshots

church outfit. it was eaaarrrlllly. hence why I looked like I just woke up. hah!


weekend snapshots

repainted my toenails pink. I always keep my toes pink. always. <3


Have a GREAT Monday!

What would some of YOUR weekend snapshots be of?? What color are YOUR toes right now?? What do YOU like on your pizza?? (mine was cheese + pineapple)

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  1. That just serves to remind me that I desperately need a pedicure ASAP – I haven’t had any colour on my toes in ages.

    My weekend snapshots would include: froyo, the mall, and my couch. A relaxing weekend for sure!

    • My older sister once told me it’s a sin not to have painted toes (I was about 11, mind you), so I’ve kept that to heart! HAH!

  2. Im so with you. I have no desire ever to share my whole life on my blog. Its a fun side project, but definitely not my life!! That banana bread looks yummy. Makes me want to bake!!

    • It was uber yummy. We have a ton of bananas in the freezer that HAD to be used asap. hah

      Congrats on your awesome race, btw!

  3. My toenails are a pinkish red color right now! I’m glad you had a nice weekend and the weather looks beautiful!

  4. What a good (and delicious) weekend you had! My weekend snapshot would be of boating and tubing out on Lake Beresford. :) Also, three cheers for pink nails!

  5. thanks to the seven year old my HANDS MATCH YOUR FEET.
    it’s not pretty :-)

  6. My toes are what I change up most? I’m a bit of a nail polish addict! Right now they are a bright glossy coral.

    SO glad you and the baby are okay.

  7. danielle says:

    Omg my toes are pink also, and yes they are always pink!!! i just repainted my toes on friday, my toes must have heard your toes. lol
    weekend snapshots would include fun pics of the kemah sprint tri on saturday, a yummy lunch on friday with friends at a lebanese retaurant – ordered the biggest lamb shank they had and was still hungry!
    bonus pics were of the 2 pairs of shoes and 3 outfits i got at the mall on saturday. normally i don’t like the mall, but i invited a friend and we had ourselves a fun, girly mall day and i totally scored. yeah!
    yesterday my little darling brother grilled the world’s best tuna steaks, and i would have totally taken a pic of those had i not gobbled them up in seconds. yummm.
    you’re lookin gorgeous as always, thanks for starting my day out right!
    happy monday girlie! xoxox

  8. Looks like lots of yummy eats! Hopefully that means the nausea has died down?

    My toenails are green right now – my favorite color! 😉

  9. I never paint my toenails because the paint always comes off within .453 of a day haha!

  10. My toenails are pastel peach!
    I’m so glad everythings okay with you and bubs- to be honest that was my first thought. But we all go through low times and I’m always here if you need to talk. Enjoy your day :) xx



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