BodyPUMP Release 85 Review

Hey, hey!

Thanks for all your “hope you feel better”s! Yesterday I felt loads better, so I am grateful for that. I think the secret is lots of sleep, water, and eating right before bed.


I love teaching fitness. Did ya know?! Hah.

But of it all, I really love being a Les Mills Instructor. Love it. And I love how the programs run (new music/moves/etc) every quarter. It keeps things fresh, without putting a ton of pressure on me. (Other than learning the choreo).

I also enjoy reviewing them… (other reviews found here <–at the bottom of the page) So without further ado…

BodyPUMP Release 85 Review

Track 1 – Warmup. Song: “Heartbreak On Hold” Here we lift the lightest weight of the class for this track, just so the body gets used to moving a bit of weight. This also allows the body to warm up and prepares the body for hard work to come, and reduces the risk of injury. This song is fun, but not super catchy like last time. I really do love the clean & press ‘practice’ in it though! My weight selection: 20 lbs. <—weight listed does not include weight of the bar (1-2 lbs.)

Track 2 – Squats. Song: “Antidote” We put triple to quadruple our warmup weight on the bar for the quads and glutes, as these larger muscle groups comprise the legs and butt and are strong. This squats track we use 2 sets only, with 2 different stances! I really love the way the tempos are put to the music– this squats track is really fantastic! You must use the right weight though. And I love the inclusion of 8 bottom-halves in a row. OUCH . My weight selection: 55 lbs.

{photos are reusable…right?! :) check out the BP colors: red & black!!}

Track 3 – Chest. Song: “Uprising” Not my favorite song, but it does grow on you. And I really like the combo (2 singles, 1 2-2) to the music! The track has 5 sets with a quick break, and then we finish off with a set that is quite long! Hello, that is TOUGH. My chest was on fire by the end thanks to all those chest presses ! My weight selection: 35 lbs.

Track 4 – Back. Song: “The Rhythm of the Night”  This is a really fun back track & I really like the song. There is a combo with clean and presses and bent-over deadrows, and then Power Presses with triple deadrows. OUCH! These powerful moves use the muscles in the entire body to move & drive the bar-which means a HUGE heart rate jump. The wide deadlifts also help to engage the entire posterior chain (the muscles of the back, hamstrings, & glutes), making us better athletes. Yessss!  My weight selection: 40 lbs.

Track 5 – Triceps. Song: “Let It Roll” This track is such a good one because it’s SO hard…but only if you keep your back weight on the bar! Yowzers!  So we begin by using the barbell with all that extra weight (seriously fab); and we do triceps presses for 2 sets. Then dips (weighted)-OUCH, and overhead triceps extensions. My arms are so, so done every.single.time I teach this. My weight selection: 40 lbs (bar) & 10 lbs for the plate work

bodypump release 85 review

Track 6 – Biceps. Song: “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” OH yes, Pink is back. I love any BP track where she is included. We get to bust out a whole bunch of slower curls, single biceps curls & bottom-halves with 1 short recovery, and then it’s right back into it with a longer set to finish. Brutal. My weight selection: 20 lbs.

Track 7 – Lunges. Song: “Spectrum”  Not gonna lie-the song is not my favorite. It’s sort of boring? Which makes the beginning part of the track seem so long & drawn out (barbell or plate squats & lunges)….BUT the ending finishes us off. Dang. We have a new move to BP-the Plyometric Straddle Jumps (straddle bench: jump on & off with explosive power). They burn soooo so much! And then we do the set all over again. It’s tough stuff. My weight selection (for the squats/barbell lunges): 35 lbs.

Track 8 – Shoulders. Song: “This Is How We Rock” This track is pretty fun and I really like the beginning–the walking pushups! Those are so hard but such a good workout for the shoulders (& chest). Nice start! I wish there were more rear deltoid raises though (I love ’em)….and then lateral raises & Mac raises. Then barbell overhead press and push presses at the end that pretty much finish off your shoulders. OUCHIE. Seriously-my shoulders/arms were toast by the end. My weight selection: 25 lbs. on the bar, 5 lbs. plates

Track 9 – Core. Song: “One More Night” I really don’t like this track much… I’ve never loved this song, and I think the moves are so repetitive & a bit boring. Plus, I love me some planks & hovers-where were they?!  The plate lift is really a good move for the upper abdominals though-I just wish there were less of them & more of my faves like hovers & side hovers. My weight selection: 10 lb plate.

bodypump release 85 review

Track 10 – Cooldown. Song: “Forever” A perfect time to take a deep breath & stretch! I like this time as it helps us release the tired muscles and I get a chance to congratulate the members-they always work so so hard!  800+ reps in the bag! My weight selection: none.

Such a strong release fitness-wise!


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful that the secret is out! It’s so fun to complain to celebrate with everyone 😉
  2. I’m thankful for back rubs/massages. Jared is the best at them!
  3. I am very grateful for a day to sleep in…..Thursday is the only day I don’t teach in the morning! It is a blessed day indeed. (I love teaching, but those early hours can get to ya!)


And a VERY happy birthday to my little bro! He is turning 15 today!

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day! <3

Have YOU tried BP 85 yet?? What is YOUR favorite track in BP ever?? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Whenever you do these it makes me want you back in St. Louis even mooooore!! I want to take your BP classes!!

  2. Our gym launched BP 85 a couple months ago. I think about a week after the instructors received them in the mail. Honestly, I like 84 better. It was harder. This one doesn’t really do it for me, so I’ve been lifting on my own. Oh well, looking forward to 86. :)

    My fav releases are 77, 58/59, and a couple others ( just select tracks).

    So happy your news is out and I’m looking forward to reading all the baby related posts.

  3. I did 85 for the first time last night and it was pretty good. It’s hard to get the combinations at first though. I kinda liked the straddle jumps, I didn’t do them all on the bench base but I did a few on it. Some people even had risers on it, which I really can’t do (I have super short legs and am scared of jumping onto things, I’m just scared I’ll get hurt and won’t be able to run!). It is definitely a workout and I’ll go back soon!

    As for the triceps, I did not keep my back weight (25) on the bar. I reduced it down to 15, it was still difficult and I usually lift 10 for triceps. I could see myself going to maybe 20 if I did the release a few times though. It does burn…

    • Anything more than ‘normal’ tricep weight would be tough on that track!

      If you ever get to it (I understand the scare of hurting your self)–the bench with risers under it SMASHES the legs pretty darn well :)

  4. Launched both Pump and Combat 55 last night. So killer! They are both amazing and tough releases. I’m surprised I was able to get out of bed this morning :)

    As a new pump instructor, I’ve been going lighter on my bar. Your weight selection is challenging! You’ve inspired me!

  5. My gym launched 85 this past weekend and I LOVE it… until the cool-down. Forever is a great name for the song because I feel like the track never ends!

    Loving the plyo-jumps for the lunges track though, they BURN!

  6. I always love your reviews! I can’t wait to see what you have to say about CX10 and Grit (even though I don’t do Grit).

    I really like Heartbreak on Hold and LOVE Antidote (the bottom 8 destroys me every.single.time). Chest is growing on me song-wise, but I agree with you about the combo to the music – it works well. I love (and love to hate ;)) this back track. Triceps are good; I always like the combo of bar and no bar. I’m right there with you with Pink – love me some Pink! Unfortunately I’ve been having some serious forearm pain recently so I haven’t been able to experience the burn of this track (baby plates only right now :(). I agree that Spectrum feels long, but I love belting out the “say my naaaaaaaaaaaaame.” :) The jumps kill me and scare me, haha. They’re awesome though. I love any shoulder track with mac raises, so I was happy with that. I agree about the “bore” of abs, but I am actually glad that it’s an easier and hoverless ab track just to mix things up.

    My favorite BP track ever???? That’s tough! I’ll just go with my favorite warm up – Release Me. :) I would love to see a list of your favorites for each track (whether you teach them or have just taken them).

    • I will eventually do a CX 10 review. Gotta get my act together! hah.

      A list of faves eh? I should do that. Good thought for a post!

  7. Pretty soon BodyPUMP will turn into BabyBUMP for you… thought I would throw that awesome fact out there!

    I have so much to be thankful for, words can’t even describe!

  8. Body pump needs to come hereee!
    I always love your reviews! If I ever head over your way, I’m so coming to your class.
    Happy Thursday love!

    • Phoebe says:

      Exactly what I want to say :)) I REALLY want to try a Body Pump class – esp if it’s by you! Come to Vancouver for a teaching “exchange”! lol

  9. thankful for Starbucks coffee today :) gave us that extra push to get a lot done today!

  10. I’ve actually stopped doing pump and just do my own free weights atm, I heard the warm down song though and didn’t really like it to be honest :S

  11. You don’t like the new abs track? haha, it was my favorite abs ever in BodyPump! I strongly dislike side planks cause they hurt my knees and planks get so boring because I do them in evvvverrrryyyyyy class. I loved the change up for abs! And I was sore! Some of the new songs are weird – the chest press song??! Awful. But I’m always happy for a change cause I go to BP a lot. :)

  12. Hi Annette!! What is the Body Pump? A workout DVD?

    • Hey girl! It is a workout class. There is also a DVD available called Les Mills “PUMP” through BeachBody.

      But yes, it’s a class I teach at a gym.

  13. How have I never found your blog until now? I love me some BodyPump, and I have now been lost in your blog for an hour. Ha ha I loved the new release. Antidote I have found is also a great song to run to. The ab track can go away anytime though because I get so bored. I really dig the plyometric straddle jumps as well. Congrats on the baby, and I might also have a slight obsession with girls who continue doing BP while pregnant. I think it’s so awesome, and wish I was into it when I was pregnant. I am going to continue stalking your blog now.

    • I’m so glad you found it then! 😉 Thanks for reading!

      I loooovveee BP, as I am sure you can tell. And really Les Mills’ anything. They are just amazing at what they do & produce.

      Thanks for stopping by <3


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