You Just Have to Start

Hey friends!

How’s it going?

I’m okay… It just breaks my heart to see others suffer so. My prayers continually go out to those who were affected by the horrible, and senseless acts of violence. However, I really love reading about the acts of heroism, selflessness, and kindness that were also a part of the tragedy. It reminds us all that we can believe in each other….so long as we each look outside ourselves to help & serve one another. A selfless heart is a happy heart. <3

Great ideas & resource of how to help Boston can be found here & here.


Yesterday I also got majorly hit TWICE by the yarfs…it was not a great start to my day. (And quite ironic that it happened the day I posted I was doing better. Bleck) I yarfed, ate, taught early BP & then ate again….and then goodbye breakfast. I was telling my sister how it just made me frustrated all over again. I hadn’t been to the ‘bathroom’ in like 3 weeks, and was hoping that would subside. Yah. No.

And, to be honest? It gets frustrating when you can’t really eat much, and then it leaves unexpectedly. #annoyed

BUT I am super grateful I am carrying a healthy baby & that I get to be a mother. Nothing will bring me down. Promise!

But I am allowed to share my thoughts & feelings about it–if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be as honest of an experience, now would it?


You Just Have to Start

Seeing as though my fitness goals are, well, not a top priority (if at all), I thought it’d be appropriate to share something I often share with members I work with at work.

I often remind them, while creating plans or goals:

“You just have to start”


That sounds simple, yes, but it is KEY to success. Talking about a goal, thinking about a goal, writing down a goal, and even planning out a goal date are all fantastic…..

But if you don’t START on the goal, all of that is for naught.


  • Want to run a 5K? Start walking/jogging (depending on fitness ability)
  • Want to get stronger? Start a lifting plan designed to help you do that.
  • Want to explore different fitness activities? Join a gym, class, or league.
  • Sick of feeling tired, jiggly, & not yourself? Meet with a trainer or go with a friend to the gym.

The simple act of beginning is SO powerful. And truthfully, the hardest part of ANY workout is the act of just beginning the workout.

Once you’re at the class, on the TM, at the trail, with the trainer, next to the equipment, you’re good to go & the rest is a piece of cake.

But you MUST begin.


And to be honest, all experts were beginners once. :)


Have a FANTABULOUS day!! <3

What is something YOU just had to begin?? What is a goal YOU are proud of because YOU simply began it & it took YOU to a beautiful place?? 

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  1. drinking more water!! i just had to start and force myself to because i knew i wasn’t getting enough!


  3. Aw, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well :( At least it’s for a good reason! Regardless, though, I hope it subsides permanently.

    I loved this post! I struggled with committing to morning workouts (5AM is rough for me!), but I remind myself of the same sentiments that you posted about when I’m dragging. By the time I get to the gym, I am thankful that I came.

  4. Lately I’ve really had to make more of an effort to get in more vegetables. I’ve been eating on the go A LOT, so veggies were put on the back burner there for awhile. I’ve had to just START forcing myself to eat them even if they weren’t the most convenient or the most appealing to me. So far, so good!

  5. I am sorry you are not feeling well, hopefully that subsides soon!

    Great post though, everyone has to start somewhere!

  6. For me, I think blogging would fit that description. I had been reading blogs for so long, and thought about writing my own, but was nervous to start. Finally, I just went for it. And it turns out, I love writing a blog even more than I expected!

  7. Love the message of this! :)
    There are lots of things that I need to “start” right now. It will be easier once my life is not in such transition- as it has been since last summer!
    Feel better!

  8. Oh no! Hugs xxoo. Don’t ever worry about getting grief from me in terms of whingeing- pregnancy is no small deal and as a pregnant lady you now have free reign to winge! :)

    Love your fitness message- I found that with my mum. She kept putting it off. Just start NOW! Unfortunately, there’s some people who will just not do it till they are ready to and you can’t force them. Fortunately, I’ve been weight training my mum 2-3 times a week now! And she’s going great :)

  9. Starting is definitely the hardest part of a workout! Once your going, you’re fine. It’s just taking the first step that’s hard.

  10. where there’s a will there’s a way. It is exactly true that if we start putting our efforts and do regular exercises and a lot water in a day we can improve our health tremendously



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