14 Weeks

Hey guys.

***My hearts & prayers go out to those affected in Boston. Such tragedy is so heart wrenching! And I only hope that those affected will know and feel all of our prayers & thoughts, and the peace & comfort of God’s love***

How’s it going? I’m doing okay–pretty tired (more on that below), but overall I’m good.

Today is the first ‘official’ weekly pregnancy update (that last one was a bunch of weeks in one, so doesn’t count)! Yay! I’ve obviously loved reading other ladies’ updates (especially since I’ve known we wanted to start a family soon), so it’s exciting that it’s my ‘turn’. 😉

14 Weeks

Baby Perks is just over 14 weeks today and is about the size of a lemon. (Side note: I am loving lemonade….)

Here’s what else Baby Perks is doing this week:

  • He/she weighs about 1-1/2 ounces.
  • He/she is busy with sucking his/her thumb, wiggling toes, punching, & kicking.
  • Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over his/her body for warmth.
  • His/her liver starts making bile this week — a sign that it’s doing its job right — and the spleen starts helping in the production of red blood cells.

What’s happening with me:

14 weeks

How far along? 14.2 weeks

Baby’s size? lemon

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure. 0 as of last time. So hopefully a pound or two? I’ll get weighed every appt, so this answer will change every 4 weeks.

Stretch marks? zilch

Sleep: I’m a pretty great sleeper (something I pride myself on. hah!), so it’s been pretty good. I sleep a lot, obv, but I also have to pee quite often each night (2-3x), so that’s annoying….and on Friday & Sunday nights, I woke myself up with bad dreams/needing to use the bathroom, and couldn’t fall back asleep! Frustrating! Especially when I have early wake up calls to go coach/teach.

Any suggestions of helping my mind calm down & go back to sleep?

Best moment this week: Announcing the great news to everyone! So fun to see reactions from my fitness participants, church friends, FB people, and you guys!

Miss Anything? An appetite? Seriously though, I am hoping it makes a comeback soon!

Movement: None that I can feel-but according to the ultrasound & the info on updates, he/she is moving quite a bit!

Food cravings: Salty, sweet potato fries!! HAH. So, so good. Also, I’ve really been digging cucumbers, pizza (always), granola, TJ’s pretzels, bagels & cream cheese, 7-11 slurpees, & eggs.

14 weeks -cravings


14 weeks-cravings


14 weeks- cravings

Anything making you queasy or sick: Waking up! hah. It’s gotten slightly better, where the nausea is now only in the morning & not all day. Wahoo!! Major fist pump. Foods: almond butter, spinach, & chocolate never really sound appealing. And I can’t remember the last time I had ice cream or fro yo?? SO weird.

Gender: NO idea.

Labor Signs: Obviously none.

Symptoms: tired pretty much all the time. morning sickness (just in the morning! woot!). emotional (I still cry a lot but then I’m happy like 2 seconds later!)

Belly Button in or out? In. probably will stay that way.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!

Funny moments this week: How I ate an ENTIRE box of mac & cheese for lunch one day. Seriously. Like the ‘real’ stuff (actually it’s all pretty fake, but you know what I mean–no ‘organic, healthy anything’ box). The Kraft stuff. It’s kind of Chelsey’s fault….she had had mac & cheese, so I wanted some. Boom.

mac & cheese

Looking forward to: Our gender ultrasound! (3 more weeks!) And of course, being done with nausea, seeing our baby again, and bedtime. Every day I look forward to that. :)


It’s crazy how time flies once you aren’t keeping a HUGE secret anymore! 😉

No for reals though, I’m officially in the 2nd trimester of 3! Whoa! It’s so so exciting to me to be ‘this’ far along… (hah. I bet my sister, who is 38 weeks, is laughing about that).

Workouts & teaching fitness feel pretty good, but not gonna lie, I need to invest in some new sports bras soon!

Fitness Thoughts at 14 weeks:

14 weeks -fitpregnancy

{this was yesterday after I taught BP/CX. 2 different stances make me look completely different….but can you see the rounding in both?! yippee!}

  • I don’t do every rep of any set in GRIT anymore, so that’s actually kind of nice to not have that pressure on me and well, not to be worried about getting my HR too high (the whole point of GRIT is to get your HR high in the intense intervals). As a GRIT coach, you’re supposed to show the reps & then walk the floor & correct, so I walk the floor more than I have been, and my team loves it! More one-on-one attention for them!
  • I drink a lot of water after teaching-more than I used to, but I think I can do better. Especially with how much salt I’ve been eating & how much sweat I’ve lost….
  • I’m sad I had to give up a class (Tue evening BP), but I’m stoked to have an evening ‘off’ again! And to see my long-lost husband during the week.
  • Everyone at the gym keeps telling me I have no belly, but I think this week I feel more & more so that I’ve got something I can’t suck in. My middle feels rounder-yay! Luckily it’s happening around the time I told people too-so it could be a legit surprise! hah


Alright my friends, have a lovely day! <3

If YOU’ve been pregnant, when did YOUR aversions/nausea go away?? Any questions that YOU all want to ask me this week and/or want to see in the updates??

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  1. Okay I love that we BOTH blamed a craving on each other – lol! I did the same thing to you in my post today.

    Don’t worry about not gaining weight yet – I just started to last week, and I’ve got two little ones growing!

    If I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, I usually eat something. That does the trick – plus it’s good to help lessen your morning sickness. Typically we get sick in the morning because our blood sugar is so low from not eating for so long. Try it!

  2. such a cutie patootie!!

  3. My only advice for helping to calm your mind and get you back to sleep would be meditation. It doesn’t have to be long (five minutes or so), but just sit in a comfortable position, eyes closed, let your mind go, and focus on your breath; if you find thoughts coming up (they will), let them and then release them – don’t focus on any one thought. It really helps me to clear my mind, and the sleep I get after meditation is some of the most restorative! I, though, am not pregnant and have never been, so take that with a grain of salt, I suppose. 😛

  4. I was lucky and only had nausea for a few weeks, but I do remember eating bagels + cream cheese like crazy to fight the nausea! Looking great girl, I’m excited to read your weekly updates :)

  5. You’re such an adorable Mom-to-be!!!
    I hope you can get some more sleep soon, I don’t have any suggestions to calm the mind unfortunately, since I totally suffer from the same thing (except I’m not pregnant, obviously).
    Haha, I love that you ate a box of mac and cheese for Lunch, hey, whatever works, I say do it!
    And hopefully that appetite comes back soon!

  6. Haha you are too cute! I love how excited you are (and you absolutely should be)!! I’m also glad you’re only experiencing morning sickness instead of all day sickness. During my 2nd trimester I really felt back to normal, so hopefully that happens soon for you!

  7. You’re fabulous, looking great so far! It truly inspires me your striving to stay so active during this!

    I’m not preggo and I eat a box of mac and cheese once and a while, no biggie! :)

    • I just thought it was hilarious that I ate the entire box b/c I’ve never even wanted to before!. AND that it tasted sooooo good. Hah. I’ve been used to just eating b/c I need to, but that tasted so so good. And it’s all so fake. Bring.it.on. hehe!

      And thank YOU for being a wonderful reader!

  8. My nausea started going away around 10-12 weeks, but my appetite didn’t come back full force until about 14-16 weeks. Nut butters, spinach, and chocolate made me want to gag during my 1st tri too. Interesting how some of our usual favorite foods end up being some of our least favorites, eh? 😉 You look great! Love these updates!

  9. Cute pics! I’m glad it’s going well so far. I like to healthify a lot of things, but Kraft is where it’s at. I got ‘da blueeees!

  10. Aw you’re so cute! Fear not of the Kraft. The Kraft should fear you! 😉

  11. Hope the lack of belly doesn’t worry you too much- I’m sure many pregnant ladies would be envious, I know I’d like it haha. Loving your update!



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