Ate To My Heart’s Content

Hey friends!

How are YOUUUU?!

I’m fantastic. Probably because, well, this is kind of sad to admit, but I FINALLY got my sweet potato fries.

And got them I did.

ate to my heart's content

I ate to my heart’s content….meaning I stuffed my face with them. :)

But let’s quickly recap the weekend & then I’ll highlight the sweet potato fries…..and relive the deliciousness all over again.


taught Zumba. worked. went to Sprouts & Trader Joe’s. ate shrimp & cocktail sauce with Jared as a snack (I wanted it SOO badly). went to the temple together. ate baguette sandwiches w/fruit & veggies. got the apt ready for my bro to come stay the night with us. learned 2 tracks from GRIT Cardio. conked out.

ate to my heart's content


ate to my heart's content


slept horribly from 4-6:20 a.m. (boo). co-coached GRIT Cardio (hoooolllyyy smokes. our GRIT team was put through the FIRE on Saturday!). Walked on the TM at another gym until the time for my subbing BodyPUMP came. showered/got ready in record time. met with some friends from church. ate chips & pizza. napped. laid around. did laundry. WENT ON OUR DATE to get sweet potato fries.

and yes… them I did!

ate to my heart's content

Unfortunately our friends couldn’t make it (the husband woke up sick with a fever. boo!), so we missed them, but Jared and I took ourselves to Red Robin anyway.

(let’s be honest, there was NO way I was not going. And Jared knew that.)

We ordered our food & I have never been so excited before to eat! It was the coolest feeling to know exactly what I wanted & to get it, and enjoy every.single.bite.

I got the garden burger with the bottomless sweet potato fries, and a raspberry lemonade (also bottomless). I only ate like 1/2 of my burger, the rest of my attention was on the salty, delicious fries (!!) and a bit on the tart lemonade. Mmmmmm.

ate to my heart's content

Pregnancy cravings are legit, ya all. And I seriously was so satisfied (and full) with those salty ‘n’ fatty fries, that I didn’t need a snack before bed that evening. Winning!

ate to my heart's content

We went to bed Saturday night and I couldn’t stop talking about how delicious the fries were…..and apparently fell asleep dreaming about them. Jared said I just passed right out. Haha.

I would venture to say the date was pretty amazing….. And the company wasn’t too bad either. 😉

ate to my heart's content

{seriously, how sad is it that I just wanted food?? But Jared was great company, of course–and he kept eating his ‘real’ fries-bottomless-too, which was nice, as I didn’t feel as alone in my fry eating.}


went to church-taught a class & announced our pregnancy. yay! ate leftover sweet potato fries! napped. went to Jared’s parents house & hung out/ate dinner. conked out.

ate to my heart's content

Fun, right?! It was a fantastic weekend, which leads to, I am sure, an equally amazing week.

p.s. tomorrow will be the first ‘weekly pregnancy’ update. yay!


Have a GREAT day! <3

What food did YOU really enjoy over the weekend?? Who else loves the bottomless fries at RR?? Any other highlights YOU want to share??!

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  1. oh man i haven’t been to red robin in fooooorever! those sweet potato fries do look daaang delicious!

  2. I’ve never been to Red Robin! They’re opening one near me though so I’ll have to check it out ASAP :)

  3. Now I am starving…good thing I packed a bunch of healthy snacks after seeing all those yummy treats!! Guess I will sub carrots for the fries!!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Red Robin…but if they have bottomless sweet potato fries, I’m down! 😉

  5. Glad you got your fries!! They look yummy. I had Chipotle chips and guacamole this weekend. Pure heaven.

  6. Mmm glad you got your sweet potato fries! I love Red Robin. :) We went to California Pizza Kitchen, and I had their White Pizza with bacon on whole wheat crust – it was so good! Looking forward to your pregnancy update tomorrow!

  7. I didn’t know RR had sweet potato fries! After this post, I now have a craving for some! :)

  8. I’m so glad you finally got those fries! And I LOVE lemonade, that whole dinner sounds amazing!

  9. Lol- you and those fries! You are too funny! They do look pretty good though. :)

  10. danielle says:

    holy moly you are making me so hungry!!! lol. now i really want some dang sweet potato fries. i just bought some sweet potatoes, but the whole idea of preparing them makes me feel exhausted right now :p
    i’m totally with you on the salty/sweet/fatty thing. i have been making this yummy concoction of almond butter, molasses, extra virgin olive oil, some sea salt, and dipping carrots in it. it sounds weird but it’s ridonkulously good. at least to me 😀
    xoxox monday hugs!

  11. I rarely need an after dinner snack anymore because I eat so much throughout the day. And I hear you on pregnancy cravings. I always thought people were joking, but noooope – so true.

  12. Fries and lemonade, nothing wrong with that! 😉

  13. HAha! Woohoo :) hmm my best meals over the weekend? Probably the protein powder pancakes or these spinach and ricotta pastry triangles my bf has- SO good.

  14. Tara @ PNWRunner says:

    Whhaaatttt! Red Robin has sweet potatoe fries now? Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock! :)



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