Friday Fings

Haha. I’m so funny.

I wanted to use an alliteration (like Thursday’s Thoughts that Ashley & Katie do), but Friday Fun isn’t the same…. Because, well, not everything is super fun around here right now.

Friday Fings

1. Nausea, pretty please don’t strike me so much?

2. I’m supposed to be officially in my 2nd trimester tomorrow (there’s a cray cray debate about it, let me tell you), so all symptoms better magically go away tomorrow. 

Or else….

3. I’m subbing tomorrow for BP in the later morning, but coaching GRIT before hand…….Guess who is just coaching the warmup in GRIT? (The other coach will do the rest. Poor her. GRIT Cardio is NOOO joke).

this girl.

And yes, my doc is all about my staying with my fitness classes. Hallelujah! I was so scared he’d be like “cut all classes out.” Crossing my fingers all continues to go so well!

Of course, if I do feel crappy while teaching (overheated, nauseated, dizzy), I will stop. Now my classes know though, so I can stop & do whatever I want and they’re cool with it. Fist pump!

4. I wish you guys could really know how many chips I’ve eaten in the last 2.5 weeks.

I told my sisters, “this baby is going to turn into a chip!”

For reals, though.

friday fings

{a sad, sad shopping list I gave to Jared a week ago}

5. My husband left me apples by my phone the other night. How sweet is that?!

I conked out at 8 pm something, and the next morn he left before I even awoke! (hello close to 12 hours of sleep!) It felt AMAZING. And because he knew I’d be starved, he left the food there.

I never understood why they said to leave food by your bedside, but being pregnant, NOW I know. You can not get out of bed without those waves of nausea.

6. I am SOOO excited for tomorrow night’s date with friends!

We’re going to a restaurant with legit sweet potato fries. (That was my only request when picking one).

Guess who is going to order 2 orders of ’em??

7. I’m going to foam roll more. 

For some reason or another, I’ve been lazy with foam rolling. That must change! It hurts, but it always feels so good after. Why, oh why do I not remember this?

friday fings

8. I have more choreo to learn for tomorrow & next week.

This girl chose not to learn the new GRIT stuff yet…..time’s up!

friday fings

9. I really want to be tan and swimming. Summer, where are YOUUUUU?!

Seriously, though. Where is my hot weather?! I’ve been eating the popsicles that go with Summer like it’s my job–so where’s the rest of it?

I’ve told Jared, once he’s done with school, he’s finding a job in TX or AZ. No questions asked. 😉

10. Today I am exactly 6 months away from my due date!

That’s totally nutz. But really exciting all at the same time! I’m going to live this up though. The not fun stuff included. I feel uber blessed & grateful!

11. Talking with friends on the phone is really amazing. I must make more time for that in my life!!


Alright people, have a NICE weekend!


What are some of YOUR Friday Fings?? What are YOU looking forward to in the coming months?? What workouts do YOU have planned this weekend??

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  1. ahhhh choreo. My head is going to explode :). I so want to do GRIT. Jealous! I taught the week I had the baby ;). You’re good. Just listen to your body and watch your heart rate! CHIPS! We’re going Mexican tonight. Can’t wait for those tortilla chips

  2. ENJOY those sweet potato fries!!! Haha and I love your grocery list! I’m glad your doctor is a-okay with you teaching classes, I know how much you love it!

  3. i just have cardio planned for this weekend… if the weather is nice, then maybe i’ll take it outdoors. on sunday we’re going to the birds game! go cards!

  4. Definitely looking forward to warm weather! It’s absolutely miserable here right now.

  5. Ive never been a popsicle fan but thats so funny because they def do remind me of summer! Congrats again on your baby! Ive also been eating the heck out of some pita chips!

  6. My baby is already 9 months old. (When did that happen?). Believe me, it goes even faster when they are on the outside. Enjoy every moment!

    BTW, do you get to keep all your old BP choreo DVDs? Any that you are willing to lend or sell? I currently can’t get to the gym that has BP classes because they don’t have child care? :-(

    • Keep enjoying that little one :)

      So sorry, but we’re under strict license and contract not to share the music or chore-old or new. So sorry. You have to be an instructor to get ’em. Maybe you should think about doing that?! :)

  7. My sister just had a baby and she craved chips and cake the whole time. So count that as in the norm!

    Grit sounds like a great workout, never tried!

    Weekend workouts: 21 mile run, 10 mile run, and 20 mile bike!

  8. That’s great that you can keep teaching classes! I bet you’ll be that pregnant teacher trying to do squats when her water breaks! 😉

  9. I remember when my friend was preggo teaching still – such a giant/auto motivator (if she can do it, surely I can!).

    Mmmmm chips. I texted my best friend last night on my way from one BodyFlow class to another that I was craving guacamole. This is HAPPENING now that I’m thinking about chips too.

  10. Looking forward to grilling out with friends during these warmer months :)

  11. Eeee, crazy you’re already 6 months away from the due date!! Kind of exciting. I’m super impressed with your teaching schedule still, you’re a kick butt Mama to be!
    Haha, I love your shopping list that is awesome.
    I’m SO excited for warmer weather too! Not that it matters for me at all, since I don’t tan in the slightest. I’m seriously the whitest person ever and I just sit in the shade, since I’m too pale for life. I still prefer hot weather though!
    Have fun with your girl friends tomorrow night!! And enjoy those sweet potato fries:)

  12. I’m all for alliteration 😉 Australia is finally getting Grit Cardio (we’ve only had Grit Strength so far) and I’m trying it out next Sat at the fitness expo- cannot wait!
    I’ve been lazy with foam rolling too and my body is paying for it- let’s get our foam rolling butts into gear yeh?



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