Baby Perks: The Details (& Weeks 4-13)

Hey friends!

Thanks for all your kind well wishes & congrats on our announcement! You all are so sweet. We feel very blessed & loved, so thank you thank you!


First of all, we are SO excited. And I’ve been DYING to tell you all! But I love keeping secrets until the time is right/perfect (that’s soooo me), so I waited until after our 13 week appointment (and met our doctor) to make sure everything looked great before announcing it. By the way, we waited a LONG time to tell anyone, and NO one knew for sure we were even ‘trying’. We kept it all a huge secret, so if you feel shocked or like this is out of nowhere, you’re in the same boat as our families even were!

For some reason I loved seeing their shocked faces. It was so satisfying to keep a true secret & share a really big surprise with people I love. I love that (surprises are soooo fun to me!). And it was really special to have such a huge secret between the two of us (well, and Heavenly Father too) for awhile. Really special.

Second of all, I am really excited to be pregnant. I can’t wait to be a mom! I have an amazing mother, so if I could be half the woman she is, I’d be totally cool with that. 😉 I do realize that not everyone wants this, but it’s what I want, so thanks for being excited for me and this journey. And I also realize that for some it doesn’t always happen this way or ever, so I feel very blessed & humbled to be able to be a part of creating a human.

Thirdly, although I’ve been quite sick (and will share some of those details in a second), I wouldn’t trade this in for anything. So if it seems I’m complaining, I am merely bringing it very alive & real for those who will read this later & will bring them comfort. I REALLY enjoyed reading about other women’s experiences with pregnancies, so I want this to be a place that is real too. So if it seems like I’m complaining, it’s just about the actual symptoms, NEVER about the pregnancy or being pregnant. :)

Be prepared, this is a looooong post. :)

Baby Perks: The Details 


How far along are you?

I’m about 13.5 weeks.

When did you find out? And how?

February 2, 2013. Groundhog’s day! (at exactly 4 weeks along)

We were up at the mountain house actually (during this weekend). I knew my period was supposed to come that weekend, but I also had a feeling something was different this time (I had felt that way the cycle before too though, and got 3 negative pregnancy tests. Major bummers)…so I was nervous I’d get another negative one, and hopeful that I wouldn’t! I even couldn’t wait, so I knew I would test on the day my period was supposed to come. I have no patience.

At about 7:30 a.m. on the 2nd (the day the P should’ve started) I had to get up to pee, so I grabbed the box (Jared had seen it but didn’t think much of it/say anything since he knew I was trying not to get too hopeful), and went to the bathroom. I held my breath as I put the stick on the ground to lie it flat…..

….and 2 lines showed up RIGHT away!! I was freaking out! So excited!

baby perks details

I ran into the room yelping, “Sweetheart. Come see this!” He thought there was a spider…. (I freak out with spiders), and came hurrying to the rescue. I said nothing, but merely pointed down to the stick with 2 lines.

He leaned in & saw it. Shock/excitement registering on his face. YESSSSS! It was a great moment & a really fabulous morning lounging in bed talking about the exciting news. It was surreal.

How did you decide when you were going to tell people?

I knew I wanted to wait until we saw the baby on an ultrasound & heard the heartbeat before we told anyone in our families. Jared was fine with whatever I decided–his whole thing is, ‘I totally support you either way, and you’re the one who has to carry the baby. So whatever you want.’ Kind of nice! hah :)

We told my family at the ski vacation! I was just over 10 weeks then; and then 1 week later, Jared’s family was all together randomly –a sister & her fam were in town, the rest live in UT–so we told them at 11 weeks!

And I knew I wanted to wait until the end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd trimester to tell everyone else. A few close friends were in between those two times. :) I just began telling my fitness classes yesterday too.

How did you tell your parents?

At the mountain house (again)! We were all there for the ski vacation. We were in charge of a devotional, and had prepared a few pieces of paper with quotes on them for people to read. Then at the end, we pulled out a piece of paper folded in half and asked my mom to read that quote. It was the ultrasound with a note that said:

baby perks details

{oma = grandma opa = grandpa in German; my parents both speak German}

Everyone freaked out (in a great way!), and got super excited for us! Such a funnnnn moment.

Were you and Jared “trying”?

Yep. I had the IUD (Paraguard) removed in mid November. So after that, it was game time!

How did you and Jared decide that it was the right time to have kids?

We knew we wanted to have a bunch of kids, and we’re not getting any younger! hah! Around fall of last year I also felt really strongly that we should begin our family sooner rather than later.

We’re also such goobers ourselves, we figured a few more of us wouldn’t change much. 😉

baby perks details

Were you doing anything to track your ovulation?

I’m super regular (period wise), so I guess just watching an app that comes with the iPhone with those dates?

Have you experienced any pregnancy side effects? If so, when did they start?

I thought I was pregnant because the sore chest & cramps were a bit worse than normal (before I’d begin a period, those were common for me). And they lasted longer than they normally had.

Are you going to find out the sex ahead of time?

Most definitely. Not even a question.

Do you have any names picked out?


Have you changed your workouts since you found out you were pregnant?

Nope…..I’m still teaching the same. And GRIT started again….. but I just dropped a BP class (last night’s Tue evening one)

Do you plan to track your pregnancy on the blog?

yep! Mostly for my sake, really. 😉 But the blog will not ‘just’ be about the baby, just FYI.



Weeks 4-13


weeks 4-6

How far along are you? 13.5 weeks… Almost “officially” to the 2nd trimester! Can.not.wait.

Baby’s size? Peach!

Total weight gain/loss: 0

Maternity clothes? Not wearing any yet.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: I sleep like a rock. Always have. 😉 But unfortunately, I wake up more times per night to pee (it used to be 1x/night), now it’s like 3x. Boo. And I’ve been sleeping like a TON–like I need 10 hours per night to feel rested. Yowzers!

Best moment this week: Seeing our baby on the ultrasound again & hearing the strong heartbeat again 2 days ago! Plus, meeting my amazing doc who says the baby looks ‘perfect.’ Yesssss!

Miss Anything? An appetite. Pretty please come back??

Movement: None from the baby yet-but I have seen him/her move quite a lot on the ultrasounds! SO so cool. I yelped when I saw the baby move on the screen for the first time! hah.

weeks 7-9

Food cravings: Oh man. Where do I start? They come & go–and they usually sound horrible the next day. Oh, I have no appetite for real food/meals, though. let that be known. And it’s annoying with a capital A.

But after our first ultrasound, I HAD to have a 7-11 slurpee. They usually sound good!

baby perks details

Anything making you queasy or sick: Being pregnant?? hah.

Gender: Absolutely no idea. I have ‘symptoms’ from wives tales’ for both genders, so nothing seems concrete at all. Buttttt, our gender ultrasound is scheduled for in May!!

Labor Signs: Obviously, no.

Symptoms: Once again, where do I begin??? I sort of knew that I would be sick in pregnancy because I get motion sickness pretty bad (airplanes, cars, trams, subways, etc). And I’ve always been a ‘hurler’ (hah), so I figured this would be normal. Plus my mom was sick with ALL 10 of her pregnancies. Yep, it was almost guaranteed.

Belly Button in or out? In. Probably will stay that way because mine is majorly an innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On but feeling way loose. They keep spinning & not staying put (I’ll talk about this in a sec, but I’ve gained no weight-I think I lost some in the first few weeks. Kind of frustrating!!)

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!!! SOOOO excited. I cry a lot though about pretty much anything. Out of nowhere. Hah!

Looking forward to: Getting my appetite back, not feeling nauseous, and the gender ultrasound! (<–hah. it’s like 3.5 weeks away & I’m already dying to know!)

weeks 11-13

Just a few notes because I’m doing so many weeks at once :

-Morning sickness was all day sickness from about 5.5 weeks-12 weeks. major UGH. I’ve thrown up several times too (fun facts: first time was on Valentine’s Day; there was 1x at church in the bathroom! and 1x at the ski resort bathroom!)

-I still can NOT do spinach in smoothies. Ewwwww. (Last one was during week 6)

-To help me with the nausea I ate a lot of skittles, sour patch kids, saltines, bread, lemonade and sparkling drinks during those first few weeks (5-9). Sour/tart stuff tasted amazing & soothed those symptoms

baby perks details

-I also knew I was pregnant when I started waking up STARVING. I usually am fine to work out with just fitmixer in my belly, but NOT once I got pregnant. Like whoa. (usually salty pita chips & saltines. Yep, bring on the white carbs!!)

-Things that are okay to me: I currently eat whole wheat bagels w/cream cheese, chips, and sparkling drinks nearly every day. (Not kidding). I’ve been through like 3 huge chip bags (sour cream & onion, salt & vinegar, Lime tortilla) in 2 weeks. Chips are SOOO amazing!!! hah. I also always crave the really greasy/real sweet potato fries from any restaurant. Raw veggies taste amazing most days—esp with feta (pasteurized)–soo good.Most fruit is pretty good. I loooovveee cheese. And almonds. And I want pizza at all moments when I am hungry (the cheesier the better!). Yogurt is nice–creamy & cold. Orange juice has been amazing the past 3 weeks!!

baby perks details

baby perks details

-Aversions: Cooked veggies sound/look disgusting to me. Real food/meals like spaghetti, enchiladas, etc. sound terrible at all moments. Spinach smoothies…ick. I can not stand the thought of making dinner most evenings. Ground turkey disgusts me, but grilled chicken usually always sounds good. (so weird). And the thought of making a dinner with a lot of flavor or smell? Out of the question.

-Oh, and yep, I’ve cooked a grand total of 3 times in 3 months. Jared is obviously loving life….hah. (he says he’s totally fine…..& cooks for himself when I can’t/won’t)

-I’ve been a snacking maniac to say the least! But the problem is this: I get hungry all the time, but nothing really sounds fantastic. So I just grab easy stuff (yogurt.almonds.cheese.fruit.crackers.chips.bagels), so they’re the things that taste ok to me. What I crave though, is greasy/real restaurant food & fries (esp Cheesecake Factory’s sweet potato fries. mmmmmm.). Apparently I need to eat more fat?? And I hate making food at home?? hah.

-just FYI (in case anyone reads this later when they feel like this)—I felt like I was going to die for a few weeks there. I was so miserable…..and yes, laid in bed after teaching, for most evenings, & couldn’t move. Total exhaustion is no joke!

-Like I mentioned, I’ve been teaching fitness classes just the same (and always feel my best when I am! <–It’s the endorphins & that natural high my body loves & craves, the doc says), so that’s been great for me. I often use less weight on my bar & drink more water while teaching though. I’m usually cramming saltines down my throat on the way there too! hah. I also dropped a BP class on Tuesday evenings so I don’t teach 2 hours on any day any more.

baby perks details

{pic from 2 days ago}

-There were a few days about a week ago where I got really nervous because I wasn’t ‘growing’ at all. As you can see in the pics, I have hardly nothing to show for the pregnancy except really itchy skin, some zits, huge boobs, and no appetite. My doc luckily quashed those worries on Monday, so I felt a lot better. I just want my baby to grow!! I’m trying to eat, (and most of it is highly caloric!). Plus, I feel like I eat, so I’m like, where’s that bump?! Grow, baby, grow!!

-I am so happy & feel very blessed.


Longest post ever! If you made it this far, kudos to you! :)

Anything else YOU want to know about the details (within reason. hah)?? Anything YOU’d really like to hear about in the coming weeks??  Those who have been pregnant/are pregnant, WHEN DOES THE NAUSEA go away?!?! hah.

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  1. EEEK! I’m still so excited for you!! Believe me, I wish I looked like that at 13 weeks! Ha! And I hear you on not wanting to eat anything. I still have a lot of days like that and it annoys me beyond belief. And at almost 16 weeks, I just started to really cook again – although don’t even ask me to cook anything with onions or garlic because I will punch you. 😉

    • When I saw your bump that first time (around 13), I was like, NO FAIR! hah. I guess we want what we don’t have? And I reaaaaallllyyyy want twins one day. You’re so lucky :)

      16 weeks eh? Well, guess we need to keep buying those frozen TJs pizzas then…..

  2. Susan says:

    I didn’t see any bump until after about 4-5 months along. I am fairly tall 5’8 so I didn’t show until later. I wouldn’t worry about growing. Enjoy being able to wear regular clothes while you can. :)

  3. Still no bump, so I don’t blame you to keep it a secret until you had to tell bloggers, readers, people, etc. Plus it’s great your gyms will work with you so you’re not teaching twice a day, but also good that you’re still teaching bc it shows other ladies that you can still do many of the same activities when expecting, even if you have to modify something a bit. Loved reading your little recap and good luck with the next week :)

  4. already the cutest preggo lady ever :) :) xoxo

  5. Congratulations. Expecting a baby is definitely a good news. It is good that you keep track on every detail of your pregnancy, baby bump and your diet. 7-11 slurpee sounds awesome too. Your diet looks very healthy including a lot of vegetables and fruits. I hope that nausea will be lessen in the near future.

  6. Amelia says:

    Congratulations! So excited for you and looking forward to reading about your experience. :-)

  7. So excited for you guys!! And jesus, you are sneaky. I feel like I predicted most bloggers pregnancies (Courtney, Katie, Ashley) but you were entirely out of left field. I’m impressed! :-p

    • Thanks girl :)

      Annnnnnnddd I did that on purpose. I dropped a few subtle hints (“i love sleep right now” lots of chips in pictures, NO meals. hah) but I did it on purpose. So don’t feel too bad that you didn’t guess. My family didn’t even know (and I tell them everything)! thanks for being excited for us!!

  8. When you posted the picture from your get together the other day…I thought I saw a mini mini mini bump. I said hmmm…but didn’t want to say anything! AH! So happy for you two, I could just explode.

  9. your so cute, and you will be cute pregnant! You look the same at 4 weeks and 13 weeks!! haha

  10. Ahhh I’m so excited for you! Haha not about all the “morning” sickness but I know how you are so excited and know it’s soooo worth it! Congrats!!!

  11. So excited for you!! We lived having the secret when we were trying too!!! :)

  12. congrats!! so exciting! can’t wait to find out if its a boy or a girl :) You’re going to be a fabulous mother!!

  13. Congrats again!! I’m not pregnant and not trying to be at all, but I still found this post really fascinating and really enjoyed the read. It’s great to know what you’re going through! And you look great!!

  14. I love reading pregnancy updates like this! I know all pregnancy are not the same, but it will be nice to have some idea about what it will be like when that time comes for me :) I wanted to tell you congratulations again! So incredibly excited for you!

  15. Congrats on everything, you look great and I love that you are committed to staying active and healthy during the pregnancy! So Inspiring!

  16. Oh my goodness, I, like everyone else, am so happy for you! :) You will be a fantastic momma!

  17. danielle says:

    what fantastic news, i’m just so happy for you and the fam!!!!!! your glow is like even extra EXTRA extra sparkly now :) love it!
    gosh, you are so meant to be a mama. it’s just awesomely awesome. i love learning about how this whole process is going for you, makes it so special. looking forward to when your appetite comes back and learning about more funky cravings – my sisters had some interesting ones, like totally processed cheesy things with white bread and spam! lol.
    big big hugs to you and baby munchkin xoxox

  18. Every woman is so different with their bumps and how quickly they grow… Don’t you worry, it’ll be here before you know it! I remember a few times throughout my pregnancy, I would wake up and feel like I literally grew a ton overnight.

    Sour Patch Kids were one of my favorites to help with the nausea too. I hope it passes soon for you! That’s great you’re still loving raw veggies though. I could hardly look at them throughout my 1st tri!

    You are quite the little secret keeper! 😉 I remember asking you in October at the Gluten Free Expo about when you guys were going to start a family, and you were like “Ehh not any time soon”. Mmmhmmm. :) Hehe.

    Love you and so excited for you guys!

    • I’m so glad someone else wanted sour patch kids! I thought it was uber weird, but I ate like a huge 5 lb bag in 2 weeks!

      Yessssss we kept a secret from EVERYONE! :) it was pretty fun, actually! xoxo

  19. I’m so SO excited for you!!! You and Jared will be AMAZING parents <3

  20. Hi Annette! I’ve read your blog for a while and never commented before but I had to say congratulations on your pregnancy! I don’t have kids yet but am planning to try in the near future so I love reading what the experience is like. Can’t wait to read more! Congrats again! :)

  21. SO FUN to hear your recap so far! I wonder how the next weeks will be for you— hopefully smooth and easy 2nd trimester! Congrats!!

  22. Gahh so happy for you!

  23. So so exciting!!! My gosh, I feel like my belly started showing almost immediately – it’s so crazy how different everyone is! Enjoy it while you can…maternity clothes aren’t all that exciting. 😉

    • HAHA! Nice. But then it feels like I’m lying without a bump. Hah. I have issues.

      thanks for the congrats!!! :) And you’re looking SOOO cute! I totally followed your entire journey because that was when we were getting ready to start this all! So thanks for diving in first so I could know a few things ahead of time. Your ‘symptoms’ actually helped me a lot to know if I was pregnant or not! xo

  24. Yay!!!!! This makes me so happy. I didn’t get around to reading the announcing post, so I’m just now finding out. Congratulations!!! You’re going to be a super cute pregnant lady. :)

  25. Just SO darned excited for you and your hubby! That is SUPER duper amazing!!! You will be an awesome, amazing Mom!
    You still look tiny! Haha, I bet you want there to be at least a little bump, but I’m sure it will come with time:)

  26. Cannot wait to join you on this journey :) And I hope some of that nausea buggers off- how long does it typically last? EEEEEEEK I’m excited. I’m going to live vicariously through you because I’m not ready to be preggaz yet :) How long will you be able to teach classes for? CX and Grit will get tough by the end but I know lots of people who can keep up with BP.

    • It’s ‘supposed’ to only last the 1st trimester (and mine ends in 2 days), butttttt some experience it in waves their entire pregnancies!! Eeeek! Each person is different, so we shall see.

      I will teach up until I deliver 😉 GRIT is only for 6 weeks, so that’ll end in 5 (just began again this week), and then that’ll prob be it for that (at least my own sessions that I coach) until after the baby comes. But CX & PUMP should be fine. CX I would just talk them through some of it.


  27. Yay!!! I missed the announcement post somehow but I am so excited for you! What amazing news.

  28. SO happy for you! And you look adorable (there’s no bump anywhere though so can’t wait to start seeing one grow…you’ll be so cute with a baby bump!) And I always equated first trimester eating to wanting hangover food. Carbs, bland, and hold any form of veggie (even blended in a smoothie).

    • Thanks so much Tina!! I know, where IS my bump!? I want.

      And amen–fries, chips, and popsicles are my current loves……healthy, what?! hah

  29. SO exciting!! Congrats, Annette!! Good job keeping it a surprise :)

  30. Congratulations! I think it is even better when couples keep it under wraps that they are trying, it just makes the announcement that much more exciting! I’m definitely looking forward to following your pregnancy updates.

    • thanks girl! And I agree–it was SUPER fun to surprise everyone. I kept that in the back of my mind every time I wanted to call my mom & complain about being sick. HAH! it was super worth it with her reaction!

  31. Oyyy I’ll say it again, I’m so happy for you Annette! You’re an inspiration to many because I know how you’ve struggled with the big “P” issues in the past, like so many of us fitness-lovers have. I can’t wait to read along on your pregnancy journey :)

    • Thank you, Brittany!! We’re super pumped!

      And I appreciate that–there IS HOPE for all who may have or might have struggled with the ‘P’ issue. Amen. :)


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