Friday Randoms (w/a side of pet peeves)

Hey friends!!

Thanks for sharing some of the things you’re thankful for–it was super fun to read all of them!

So I have a bunch of random things floating around my brain, and since it’s pretty normal nowadays to share that all with the world wide web, here we go.

*(And yes, there will be a side of pet peeves at the end. Because it’s my blog, I can share those. It is NOT meant to offend. So if you have a problem with ’em, don’t read them. Kthanks)

Friday Randoms (with a side of pet peeves)

I’m seriously loving the moments I have outside. I can’t wait to have more of ’em!

Not sure if you all get lovely weather right now, but we’ve had some beautiful days–and I sure can’t get enough of ’em! I keep spending time out on our balcony just sitting, relaxing, or stretching. Ahhhhh.

I really love celery.

friday randoms

I’m being for real. Celery is super yummy! I know some people hate it though (like my man). But I just wanted to profess my love for it because I bought it at the grocery store & can’t stop eating it! I LOVE the crunch. mmmmmm.

As excited as I am for this weekend of fitness (and LM relaunches), I am so not ready for it yet….

Totally my fault, of course…. being the unmotivated lazy bum I’ve been.

I’ve learned about 3 tracks perfectly already (I am presenting a total of 8 on Saturday—5 for BP, 3 for CX).

friday randoms -les mills

It always turns out fine & great though, so maybe that’s my problem? I always know it’ll be fantastic in the end–and that I have to put in some major crunch time hours right before (i.e. Friday night/Saturday morn early)—so I then put it off each quarter.

Oh, and GRIT starts again on Monday, so guess who gets to learn all that choreo too??? This girl!

That’s why I always say it–you MUST be passionate about teaching fitness (esp LM classes), or else you’d dread the learning phases! I love learning it, it’s just the actual DOING it that for some reason makes me put it off. #sillyme

I’m also super stoked for my favorite weekend of the year!!

General conference! It happens 2x/year, and it’s a few hours on Saturday & Sunday of fabulous talks. It’s a time to be uplifted, edified, allow for learning, and be spiritually enhanced. If you’d like more info on the conference, just go here!

My husband is a genius. And does all that boring, tough stuff.

He did all of our taxes (ugh. boring. boo. hiss). Poor guy ran into some major issues though. I’m just warning you now, DON’T move to another state in the middle of a tax year!!!! hah. Both states were taxing us on the same income. Lamesauce.

He got it figured out, but not after copious amounts of laborious hours.

fun fact/pet peeve: I dislike the IRS with a burning passion.

Here’s why:

in 2006 my identity/ss # was stolen (without my knowledge–while I was living out of the country for the entire year), and in 2009, I started getting funky letters from the IRS. When I began getting these super official letters with lots of $$$$ on them, I just thought they had the wrong person & threw them away! (looking back, that’s hilarious, eh?) Well, one day my then-bf (now husband) went to get the mail with me after a day of classes. And there was another letter from the IRS. I just sighed & said these are so dumb! And went to go throw it away….he was like let me see that? So I gave it to him.

Guess what all of the mumbo jumbo meant? The IRS was coming after me (a grad student), because I had made over 1 million dollars in 2006!!! This was not a joke. They said I owed hundreds of thousands of $$ to the IRS.

2 years, several lawyers, & tax specialists later, I was finally cleared. And was then able to finally file taxes like a normal person in later 2011.

Awesome, right?! I have every right to dislike the IRS (they were h%#&) to work with–and they kept making us run in different directions. Whilst threatening to take away all my personal belongings. Not cool.

NOW it’s hilarious. Then, it was not. I mean what 21 year old makes over a million & doesn’t file any taxes that year?!?! Even funnier is that they went after a person who knew absolutely nada about the IRS & taxes. I didn’t even have a credit card then!

I love summer food & can’t wait to eat more of it.

burgers. sweet potato fries. popsicles. ice cream. chips. watermelon. cucumbers. mmmmmmm!

friday randoms

a side of pet peeves:

  1. I can NOT stand when people smoke near others. In their cars. Near public places. IN public places. UGHHHH. I get so sick when I smell it. Keep your bad habits to yourself sir/madam, and not in MY air! I’m allergic & it makes me gag so bad. Plus, I think it’s so selfish to do it around other people. EVEN if they’re in their car, we share the same air. Makes me SO mad when I have to roll my window up because of THEIR bad habit. rant over.
  2. I do not like when people stop traffic (because they slow down) to slide into a turning middle lane. Get the car’s butt out of the way! Annoying.
  3. It’s so weird when some people don’t put their weights away after BP. They just leave the weights on the bar by the weight stacks! What the heck?!
  4. It drives me bonkers when all people do is complain. HAHAHAHAHA (oh the irony. but I warned ya ahead of time!)
  5. It’s kinda of annoying when people don’t text back within a day or too. Like friends/acquaintances…. I try hard to return texts in a timely manner–and yes, I’ve forgotten to text back, but not on a consistent basis. If you have a texting plan, use it.
  6. It drives me nutso when all people post about on IG or FB is about the vegetables they eat. For some reason, I can’t get on that train. I love veggies as much as the next fitness/nutrition-lover-person does, but to only eat them or show that I only eat them? no way.
  7. We live in an apartment complex–it is so annoying when teenagers or whomever are blasting their music in the middle of the night. NOT okay with this.

It feels good to get that out of my system! I could care less if anyone reads it, it’s just a great way to express my thoughts/opinions. :)


But what do I really LOVE?? When people are considerate of others, smile, & try hard to make the world a better place.

And, to end on an uplifting happy note, everyone go check out adorable Hunter on Ashley’s blog!!!

Have a GREAT Friday!! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday randoms?? What are YOU looking forward to this weekend?? Any pet peeves YOU want to share??

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  1. I hear ya. I finally know my three step tracks and would like to know ALL of step (since I have to teach all of it 2 days after the launch). I know like 1.5 of pump haha. But Pump is so easy to learn, so I’m not stressing. Why do people not put their weights away? Ridiculous. Now that I have a baby- it irritates me even more when people smoke near us

  2. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Haha I’m a terrible procrastinator too! Did we learn this trait together?!?! Driving pet peeves are even worse than regular pet peeves. If I took the time to slow down and let u in, give me a wave! You’re welcome!

  3. Lol I get annoyed when people smoke… at all. I just don’t get it!

  4. You tell ’em! Haha, I totally relate to your smoking pet peeve. I’m sorry, but I won’t apologize for asking someone to not smoke near me. In fact, yesterday in a Biology Honors class I’m taking, we spent the whole class time discussing the effects of smoking, doing a demonstration with a cigarette and bottle to see what actually gets inside your lungs, and watched about 15 of those “Tips from a Smoking Veteran” videos on YouTube. I won’t EVER be a smoker, I promise you that!

  5. I’m with your husband on the celery hating – not a fan at all!

    And that’s a crazy story about getting your identity stolen…thank god you got it all sorted!

  6. Trisha says:

    Completely agree on the smoking … and I’m a FORMER smoker! Guilty of all those things! Now I hate it! .. other pet peeves: guys yelling out the window when i’m running outside. I mean, really, what the heck is the point in doing that?!?! They can be such animals! Peeve 2- Loud unnecessary grunting or noise making at the gym..(Do these people REALLY need others to look at them that bad??) Peeve 3- Not putting weights away at the gym. (Why should I have to unload the 8 45lb plates on leg press because some dude was lazy?) and finally Peeve 4- Open mouth chewing or beverage slurping!!! AAARRRGH!

    I’m looking forward to dinner out with my man and some family at favorite taco place! YUM!

  7. danielle says:

    wow i can almost relate to your IRS story, spooooooooky!!!!! sorta similar thing happened, but it was in 2009 and got complicated cuz i had a bakery… still dealing with it. yuck! and daily prayers and your posts keep me positive. it’s a daily grind with them.
    i have PLENTY of pet peeves. right now, i have a female boss who likes to gossip about everyone in a really mean/nasty way, and it drives me nuts!!! it creates this unsavory environment and i don’t like it. she is really scary and i call her “devil wears prada” in my mind, but truly feel that as the boss, she should know better. it’s not respectable. if i’m guilty of doing it, well darn it i apologize but also i’m not a boss. teach me, lady! LOL
    it drives me a little bonkers when i get on the elevator to go to the 10th floor every morning and someone gets on to go to the 2nd floor…. there are stairs available, and our elevator is SLOW. i mean, i get it if you’re in a hurry or carrying heavy stuff or have health issues, but sometimes, when i see someone that i know and also know is just lazy, i get irritated and start being “judgy”… not cool of me, i confess.
    okayyyy rant over. i’m so thankful it’s Friday and REST day!!!!!!!! and for the sunshine that finally, after a week of rain, has decided to appear. yay for good weather and spring!

  8. Amen on the smoking! I HATE when people smoke near others, especially when it is in a public place!!! There is a reason that a lot of places are “no smoking” now yet somehow people think it’s ok to stand 2 feet from the front door and continue to smoke!

  9. Oh, girl, I feel you on the smoking no-love. I work in a small office and have clients/potential clients come in daily. Unfortunately, a LOT of people in the area still smoke, so a LOT of people come in, smelling like an ashtray. It makes me so sick – headache, nauseous, yuck. It especially blows my mind when young people smoke. I don’t understand why since it was drilled in my head during elementary school and middle school that smoking was gross, unhealthy and dangerous.

    • Oh mannnnn. I would DIE if I worked in that office. It just blows to be around people who smell like it too. Hope you get some fresh air in your day too!! :)

  10. Have you ever roasted celery?!? I tried it for the first time this winter (some other bloggers had recommended it to me), and it was amazing!! Just thought I’d throw that out there. Have a great weekend!

  11. Yay for relaunch weekend! My bestie is relaunching for Combat and Pump (Antidoteeeee!) tomorrow, but we’re going to the Flow and CX launches too. I don’t work at that gym. Then next weekend, we launch at the other gym – him for CX and Combat and me for Flow. Can’t wait! (Must. Learn. Choreo. I have about three tracks down as well.)

    Kia Kaha! You’re gunna rock it! :)

  12. Blech, not a fan of the smoking thing either. I wish I could get on the celery train, but I just don’t love it. And yesss to summer foods!! All of those you listed are some of my favorites too! Thank you for the shoutout for our little guy. :) xoxo

  13. I HATE when people smoke near me! Now that I’m a HS senior, a lot more people I know are smoking… even in the high school parking lot! Seriously?!

  14. Lovely post! HAha girl get on the choreo-learning train. I managed to learn BS in 2 days- a record for me 😉 But I put the pressure on myself, I feel better knowing it’s learnt haha. You’ll be fine though since you’re a pro- instructor 😉

  15. When some one searches for his required thing, so he/she wants to be available that in
    detail, so that thing is maintained over here.

  16. OMG OMG OMG you opened the DOOR…. Yes, to my pet peeves!!! I HATE:
    – Whistling: Don’t you dare start whistling near me, I will rip your voice box out
    – Smacking Gum
    – Smoking Near Me (just like you, cannot STAND THAT!!! I did not sign up to DIE TODAY)
    – Passive Aggressive-ness (IF YOU WANT IT, TELL ME, don’t beat around the bush)
    – People who cannot do things for themselves
    – People who BRAG when they really shouldn’t BRAG!
    – Unmotivated People
    ….. OKAY I will stop! AH HA HA HA HA!!

  17. That tax situation sounds like a nightmare. I can’t even imagine. It’s funny that you threw it away though. Sadly, I feel like I might have done the same because of the letters being so ridiculous. A pet peeve I share with you would probably be smokers, but my main problem with it is when I’m running. I pretty much want people to feel guilty when I run past them and their cloud of smoke. I’m already breathing heavy and don’t need a side of second-hand smoke!


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