Easter 2013 Recap

Hey friends!

Happy new week & Monday! :) And April Fool’s Day!

(p.s. I don’t love this day of jokes….because I always fall for them! And end up looking like a dork. oh well.)

So I had a fantastic weekend.

Most of it was amazing because it was Easter–and I love celebrating the true reason of this holiday. I guess the candy is a nice side part & the pretty dresses are fun too, but I love it because it centers on our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Wellll…. A quick recap of the weekend is in order-yah?



After work I had date night with the hubs–to the temple & then at home dinner of baguette sandwiches & fresh fruit & veggies.



  • Coached a GRIT session
  • Took a long hot shower (it felt really glorious for some reason)
  • Gave myself a mani/pedi on our balcony b/c it was so nice out!
  • Cleaned our apartment
  • Ate & read
  • Ran errands with my man

IMG_4852 IMG_4854

{my mom sent us an Easter egg/basket full of goodies! thanks mom!}

Then Saturday night we went on a little date/excursion to an indoor fun center…..

IMG_4857 IMG_4859 IMG_4862

It was pretty fun! Kinda loud & dirty (we washed our hands like for 20 minutes after we were done), but it still was fun. I mean glow in the dark mini golf?! Can’t beat that!

Oh, and fun fact– I love bowling, but I am TERRIBLE. ANYONE can beat me. Promise.



IMG_4867 IMG_4869

{He lives! I love that message. He IS risen, and for that I am grateful!! His gifts to us are beautiful & eternal.}


IMG_4871 IMG_4875 IMG_4876

Church, naps, fun treats with friends, dinner with Jared’s fam, and frosting cupcakes & finding our chocolate bunnies.

It was a glorious weekend!


Now it’s time to buckle down & get some serious work done this week.

Have a FABULOUS day ya all! <3

p.s. an EXTRA special congrats to Ashley! And also, please pray for her & her little man at this time. Read her post for more info. We love you Ashley, and are praying!

How was YOUR weekend?? What is something nice YOU’VE done for YOURself lately?? Favorite kind of Easter candy??

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I didn’t really eat any candy and now I”m kind of sad haha (not because I was avoiding it…it just wasn’t around!). Maybe I’ll hit up the sales. I love bowling and am horrible at it as well. I just think its so much fun to do

    • I had some because my mom sent it–gotta love that lady for helping me have some treats around! It’s hard for me to shell out $$ for candy, ya know?! :)

  2. glad you had a nice easter :) :)

  3. glad that you had a great Easter weekend.
    we usually fall for April fools jokes too haha

  4. I’m glad you had a great Easter weekend! I love mini golfing in general, but glow in the dark style just makes it that much more entertaining.

    I’ve got my guard up so high today. I’m determined not to get fooled by anyone! :-p

  5. I too got a mani/pedi on Saturday. On Sunday we went out for lunch and the weather being in 70’s we got to go around the mall for couple of hours.

  6. danielle says:

    LOVE your nails!!!!! i did mine the same color, but that was 1 week ago and now they are all chipped, but there are still specs of pink. heeheehee. i’m so rough with my hands, feet, etc.
    your easter weekend sounds awesome and i love that message, amen! and chocolate bunnies, oh yeah.
    i think this was my best easter weekend ever – 2 days of cycling in the pretty hill country with some gals that i admire, respect and love, then a whole awesome day of church, food, family… and chocolate!!!!! plus my mom cooked the best easter lamb in the world, and all her side disshes and potatoes au gratin… then like 5 desserts. yessssss it was awesome. especially after cycling for days and eating my weight in PB&J’s, bananas and pretzels, lol. real food rocks, and so does chocolate!!!
    xoxoxo happy monday!

  7. I’m glad you had such a good Easter weekend! I didn’t do much celebrating, but I got to go to whole foods and I got a few candies that I counted as my Easter treat! haha

  8. I usually like the starburst jelly beans the best but who says no to seasonal candy?

  9. My weekend was fabulous! God blessed us with weather in the high-60s low-70s and blue, cloudless skies! You better believe I lived it up 😉 Got a lot of quality time with my boyfriend! A 5 mile run on Saturday and a 6 mile walk on Sunday after going to his church!

  10. Awesome Easter! I wish I could re-live mine, it was so relaxing and I feel totally overwhelmed coming back to reality.



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