Friday Schtttufff

Hey people!

Yah. My brain is fried–can ya tell by the name of this post?! hah.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. I had a migraine on Wednesday. BOO.

And when I do I can’t see straight, have to lie down, and must turn off all lights. It sucks. And my head feels like it’s going to explode.

Oh, and then, I got to teach a BP class at the tailend of said migraine.

It was a super fun night……


{no one could sub for me. So it’s my responsibility to teach the class. the downsides of teaching, I guess!}

2. I realized I haven’t been drinking enough water lately–and it’s my own fault!

This probably contributed to the migraine. And it’s ALL my fault! gah.

Why don’t we just learn & do IT?!?

3. I have SO much Les Mills’ choreography to learn it’s not even funny.

In 8 days I am launching BOTH BodyPUMP 85 and CXWORX 10….guess how many tracks I know right now?

If you guessed 0, you’re right.


Oh, and GRIT will probably start up again April 8 (2 days after that launch), so I have to know all that new stuff (GRIT 4) too-and that has been sitting on my desk waiting for me…..

I love it, yes, but it comes with a price! As all things worth doing do. 😉


{isn’t that cool?! right after BP on Tue this is what I saw. #nerdalert}


Why, oh why do I procrastinate this stuff every.single.time?!?

Oh I know, I know!! I work better under pressure.

4. I am totally loving the lighter evenings lately!!

It’s so nice to come out of teaching a class & the sky is still light. Thank goodness!

And the weather seems to be more Spring-like around here lately, which is SO exciting to me. BRING on the warmer temps please!

5. My husband has done all of our taxes this week. He should get an award!

Seriously, that is a job I never, ever want to do. Ours are pretty heinous since I have like 3 different types of jobs, and do a bunch of freelance stuff & my husband worked last year (now he’s in school).

I don’t envy him one bit…..

But someone’s got to do it, ya know?!

love you babe. 😉

6. I’m loving on the cream cheese & bagels (ww) again lately.They’re just so darn delicious!

I go in phases with ’em, but they’re back in the house!

bagel & cream cheese

Why oh why did I ever cut that out of my life for so long?!?!

7. I have the best sisters & mom in the entire world!

Just thought you should know. :)

8. Frosting sugar cookies is very therapeutic for me.

Seriously–it can be such a great stress reliever for me! Isn’t that kinda random?

friday schttufff

Aren’t they pretty?

friday schttufff


Have a GREAT day!!! <3

p.s. if I don’t post tomorrow, I want to wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER <3

What are some things on YOUR mind today?? Do YOU enjoy frosting sugar cookies?? YAY bagels or NAY bagels?? Weekend plans?!?

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  1. i can’t tell you the last time i frosted sugar cookies, but i can tell you that i love eating frosted sugar cookies! :) :) i hope YOU have a very happy easter, my friend! xoxo

  2. Baking is a total stress reliever for me. I stop thinking and just do- and then I have delicious treats to share! Win Win!

  3. I feel for you! I had major tummy troubles on Wednesday and had to teach step..ugh. We’re launching soon too (well, we already launched attack…but all of the other programs). I definitely haven’t looked at step or pump, but I always wait until the week before…otherwise choreo gets too jumbled in my head ;). Your cookies are so pretty!

  4. Sienna says:

    Body pump 85 is fun! I’ve done it three times since Sunday. Normally I hate plyometrics and I actually enjoy the bench jumps in the lunge track. I’m sure once you get started you will learn all the cues quickly.

  5. Those cookies look so pretty and delicious! Wish I had one right about now..

  6. Baking & cooking are both totally therapeutic for me! Good luck with Les Mills, I’m so un-coordinated when it comes to things like that. I’m excited to have a half-day at work today & hopefully run some errands to get ready for Easter :)

  7. You just made me really hungry with the bagel and cookie pics. Damn you! lol. Ugh I had a migraine Wednesday too and it was terrible! Sorry you had one :( I wonder what causes them anyway?? Good luck learning the choreography! I’m sure it’ll naturally stick in your memory once you start.

  8. I’m with you on frosting things! IT doesn’t hurt that frosted sugar cookies are my favorite kind of cookie (only if frosted though, otherwise oatmeal raisin). I actually took a cake decorating class in 8th grade as a school project, I loved it!

  9. I can’t even imagine learning all the choreography that you do. It’s amazing. I have no patience for frosting cookies. I don’t mind eating them, but the decorating part is boring to me. :)

  10. So sorry to hear about the migraine. I totally know what that is like UGH

    Hubby does our taxes too but I have been working from home since 2001 so he’s got it down except when I’m not totally prepared lol I swear every year I’ll be more organized. So far I’m doing OK for 2013. Last year was my best year yet, high income, low expenses which he was very happy to see. Anyway….

    I love frosting cookies, especially sugar cookies with BLUE frosting. Don’t know why, I’m obsessed. Haven’t had any in a few years, just don’t trust myself around them ha

  11. I actually hate to say I really dislike frosting sugar cookies. Cookies in general actually. Give me a muffin any day and I’m all over that!
    I love baking since it’s totally therapeutic in a way.
    I’m so loving the lighter evenings too, they make me so happy! Especially now that I can actually leave somewhere at 6 and not have it look like it’s midnight…or eat Dinner when it’s still light outside, that’s always a nice change.
    Have a beautiful Easter Annette!!!

  12. Your cookies are so pretty! Teaching when you’re not feeling good is NOT fun. it’s really hard to “fake it” when you are not 100%!

    The group ex coordinator hasn’t announced the launch date yet for 85! I’m assuming it will be late April, since 84 was late January, but I don’t know! I also don’t know if I’ll be around for it, since we are moving at the end of the month. I’ve only practiced 85 ONCE so far. Eek!

  13. You make some beautiful cookies!

  14. Ugh, migranes are the WORST! You are a rock star for pushing through and teaching a class with one! Eh to sugar cookies, YES to icing, and ABSOLUTELY to bagels! Chocolate chip is my FAVORITE! Right now I’m in a reallllly big peanut butter phase…I can’t get enough!! Healthy fats, right? :-)

  15. I feel ya on the choreo! I manage to learn them pretty easy, but dw if you stuff up noone else knows other than you hhaha. Hope you get great break over Easter :)

  16. I LOVE frosting cookies! Same goes for frosting cakes. Actually, baking in general does wonders for my attitude!

  17. I can’t even remember the last time I had a bagel…pretty sure you’ve sparked a craving Annette!

  18. The bagel with lunchmeat, cream cheese, and pickles? looks pretty darn good! And I made cupcakes and frosted them today. Love it and must not eat anymore today! Good luck learning all that choreography. You’re so intense!

  19. Hi,
    My name is Gina and I was wondering if you can share Body Pump 85 choreography to me. I would like to remember and learn them so I can do it when I cannot attend class. Please let me know if that’s okay!

    Thank you <3



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