NOT Going to the Gym: A Lesson

Hey friends!

Thanks for all your super kind comments yesterday!! You all are going to make me have a huge head…. 😉

I mean, come on, it’s like you guys really missed me or something?!

I would miss me too.


Sorry, I had to.



So I alluded to it in the last post, but I wanted to expound upon it because it’s a super important lesson I had to learn over my long years on this earth…..

I didn’t die or get fat during my 10 days of not going to the gym.

There, I said it.

NOT Going to the Gym: A Lesson

First of all, I LOVE to work out. I love exercising. I ENJOY teaching fitness classes. And I like the gym atmosphere. I really do. And I have no shame in admitting all of that.

NOT going to the gym

However, none of that is my life (anymore).

It used to be, of course (my life was planned around gym time/work out time. How sad is that???), and then if I didn’t end up going, I’d beat myself up about it & swear I gained 15 pounds that one day.


Needless to say, I am grateful I have learned that life is SO much better when you’re not addicted to the gym or working out.

These 10 days of vacation were spent being pretty active, yes (downhill skiing most days), but there was a lot of lazy time too-where I technically could’ve been doing a workout or going to the gym in the house.

But I didn’t. Instead I chose to hang out with my precious siblings/parents/husband/nieces/nephews/in- lawsiblings, sleep in, laze about, go on walks, and just chill. And it was simply marvelous!

I may sound like an oxymoron because I love helping people get fit, push limits, get stronger, get healthier, fall in love with zumba or the gym or simply with working out (and blog about these things often!), but, I also recognize that although these things are awesome, they are NOT the end all be all.

Being healthy and fit makes for a better quality of life for sure, but it shouldn’t dictate one’s entire life.

At least for me it can’t. And it won’t ever. I am too unbalanced if it rules my life like that!

And quite honestly, I was my unhappiest when I was addicted to working out…… hmmmmm.

And guess what? I am my happiest I have ever been these past few months, and fitness/the gym/teaching is a simply a nice part of my life. Not my entire life.

So in case you’re wondering, you will not get fat nor will you die if you miss the gym a few days or don’t workout for a few days.

{Side note: you will lose a bit of fitness ability/strength/cardio endurance, but it’s quite minimal & can easily be had again. Plus, some studies have shown that taking longer breaks like that-in elite athletes- helped them get even stronger when they got back to their regimen. Cool!}

I was of course excited to get back & teach again yesterday, but I don’t regret for a single second not going to the gym or ‘working out’ for those 10 days.

Being sore all over again is a whole different story though….. 😉 hehe.


p.s. <3 I wish the HAPPIEST Birthday to my MOM!!!! She is one amazing lady (um, she had 10 kids, ’nuff said), and is an angel of a woman. She is the most caring, sweetest, kindest, generous person you’ll ever meet. And the best example of charity. She is pure love and goodness and I love her so much! <3


{she’s the one next to me in the middle. :) }

Have a LOVELY day! <3

When is the last time YOU took time off from the gym?? What workouts make YOU happy?? Do YOU ever struggle with this concept–why or why not??

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  1. well good because i took quite a few days off this past week :) :) and actually i’m taking today off because i have to get to school early and my legs are SUPER sore from my workout yesterday!

  2. First off, happy birthday to your mom!
    Second of all, I just need to say your posts are always what I need to read. I wish I had found your site a few months earlier! Like you, I was unhappiest when addicted to working out. I would plan my already over-planned day around a 2-3 hour gym sesh. Which meant I cut out a lot of friend time/me time/ sleep time during a time in my life when I should have been happy and carefree. When I didn’t get to the gym, I’d beat myself up all day, try not to eat, or snap and binge. It was awful. I’ve slowly worked on gaining a healthier relationship with exercise over the past few months. Ironically, it’s been through a schedule (hello, type-a) but rather than using the schedule to devote my whole life to the gym, I use the schedule to make sure I’m only working out for 60-90 minutes a day, which keeps me from getting insane about it again. This past week, I was feeling sick, and just a few months ago, I would have forced my body to the gym, and just made myself sicker. But, I didn’t this week. I took the time off and listened to my body. It was liberating in a sense.
    I’m still trying to find balance with the food part, but hopefully I’ll get there!
    thanks for this post!

  3. Time off from the gym is so important! I’ve got a deload planned for next week, and I will not be stepping foot inside the gym. Not only do our bodies physically need rest sometimes, but rest is so necessarily mentally, too!

  4. I struggle with taking days off, so this is something I could definitely work on. I know in my head that it’s okay, and that my body actually needs it . . . but I love being at the gym. But like I said, I’m working on it . . . I’d like to take more time off and not worry about it. :)

  5. danielle says:

    Happy birthday to your Mom! what a great picture, love it!
    I feel so much better about taking rest days now – before I used to obsess obsess obsess, then overwork myself and be exhausted. Nowadays I take at least a day off during the week, and all my workouts are mixed up between hard and easy, so I’m not pushing myself day in, day out. It makes such a difference. If I go really hard one day, I’ll take it really easy the next day or just stretch and walk. And you are so right, recovery really DOES make you stronger!!!! I remember 2 or 3 weeks ago I felt like blah, and just had to allow myself some bouts of laziness and it totally helped my body and my strength. Missing a workout only makes the next one that much better… I get it now, I get it, and live it and love it, lol. In the past, this whole concept would never have flown over well with me… my old brain thought “more must be better” – new brain: “less is more!”
    After a hard workout, I really have come to enjoy swimming – and I’m not a swimmer! but I love how the water feels and how I can stretch everything out… it’s very relaxing 😀
    Happy Tuesday pretty girl, welcome back.. again!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom! AMEN SISTA.. while I LOOVEEE teaching Zumba 3x a week, I LOVE my off days. My boyfriend tries to get me work out on my off days and I say HECK NO. It’s so nice when your life just does NOT revolve around the gym or that perfectionist mentality. So glad you enjoyed vacation – well deserved! And, I swear by this – every time I take a week or two off, I get BETTER results when I actually get back IN the gym. Word!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Currently I am working out at home on Jillian Michaels DVDs and Wii Zumba. I listen to my body and accordingly take rest days. I miss going to gym where I get more motivated to work out to the extreme.

  8. This was a great post! I was sick last week and hated myself for not being able to go and workout and made myself rest. It’s especially hard as my first half marathon is a few weeks away but hopefully on my run today I still feel as good as I did last week when I last ran! I also felt really bad about missing my 10 mile long run over the weekend.

  9. Breanne says:

    Happy Birthday to your mama!

    I definitely struggle with taking time off – even my rest days even though I know that I NEED to take them and that it’s good for my body. I actually took two rest days this week (I usually only take one) because I’m feeling tired and run down and I knew it was the right decision.

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I took an extended break though.

  10. when we travel we usually try our best not stress over working out or not, we do just enjoy our vacation but also be active when we can. we feel it is all about balance and enjoying life along the way :)

  11. I had a day off yesterday and every time I do it throws me off. It is important to take rest days though so I’m with you there!

  12. Oh man, I know what you mean here! I used to work out for over 2 hours a day and STILL not think I exercised enough. I am SOOO glad I’m past that- oh my gosh. I took a week off when I got my wisdom teeth out and guess what? I didn’t even gain an ounce

  13. I think that a forced break from gym is the best way to realise that hay- I can take time off gym and it’ll be okay. Atleast it was easier for me that way. I actually look forward to days off now for my body- and find I’m sorer on days off anyways haha

  14. This is a great reminder! Sometimes we get obsessed with workouts and forget to give our bodies (and minds!) a rest. Vacation is great for everyone, as are breaks and sleep. I’ve been going to the gym twice a day – in the morning to do a quick cardio before work, and then classes/weights at night. Yesterday I was SOOOOOOOOOOO tired so I decided to skip the morning workout today. And I feel great! Well-rested, and I still have energy.

  15. Great post! I have definitely learned that for ME, the scale doesn’t budge if I exercise or not. The majority of the time that I exercise is when I’m getting paid to teach it. Other than that, there are things that I really ENJOY doing, and that’s why I do!
    I am REALLY looking forward to taking time off completely when I move- and just have hiking and dog walking be my exercise until I find teaching jobs!

  16. Great post, Annette! I have a lot of traveling coming up in April and I know that my workouts will be occurring a bit less often and I need to keep this post in mind. Less often isn’t necessarily a huge deal when looking at the big picture of things :)



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