Skiing Spring Break 2013

Hey, hey!

How are you all doing?!

I missed you guys–but am glad you were in good hands. Guest posts are always super fun to read & to get to know other people, eh?!

So I had a COMPLETE BLAST on my spring break!!! I love vacation. Love it. And there is no shame in loving taking a break. :)

Not gonna lie, I really needed that break. Bad. I love my life & I love everything I do, but I truly believe in taking a break & recharging & rejuvenating. And to COMPLETELY take a break. So I did.

No work, no instagram, no FB, no blogging, etc.

I fully lived in the present for 10 days and spent those glorious waking moments skiing, laughing, eating, sleeping, talking, cooking, snacking, partying, and chillin’. All with my husband and amazing family!

I am a lucky gal!

Instead of recapping everything (especially since each day was similar: ski from 9-4–with a lunch break–, snack, shower, chill, help with dinner, eat, chill, play/watch a movie/talk, eat dessert, bed. Repeat.), I will just share some pictures and a few thoughts.


Skiing Spring Break 2013 (in pictures)

IMG_4716 IMG_4717

{my newest nephew!!}


Sunday after church was spent hanging out at home. My nieces/nephews did a craft (so cute!!) and my brothers/bro-inlaws played with trains….

IMG_4723 skiing



SKIING (various pics):

IMG_4736 IMG_4737 IMG_4756 IMG_4758 IMG_4759 IMG_4778 IMG_4776 skiing

{the above pic is my all time fave. my niece & nephew were too young to ski just yet–1.5 yrs old–but they wanted to get dressed like skiers. Bahahha!}


One evening we threw my sister a surprise baby shower!!! (She has 3 boys & is having a girl). It was SOOO fun.

IMG_4746 IMG_4749 IMG_4755 IMG_4754

And delicious too. :)


Other random shots:

IMG_4763 IMG_4766 IMG_4768 IMG_4786 IMG_4798

{one day was horrible skiing conditions so we went to the air force museum & got Cafe Rio after. Great day!}

IMG_4800 IMG_4802

And my nephew has perfected the ultimate crusty stare:




Goodness I love my family! Thanks to amazing parents for hosting such a fabulous skiing spring break!


Not gonna lie, it’s hard getting back into real life, and I sure do miss my siblings & their families. But I enjoyed every minute I had with them!

Oh, and in case you care, I did not go to the gym 1 single time. And I worked out once. (But lets be honest, skiing is tough-esp when you do it all day! My legs were hurting by 4 pm!)

Well, I am off to work & to teach (first time in 10 days!) So this should be an interesting day. I’m scared of that barbell & my work email inbox….. 😉

Have a GREAT one! <3

When is the last time YOU took a spring break?? Have YOU ever tried skiing (downhill) before?? What is YOUR favorite baby shower food?? What did I miss while I was gone–fill me in!! :)

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU! I need one of these. Your family seems super close- love. So sweet that yall put together the baby shower!!

    • We are–it’s super fun to get all together on these type of trips. My parents paved the way & showed us what’s most important in life–family & memories! :) xo

  2. look at all those little ones!! love love love it!!

  3. I’m glad you had such a great time Annette! All of your nieces/nephews are too adorable. I’m definitely in need of some sort of break/vacation…it’s been too long!

  4. Hahaha how fun! Oh gosh, I haven’t skied in forever. I’d be the one struggling down the bunny slopes!

  5. Welcome home! Looks like you had a well-deserved AWESOME time. Good for you for taking a few days to recharge and spend lots of time with your amazing family! I don’t remember the last time I took a “spring break”, but my husband and I always make sure we spend 2-3 kid-free days in Cape May, NJ every summer for our anniversary!

  6. Ahhhh skiing is so scary!! And getting off the lift is scary. I SO wish my parents had taught me to ski as a kid, but I didn’t take my first lesson until I was 28! And it was on fake east coast snow… not fun at all. I will definitely give it another try in CO- I’m sure it will be worlds different!
    Taking a technology break sounds SO wonderful too- Greg and I BOTH need that!

    • You will LOVE it in CO, promise! Give it another shot 😉

      It was SUPER worth it to not hop on phones/computers etc. And SUCH a nice break….just sayin’ 😉 xoxo

      p.s. have u started prepping for BP 85?!? I am such a slacker….

  7. Nicole says:

    Love the “crusty stare”!! 😀

  8. Looks like it was great!

  9. Wow!! Those slopes looks incredibly fun! I haven’t been skiing in a couple of years . . . but I do love it! I’m on spring break right now, and it’s so nice to finally have a break and relax.

  10. Celeste says:

    Loved the guest posts – but missed ya. Glad it was a good break!

  11. Looks like you had a blast! Love all the photos! Your nieces and nephews are too cute. I agree, breaks are definitely necessary. Glad you’re back though! 😉

    • Thanks! I agree-they’re cuties & that break was too amazing. Make sure you get some ‘break’ time in before the baby arrives…. gotta check out your blog soon & see the updates!! xo

  12. Glad you had fun! looks like it was a fabulous time! My last spring break was last year- I went to florida for a week with my best friend. IT was one of the most relaxing vacations ever and I definitely missed not having a spring break this year!

  13. Your nephew is a gem! SOO adorable! I’m glad you’re back, totally missed your posts:)
    Looks like an absolute blast and am so happy to hear you enjoyed it all in the present and had no distractions.
    My last Spring Break must’ve been about 3 years ago now, crazy! Doesn’t feel like that long.

    • Awwwww thanks, Lisa! 😉

      Hope you’re doing well! I will check in with ya on your blog sometime this week, I promise. I’m way behind in blog reading! gah!

  14. danielle says:

    MISSED YOU!!!!! and welcome back!!! okay i know you’re allowed to have a life but it’s much nicer for my life when you are posting 😀
    glad you had a fabulous time,love love love the pics!!!

  15. Isn’t family the best!? I was able to meet up with some over the weekend, and that was wonderful. I’m jealous of your skiing! I’ve done it once or twice and thought it was a blast. Hope I get to go again someday!

  16. Aw, glad to hear that you had a good time Annette :) I agree– breaks are very important to be able to do everything else to the best of your ability!

  17. Good for you getting away from technology! It definitely swallows up your life. Glad you had a blast! :)

  18. look at all those little ones – love it! all of them are sooo cute. looks like a great time!

  19. Kristin Stiff says:

    Thank you so much for my guest post! What a great experience! :) I would love to do it again! It looks and sounds like you had a blast on your trip!! Awesome pictures! The cupcakes look VERY yummy!

  20. We missed you but I’m glad you enjoyed the break- thanks for updating us :) I’d be more jealous if I didn’t despise Skiing…ughh shudder hahha. Thanks for letting me guest post too!

  21. Annette I loved reliving your trip through all those great pictures!!! Looks like you guys threw your sister the best baby shower ever. =) What nice sisters she has!! Looks like an amazing trip, I bet everyone involved misses vacation this week. hehe =)

  22. Phoebe says:

    welcome back Annette!! missed you!
    I’m also back from a week-long holiday with my family in Whistler and Victoria! Back to work in 5mins lol :)



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