Guest Post-Take a Chance!

Let’s start by taking a chance…a chance on me!

Who am I? Well my name is Bek and I’m from (Australia!) the healthy living blog Crave. Crave explores my cravings for the gym, healthy food, a happy life and sweet indulgences.


When Annette called out for guest posts I quickly put my hand up- I mean how could I not want to be apart of her fabulous blog.

Picking a topic to talk about… well that was a different story. But then it hit me, one of the many things Annette and I have in common is our passionate love for Les Mills (among other things- past ED, bingeing, amazing men in our lives etc).

My love for Les Mills began when I took a chance and tried a Group Fitness class. Can I say, doing that was one of the best things ever! If you haven’t tried it- do it. I guess my passion shone through, as well as my type A need-to-do good-technique ha, because the Group Fitness Manager approached me and asked me to train in BodyStep.


If you don’t know about BodyStep then you haven’t lived! I’d say it’s the best Les Mills program, closely followed by BodyAttack. Ha- can you tell what programs I’m trained in?

Anyways, after much umming and ahhing I finally bit the bullet. I took a chance, paid a whole heap of money and did something big. Becoming a Les Mills instructor is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It makes me so happy to instruct a class and help them on the journey’s to a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention endorphins rock and who can say no to getting paid to workout!

But I never would have experienced this culture, formed this passion (some could say obsession ha) and grown as a person if I hadn’t of just taken a chance.



Don’t get me wrong, taking chances doesn’t always pay off. But what have you got to lose? It’s like one of the motivations I use in my classes- you never regret the workout you do, but you’ll regret the one you don’t.

Chances can be gone in a flash, so grab onto it now. Who knows, maybe it’ll be life changing?

It’s scary I know and if you knew me than you’d know taking chances is not my forte, but it is something I should do more. So let’s take chances together! (Everything is less scary with someone by your side)

Why not start now by popping over to Crave and checking out my life- I’ve got Recipes, Group Fitness, Health and much more! Or better yet- why not try a BodyStep class, you will not regret it! And even if it turns out to be not your thing- what have you lost? Nothing! But you’ve gotten a workout out of it.

  • What’s the last chance you took?
  • Are you a chance-taker or safe Sally like me?
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  1. I’m moving across the country, 1600 miles away next month. That’s definitely taking a big chance!
    Great post- and should I say- KIA ORA! I’m part of the Les Mills family too- certified in Bodypump.
    I give you a lot of credit- Bodystep is NO JOKE. I’ve only taken once class and nearly broke my ankle (I’m not so coordinated when it comes to step). The gym I teach at only offers Pump and Step, and I am really anxious to try some of the other Les Mills classes once I move (and try to avoid the temptation to get certified to teach something else!).

    • Oh my goodness- I’d say so, but it also sounds like a great adventure :)
      Yay! KIA ORA :) I love fellow Les Millers 😉
      Haha, aww thanks- it gets easier so keep at it!
      Haha, why avoid temptation 😉 Yes, try Body Attack- that’s fantastic, and CX, and Balance…oh just try them all 😉

  2. i’d say i’m somewhere in between.. i can take chances if they’re mildly safe… haha does that even make sense!?

  3. Taking chances is the best!!!! Deciding to be a risk-taker has totally changed my life. Quit my job to travel for most of last year, randomly moved to Utah, etc. It can be invigorating!

    I’ve never tried BodyStep or even heard of it. My gym has Pump and Combat…both of which I’m in love with.

    • Yay! Wow, that’s amazing. Worth every second?
      You should try it- it’s the best class. If you love PUmp & Combat- you’ll be head over heels for Step 😉

  4. Ahhh man taking a chance is one of those things I am NOT very good at. I definitely enjoy being in a “safety net” where I’m comfortable. Sometimes I need to get out of that! That’s why I’m so excited to start college in the fall 3 states away. FREEDOMMMM;)



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