Friday Rambles (#2)

Hey, hey!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! And today after work begins my spring break….. (p.s. thanks for all the FAB comments on yesterday’s post! you all are so wise)

I always vowed that even after I was done with school, I would always take a spring break and some sort of summer break….well, people, I am doing it! I took off 5 full days of work next week. (!!)

I might pop in with a post or two here on the blog, but there will also be a bunch of awesome guest posts around here, so stick around! :)


By Friday my brain is pretty shot, so I tend to do anything in list form with a few pics. Friday Rambles it is! (part 2)

Friday Rambles

It was pi day yesterday…..and I did absolutely nothing to celebrate it.

Usually I am all about celebrating fun things & holidays, but pi day, not my thing.

For one, I don’t like pie. Sorry, but I don’t. Give me a bowl of ice cream instead, please!

Secondly, I never loved math class.

I know-I make so much sense! Anyways, just justifying the fact that I didn’t say anything about pi day and did nothing about it either.



I am in love with balsamic vinegar!!

I’ve been dumping it on everything lately–ever since I made caprese salad with my sister in CO, it’s like my new obsession.

I always liked it, but eating it then made me want some more! Now I just chop up veggies, dump balsamic, olive oil, and salt, and eat bowls & bowls of it.

friday rambles

Seriously– so simple, yet so delicious.


I can NOT get enough of this weather. Oh spring please stay & then hurry into summer!

I like spring–it’s so wonderful with everything beginning to bloom, the sun shining, etc., but I like it most because I KNOW summer follows next.

My favorite season. Hot. Less clothes. Sun. Swimming. Barbeques. Ahhhh.


I’ve eaten almost the entire bag of incredibly delicious clementines all by myself.

friday rambles

There were probably 70 to begin with. It’s been 7 days since I bought them. Yahhhhhh.


Once Upon a Time is such a great show.

Holy smokes! This last episode was crazy amazing. Anyone who watches OUAT with me on this?!?


Oh hey turkey burgers & yam fries. Love you so much.

friday rambles

Word. My fav meal ever.

I ate this with my sister, Caroline, who was visiting. Her mother-in-law made this meal. I think she secretly knew it was my favorite. How sweet is that?!


Having siblings take my classes makes me burn more & sweat more. For reals.

I teach a tuesday evening BP class, and sometimes I am so beat by then (I teach BP 12 hours earlier), that I burn way less than normal (and admittedly, don’t add as much weight on or work as hard).

Well, with Caroline there, I had way more energy (?!?), and ended up burning more than usual. Kinda weird. Kinda fun.

p.s. I don’t really care how much I burn, but the nerd in me thinks it’s fun to check afterwards.

friday rambles

Scientific lesson: if you want to burn more, go to fitness classes with people who energize you!! :)


I CAN NOT wait for this evening when I get to kick back & begin my vacay!!!!!!

Sorry, but I am so stoked. If I can make it through today, I will be on vacation with my entire fam, skiing for a week. Can.not.wait.



Have a great weekend & if I don’t end up popping in, have a great week too! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday rambles?? Do YOU celebrate pi day?? What’s YOUR favorite season?!

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  1. Trisha says:

    Favorite season is definitely summer! My mom and dad both live in Florida so it’s nice to know in the dead of a New England winter I can go get a dose of summer! :)

    Funny about the calorie burn. I do the same thing , usually because after most spin classes people ask how many calories I burned ( apparently its prerequisite now for instructors to know such things

  2. I celebrated pi day without meaning too…I had absolutely no idea that it was pi day when I posted a chicken pot pie recipe yesterday! Convenient, I suppose. :-p

  3. I love OUAT! This last episode was crazy! I love how the plot keeps thickening! And I too, cannot wait for summer! Have a great break! You deserve it :)

  4. haha i don’t celebrate pi day either. ehhh oh well.

  5. Balsamic is where it’s at, right?! I love it, too! I celebrated Pi Day–I’m a math teacher. I think it’s in our job description to make a big deal out of it. lol. :)

  6. I bought a huge bag of clementines the other day and have been plowing my way through them too. Love those things! Turkey burgers and sweet potatoes are one of my favorite meals too. Can’t wait for grilling season! As for my favorite season, it’s definitely summer here in Utah with fall being in a close second. If I were to still be in Arizona, I’d have to say spring is my favorite season there!

  7. AHHH turkey burgers and sweet potatoes are so delicious. I’m weird and I don’t like clementines, but I like satsumas. Weird? Maybe. Do I care? No 😉 I love summer and fall over here. It’s so gorgeous with the golden sun coming through the trees!

  8. Love once upon a time (most probably due to the writers being from LOST and I loved that tv show too!). The storyline keeps getting better and even more intriguing. Nice escape from reality x

  9. Enjoy your vaca! SO fun! I love pi day because I love Math (I’m an engineer ;)) but I also do not like pie. I don’t like pie crust I guess is the main problem. Its so ….meh. Anyways, I agree- I work harder when friends or family members take my class!

  10. I didn’t celebrate Pi day either! I wanted to make pie but didn’t plan ahead of time to get the ingredients I needed. So sad.

  11. How exciting! Have fun :) You deserve it :)

  12. Love that you take a spring break still! Thats awesome:)

  13. I love balsamic too. I put it on EVERYTHING. Sweet, savory, whatever- it’s so darn versatile!

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