Working From Home-Pros & Cons

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How’s it going? I am just SO happy the weather has gotten nicer. I LOVE the sun! I love the warmth!

Oh nice weather, how I have missed thee.


Working From Home-Pros & Cons

Yesterday I read an article about working from home, and I really liked some of the points they had to say. And it got me thinking–I work from home (my full-time 9-5 I work at home as a health coach for an insurance company), but I also have a job that I work outside the home (fitness instructor), and personally, I think I have the best of both worlds.

I get the ‘at home’ aspect, but I also get to be with people too. Yay! I am a homebody to the core, but I also love socializing and being with friends & being at the gym. Winning.

However, there are PROS & CONS to working from home, so in case you care or wanted to know, here are some of mine:


  • Basically being able to set my own schedule (I have to work 40 hr/week), but I can do them whenever I want. For simplicity, I pretty much work during normal business hours, though.
  • Being able to wear whatever. (I only wear yoga clothing a few times/month to work. I try hard to get dressed in ‘real’ clothes!)
  • Never having to do my hair…..or makeup…. (for my sanity & to look nice for my husband–once in awhile I will put on mascara & brush my hair. I know, nice right?!)
  • No distractions of ‘office stuff’
  • Working at my own pace!
  • I don’t like sitting in a chair–so lying on my stomach on the ground –and often foam rolling–while typing is best for me! (no crazy stares when I do this at home!)

working from home

  • I don’t have to pack any meals or snacks. SO grateful for this!
  • I can teach fitness/get my own workouts in when I want.
  • I can sometimes sleep in because I have NO commute–and then I just work a bit later if it cuts into my ‘regular time’
  • Going to say it again: NO commute. NO traffic.
  • Can set my own breaks when I need them.
  • I can listen to music when I am not on calls.
  • Not having to have a 2nd car. We only have 1, & so it’s super nice for us! (I teach during hours he doesn’t have to be at school)
  • I can text/talk on the phone with my sisters or husband whenever I am not in a meeting or on a call. It’s awesome-because I can do work stuff while on the phone–lots of typing of notes/emails/etc -(I’m a multitasker), and my sisters/mom/husband don’t care if I’m working while talking to them. Win-win!
  • I can prepare dinners during a break. Well….if I actually cooked often, I would. 😉 Just kidding–I often bake sweet potatoes, get the crock pot going, chop veggies, & pull stuff out of the freezer to de-frost during one of my breaks. Yay for being near the kitchen!
  • **From a company’s perspective, oftentimes having employees who work from home can save the co. a lot of money (insurance costs decrease<–healthier habits/less commuting, more $$ because of less office space needs, generally happier workers)

working from home-pros & cons

{my desk & computer! Yep, often drinks are nearby–have never had an accident yet}



  • No co-workers to just chat with in person. IM is not the same…
  • Most co-workers & my managers all have various schedules too (and a lot of ’em are in different time zones), so sometimes it’s hard to connect with them.
  • Being at home all.the.time. (it’s great yes, but some days it can get boring!)
  • If you’re not motivated, it would be super tough to stay on task. (My job works super well for me b/c I am a driven person. But I could see this being a huge con if a person is inherently lazy and/or procrastinates a lot)
  • Having to find a quiet space–so if there are dogs, babies, loud neighbors, workers outside, etc., have to control that noise.
  • If you’re naturally quiet and don’t get out much, this could further create an issue of isolation.
  • **From a company’s perspective, it could be harder to monitor the employees’ work ethic, etc & might be harder to give the employees a raise or help them climb the ladder (if your manager can’t see some of your hard work, it’s harder for him/her to recommend a promotion)

Like I said–it doesn’t work for everyone (and that article I read had mentioned that too), but it’s perfect for me!! I really enjoy doing what I do, and because I don’t need someone hanging over my shoulder all the time–as is common in a workplace setting–I’m very productive & super happy.

Some days I wish I could wear super cute outfits with lots of accessories and be the ‘business woman,’ but honestly, it’s so much time & effort that isn’t worth it to me in the end. Especially since, well, I am the only one here! hah.

working from home-pros & cons


I always wanted a ‘real’ job when I was younger, but I never imagined it being one where I get to be so flexible and comfortable! I really am very blessed & I realize that. :)

{I was unemployed for a LONG time before this opportunity fell into my lap–I had submitted my resume like 5 months earlier, so just know that the dream job didn’t just magically show up.}


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so thankful for the sun shining on the beautiful snow-capped mountains outside my window!
  2. I am grateful for being able to take a true vacation next week. I am SOOO excited.
  3. I am really thankful for a husband who listens to me. I often blab a lot, and he listens to it all. love him.

Have a GREAT day!! <3

Have YOU ever worked from home?? What are some cons/pros YOU would see in working from home?? What are YOU thankful for today??!

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  1. You made me want to work at home SO bad from this post. That has always been a goal of mine because I am a huge homebody as well. I am a personal trainer so I go to the gym whenever I have clients and a nanny full-time. I want to start my own online health coaching business and be able to stop my nanny job and just work from home, I know it would be tough at first, but I know I could succeed if I really had some time to put into it!

  2. I also work outside of the home 20 hours a week teaching college classes, but the bulk of my working time is spent at home writing/working on the site. I love it for all the reasons you listed, and also struggle at time’s with some of those same cons! In the end I don’t think I could ever go back to working 40+ hours in person.

  3. i do think i would love working from home…. but i’m pretty sure i’d stay in my pjs or workout gear all day unless i had to go out haha… however, clearly i can’t teach kiddos from home so that doesn’t look like a possibility for me :) :)

  4. You’re a better woman than me. I would NEVER get dressed if I worked from home!

    • :) yah well, I’d feel like a lazy bumm if I didn’t…. But have no fear, I hardly ever brush my hair or put on makeup (unless I showered that morning after teaching–I teach at night, and shower then). HAH!

  5. I think my dream would be to have a job where I could work from home 2-3 days a week, that way you have the best of BOTH worlds! Haha oh those dream jobs 😉

  6. I just had to go shopping for internship interview suits, and let me tell you, be thankful you don’t have to wear them! It’s so hard to find a nice suit, its expensive (!!!!!!), and they get uncomfortable real fast. If only business wear were jeans and a cardi…

  7. I have never worked from home, but I’m not sure it would work best for me. Just knowing my personality, I think the structure of teaching at a school suits me. Although, there are definitely days I imagine wanting it to be different!!

  8. I also work from home, and I love that you did list the cons because a lot of them are things people do not think about. The main one is motivation- at home, you really have to be motivated to work and not just lie around the house in your PJs all day and do something occasionally. At the office you have a guaranteed office environment, which most of us don’t have at home (I mean I have an office but it’s a spare room so there’s a bed, clothes, TV, etc, other non-office stuff in here).

    I love that you also do group fitness too so you get the best of both worlds. Sometimes I debate finding a second very-part-time job for that reason, because it does get lonely sometimes.

  9. Haha ditto to what Chelsey said above. I’d be in yoga pants 24/7. 😉 I actually work from home once or twice a week, and I enjoy it but I definitely need to get out of the house at some point for some fresh air and people interaction. I think you really do have the best of both worlds with teaching group fitness and then working from home. You get LOTS of people interaction with the group fitness and then all the bonuses of working from home.

  10. Right now I’m looking for a full-time job, and I freelance write for a company when they offer me work. A part of me likes having my own time to do the work and being in the comfort of my own home, but I crave the real work environment. I’m much more productive when I don’t have the distractions of food, TV, and Pinterest at my disposal.

  11. I’m only a teen, so I don’t really have a “real job”. I’m a nanny for 2 kids, which is such a blessing! I love those kiddos.:) I’m thankful for a loving boyfriend who I count on.

  12. I’m working from home today… My employer lets us do that once every two weeks. I’m a Purchasing ANalyst and most of my communications are via email anyways. I like that I don’t have to commute on those days, but I do find it’s harder to focus. My focus issue may be because I don’t do it on a regular basis, if I did then I’m sure I’d be much better at it. I do get work done – the kind that takes deep concentration that i can’t get done at the office (like reading/editiing contracts). I miss the office on my work at home days though – there’s a group of co-workers that I go to the gym with on my lunch and I miss that. On work at home days I often skip my workout, though again, if I did this more often I’m sure I would have established a more regular routine. the not commuting part is AMAZING! The extra time and $ saved is awesome! Even with only 2 days at home I can feel a difference in the cost.

    • Yes-some days can be super tough to focus, but because I have a set of responsibilities & appointments with my job, it makes it a lot easier to stay on task. BUT, if the job were more ‘lax’ with no set appts, I think it’d be WAYYYY tougher to stay on task! Kudos to you!

  13. I’m impressed that you dress up during the day – when I’m at home, i’m all about the yoga pants!

    I’m actually really looking forward to next year, where I’ll only have to be at school 1-2x per week…the rest of the time I can do my thesis work from home!

  14. danielle says:

    ohhhhhh work, can’t we just all work from huts on a tropical island? ha! i have pretty much tried all types of work scenarios: working in an office, working in someone else’s home, working from my own home, having a business offsite, to now working in an office again. honestly, for me i like working in the office only because of what i do – i am easily distracted and know that i’d have to have a seperate office at home if i needed to get anything done. when i worked from home in the past, it was hard because my “office” was a corner in my bedroom and i always distracted by outside noises and temptations like tv, radio, phone, etc. i probably have ADD but oh well.
    when i had a bakery, i loved it at first, but then felt so overwhelmed having to do everything myself, the not fun parts like paperwork, fixing grease traps, dealing with theft, etc. what i love and appreciate about my job now is that i have set hours, i have days off – YAY – and i get to leave my work at work and relax :)
    of course there are tons of pros and cons, but i’m really grateful for my experiences cuz they make me enjoy what i have now a whole lot more.
    i’m super thankful today for… my job, lol!
    and my awesome brother – he is arriving home today from NYC and i can’t wait to hear how he did with his rugby team.
    this gorgeous weather we are having!
    my trainer, so i can cycle at home and watch episodes of Castle… love that show 😀
    xoxox happy thursday pretty girl!
    p.s. i really need a haircut, still

  15. Lindsay says:

    When I worked from home I found it hard to turn work OFF. There is always something else that could be done, and since you aren’t leaving it behind at an office, I often found myself back at the computer working after dinner. The biggest plus for me though, was getting to take a minute here and there to do those things around the house like you mentioned – swapping out the laundry, unloading the dishwasher, etc. It was really nice not to have to do all of that after working all day!

    • that is SUCH a good point!!!

      Some of my co-workers have mentioned that issue….I try hard to just work normal hours so I don’t go back to it….but there have been days where I did work extra after dinner. It’s def more of a temptation when you work from home!!

  16. I worked from home (or from Arizona, Canada, Spain, etc) for 9 months last year. I quit my “real job” to be a freelance writer so I could travel. As long as I had internet connection, I could make money. And there were things I loved and things I absolutely hated about working from home.

    I finally decided it was time to find a real job when I started craving more human interaction. And when I figured it was time to put on a real bra (nothing but sports bras for 9 months, yeaaahhhh!) and go to an office.

    I love working from home in the summer because I could play all day and write all night. I had a solid 7pm – 3am working schedule for several months there, which I loved because then I got to hike and spend time in the sun all day. But working from home in the winter would have killed me. Winter depression is a huge struggle for me, and I knew I needed to get out. But now that summer’s coming again… haha

  17. [email protected] says:

    I work from home as a Project Manager for a big company… I love it! I’m more efficient with both work and life stuff – being able to multi-task with email while on a conference call or even folding laundry or chopping veggies for dinner. It’s also nice to be able to go for a run or walk my dogs during lunch if I want. When the weather warms up, it isn’t uncommon for me to take my laptop out on the porch! I’d prefer if I could set my own hours, but I do have to stick to ‘office hours’ but the money saved on office clothes, dining out, a second car is so worth it.

  18. Belinda says:

    I’m doing my PhD in Literature (almost finished!) and I do it all at home. It’s 100% research so I don’t have any classes, just need to write a huge thesis. I only need to go into uni to meet with my supervisor occasionally.

    It can certainly be isolating at times but I made an effort to join two postgraduate reading groups so I could get out once a week and chat with other PhD students. It’s been my saving grace!

    I absolutely had the issue of over-working when I started and not being able to mentally shut off. But now I have a rule that I never break – when my partner gets home from work around 5pm there is NO more work after that point, just relaxing. And my weekends are a no-work zone!

    I LOVE being able to choose my own schedule, no traffic, not packing food for work and being able to sleep in if I’m not feeling too well and not having to call in sick either!

  19. Love this!!! I’ve been mostly working from home (except when I train or teach at the gym) since this past summer. I love it- and I DEFINITELY agree with your pros and cons lists. I think I would go NUTS if I didn’t have my gym job.
    Greg works from home- and spends about 2 hours at the gym each morning. He works out of course, but also says that’s his “social time.” It’s the only time of day that he gets to interact with people face to face (except me!). It’s been pretty good with both of us at home- and he gets all of his meals cooked by me.
    And one thing I DEFINITELY don’t miss is all the time I took the night before to prepare breakfast, lunch and a snack for the next day. It was so stressful and took up so much time in the evening when I was already so exhausted for working all day and then teaching classes.

  20. Sounds great, I’d love to have a flexible hours job. Group fitness morning and night and then something during the day

  21. For me, working-from-home has more pros that cons. Plus all the benefits of having a flexible time can compensate the stress.
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  22. Nice article. Are you working from home yourself?
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