Reduction in ‘Magazine Reading’

Hey, hey! How’s it going ya all?!

This week has been great so far! I felt more awake on Tuesday–so luckily the daylight savings didn’t take too long to switch for me 😉

And sometimes, my poor early a.m. PUMPers, have to suffer through me having wayyyy too much energy that early in the morning. So weird. Sometimes I drag that early, but most times, I am wide awake & revved to go.

Oh, but an hour later? Ready to go back to bed. HAH!

Last night was fun too-my sister & her hubs + their NEW baby, came into town. She came to my BP class (yay!) and then we all ate dinner together at her in-laws.

Spring Break (heads up)

We start our Spring Break this Friday after work–and I am SO excited (!!!!!!). We’ll be skiing with my entire family for a week–at a mountain house up in the mountains. (duh). This also means I am taking an ENTIRE week off of work AND teaching fitness (whoa!), and a part of the time, off of blog work. I will not be answering emails/consultations or creating new fitness plans. But will write a blog post here or there.

spring break

Sometimes we all just need a time AWAY from technology & from work. However, there will also be some guest posters –and the ones lined up are going to be great!

If YOU are interested in guest posting, I have a few spots left. Please email me at EnjoyYourHealthyLife {at} gmail {dot} com.

Mucho gracias! :)


Reduction in ‘Magazine Reading’

So this is sort of a random topic — and kinda out of nowhere — but I thought it was appropriate for a blog post. 😉

Past history: I used to read Seventeen and all those youth-based/teen magazines. I then started reading Women’s Health, Shape, Fitness, etc. in college. I also would read a bunch of People magazines whilst running on the treadmill. (Yes, I am a crazy & can run while reading).

Until about 3 or 4 months ago, I would religiously read them all. (I checked them out from the library, so I was always a bit behind the actual ‘month’ date. hah).

A lot of these magazines have some great information, workouts, and tips, etc. And I want that to be known—I AGREE with some of the content 100%. And even link to some of the content–especially those magazines that have research based info and are not full of “duh” tips. (Sleep more to feel better? NO WAY?! hah)

However, I don’t agree with a bunch of the content they run. Especially that of super skinny ladies that don’t look healthy (or even fit ladies who seem extremely tiny to me or disproportioned), counting calories obsession, the latest new diet, ‘spot’ toning focuses, and nor do I love the obsessive culture of following celebrities around.

Now I know not everyone will agree with me–totally fine. But I’ve noticed a few things about MYSELF since not reading these magazines religiously:

  • Overall I am literally less worried about ‘how’ I look and more focused on how I feel
  • My judgements of others has been reduced to almost nil (I AM human, ps, so there are of course some!)
  • I don’t feel like I need every new fashion item out there anymore (hello more money in savings!)
  • I am HAPPY about who I am, what I believe, & have no question about my fitness abilities
  • I used to walk away a bit discouraged after reading some of the magazines….now, I am just HAPPY

I made a conscious decision to not check these type of magazines out after thinking about a comment my husband had said to me. He had said one day while I was reading a magazine (I think it was “Shape”):

“Why do you read those magazines? They’re just full of the same tips you already live by, and the same diets that you don’t believe in.”

Hmmmmm. WELL said, my husband.

reduction in magazine reading

I realize there are a lot of great magazines out there with fabulous information & no obsession with ‘looking perfect/eating perfect,’ and I flip through some of those, but for the most part, I just don’t need that extra junk in my life.

I like who I am. I like the way my body looks. I don’t need 5 kinds of mascara, 6 types of sunglasses, or the best fitness apparel or expensive snacks. Nor do I need to know about the newest way to eat 1000 calories in a day.

For ME, this just doesn’t jive well. I get too influenced by what everyone else is doing or wearing, so I choose to avoid these things–especially with my past ED/disordered eating history. Although I am past all that & totally recovered, I am human & nasty thoughts can creep in if I fill it with things that aren’t truly ME & what I believe. I don’t need pictures telling me I am not a size 0 anymore, nor that I eat wayyyyyy more than 1200 calories. Why fill my mind with all that extra junk I don’t believe in anyways?!

Not sure who this was intended for, but I just had to say it & share my experience of my reduction in magazine reading.

I know who I am. I know what I believe. I know I am a daughter of God. I know I am strong. I know I am loved. I don’t need comparisons & new diets to tell me I’m not good enough/not worth enough/not eating or exercising perfectly enough. So I choose not to fill my mind with some of that stuff they often write about (and the crazy ads they run!)

I am happy with who I am. I try hard to be fit, yes, but because it makes me FEEL good. It’s no longer about how I look.

And unfortunately, I feel like some of those magazines out there made me turn to the “how I would look if I…..” thoughts instead of how “will I FEEL if I….” thoughts.

reduction in magazine reading

{cookies make me feel good too. heh}

I am all about the feeling nowadays!! Who cares what size I wear? What number of calories I eat? I feel amazing & that’s ALL that matters! :)


Have a GREAT day! <3

Just curious–do YOU subscribe to magazines?? Which ones–and why or why not?? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic–if YOU agree or not! :) 

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  1. Yayyy! So fun when family & friends come to class. Jealous of your spring break!

  2. I quit reading magazines like that about the same time I gave up cable (3 years ago now) and have noticed a HUGE improvement in my overall happiness/self-esteem. I’m sure it isn’t all just from giving those things up (Since I spend more time now doing other things that make me happy) but not being constantly bombarded with images of thins which make me question myself has absolutely helped!

  3. I only subscribe to Women’s Health… I’ll read Shape if I’m at the gym and itz there, but I’ve never gotten into People or the tabloid ones. Probably why I never know what’s going on with pop culture.

  4. GOOD POINT! I used to subscribe to allll of those magazines during the worst of my ED. I would devour (ironic, because I wasn’t eating much else) Self, Shape, Fitness, People, Glamour, Cosmo ext. I’ve weaned myself off the “diet” magazines because they were obviously not helping me 😉 but I’m still reading Glamour and Cosmo. However, these don’t give me the greatest example either, and I’ve been thinking of cutting them out recently as well! Interesting to see your side of it :) Great post, yet again :)

  5. Definitely something to think about! I subscribe to Cosmo and Women’s Health…but I don’t know how much they actually help me in my day-to-day life. I wrote a post a few months ago about a Diet that appeared in Women’s Health that I didn’t agree with at all. I’m not as obsessive about them as I used to be (I used to read Shape, Oxygen, all that jazz) but now you do have considering how much I actually get out of the ones I do still read.

  6. cookies make me feel good too :) Any dessert makes me happy! I think there is too much crap/competition to be sooo skinny in magazines sometimes that it actually makes people depressed instead of feel good.

  7. GREAT thoughts about magazines. Your husband said it perfectly. I am super jealous of your spring break trip. That will be such a blast :)

  8. I can relate to what you’re saying here so well! I used to be into all of those magazines too and read them religiously. Now? I can’t remember the last time I made a point of buying one. I still don’t mind browsing through them occasionally, but I take what they say with a grain of salt and the photos don’t influence me like they used to. And you’re right, I feel a heck of a lot less obsessed with a lot of the things they promote. Thank goodness! 😉

  9. Kate B. says:

    Preach it girl. This is exactly why I read your blog and other substantive healthy living blogs, and do NOT read magazines anymore. Those mags are essentially diet-packaged tabloids and never left me feeling better about myself. But by checking in each morning on my HLB friends, I feel encouraged, motivated and happy with myself. Keep up the great content!

  10. I enjoy reading a few different magazines (Cosmo, Fitness, and HGTV) just as a way to relax and unwind. I’m comfortable enough with myself to not be influenced by the things I read. One example, in an issue of Fitness recently there was a blurb about how long a hard candy could last in your mouth…I’m assuming to keep you from eating? CRAZY talk that I don’t feed into anymore. But I love looking at some of their training plans and other aspects. It’s fun to talk about the articles with my roommates too since we all end up reading them!

  11. I get Marie Claire, Health, and Runners World, but most of the time I end up skimming them and tossing them in the recycle because I just don’t take the time to read them. I do, however, agree with you on everything you’re saying here! Sometimes I’ll read them and get these crazy thoughts in my head – like I should try that diet, or I NEED designer clothes, etc. It’s just silly.

  12. I’ve never subscribed to magazines because I’m too cheap. I’ll splurge on one once in a great great while though. They’re kind of like a treat. I feel like if I read them all the time, I’d be self conscious of my look or whatever else. Lately, magazines have kind of lost their luster though. I think I just realize now that they all kind of say the same thing over and over, and I either agree or disagree. There isn’t too much stuff that’s new to me. Still, I buy them for some reason.

  13. Teddy says:

    I dislike magazines for many of the same reasons, and for the fact that you can find 99% of the content online (even on the magazine’s website for FREE) and more than 50% of magazines now days are just ads. I dont’ want to spend $5 to see ads for some shampoo or mascara. I love the healthy recipes, (like Eating Well, etc) but again, easy to find online. And we save trees when we stop buying magazines! haha

  14. KarenG in France says:

    I was a magazine addict too for a long time, but I realized the same articles kept coming back again and again.. The only thing I still like is the success stories because they are real people with real struggles. The other topic that magazines Never talk about it the challenge of keeping weight off. Easy to loose, hard to maintain ! Great post Annette !

  15. Good for you for getting away- you will have a great time!
    There are pretty much only two times that I ever read magazines: I always buy two at the airport to read on the plane. And, if there’s a junky magazine (like People) at the gym on the rare occasions that I get on the elliptical, I’ll grab one then. Other than that, I very rarely buy/read them.
    I read Seventeen and Cosmo ALL the time in high school/college. And I had subscriptions to Fitness, Women’s Health, Shape, etc. when I first started getting into working out. But then I realized, they all contain the same articles over and over and over again. Now it’s just a rare guilty pleasure, and I very seldom take any advice that I read in those mags to heart.

  16. danielle says:

    oh i am so with you on this, like 150%! i have a past with ED’s as well, and realized years ago that glossy magz did me no good, and actually perpetuated my addiction to find perfection and ALWAYS made me feel like i needed to fix something about myself. in fact, magazines pretty much always make me see something that i need to change, or question myself or have doubts about who i am, how i look, how i feel, etc.
    perfection of ourse does not exist. glossies are just one source that don’t make me feel better about myself and pull on my “obsessive” heart strings – certain tv channels and tv shows do this as well.
    okay so if i’m in a long line at the grocery store and there is a People mag around, i’ll check it out if i feel like it, but i don’t go out of my way anymore, not in many years. in fact, i don’t even watch the news anymore, call me crazy! but i swear i’m happier for it 😀
    only things i read besides books are positive blogs and sites like yours – with stuff like this, who needs a glossy? unless it’s a glossy lollipop, haha.
    okay so i’m sort of sucker for ridiculous celebrity gossip, but i’d have to live under a rock to escape that – i can find that stuff out just by opening up the web.
    happy hump day! xoxox

  17. I’ve SO been there! I actually stopped reading all those magazine for a while because I felt crap about myself after. It was a bad trigger. Lately I’ll read one every now and again but to be honest I hardly do. I just can’t be bothered. We’re already bombarding with all this negative body image crap- why subscribe to it yourself ha

  18. Elizabeth W says:

    This is awesome! Great post! I had begun to notice similar ideas with my own thought process when I read magazines or watched tv. Im so glad to know its not just me that gets the exact same way (judgemental about myself and others) when I read those magazines or watch TV. Of course I occasionally still watch tv, but some shows just turn me into a different person, so I don’t pay for it anymore and just watch when Im at my fiancee’s house. So true, thanks for posting about this :-)

  19. Love this post! I think I may have to do the same!

  20. Interesting. I’m a hard core magazine reader, with subscriptions to a ton of mags — including all that you mentioned. I would never read them all except for I use them as somethign to do while on the treadmill (I’ve totally mastered running/reading). While I’m not ready to give them up (they give me motivation to get ont he tread..!), I’m intrigued by what you discovered. I don’t really feel bad about myself after reading them but it would be interesting to know if my thoughts changed. Maybe next time the subscrips run out!

  21. I used to love reading magazines. Now it’s such a chore!

  22. I’m obsessed with magazines. Obsessed. I used to be FAR MORE than I am now… As I would buy ALL 5 gossip magazines (US, Life & Style, OK, etc)… Along with Fitness, Shape, Health, Oxygen, etc… Now I just buy the health and fitness magazines (Oh yeah, I buy that magazine too, LOL)… They give me something to do when I am on the elliptical trainer! I don’t buy the gossip magazines anymore because it’s everywhere on the web, and to be honest, since I am in the entertainment business, I don’t need to read it in the magazines as well as live it, lol!

    But I agree with your husband, a lot of the magazines say the same things and you really just need to take it or leave it!


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